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Jo and Slade -- Totally Over ... It

12/13/2007 2:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Real Housewives of Orange County" sublebs Jo De La Rosa and Slade Smiley may not be a couple anymore -- or reality stars, for that matter -- but they've each moved on to physically bigger and questionably better things.

TMZ cameras spotted Jo out with another reality show reject -- "Sons of Hollywood" star David Weintraub. The pair were out about on Robertson Blvd. yesterday, hitting up the trendy boutique Lisa Kline. A source inside the store tells us that Jo was trying on several different outfits (didn't buy any) and that David was very "touchy-feely" with her. *shudder*

Not to be topped, Slade was out and about last night with a busty piece of arm candy by his side. When our camera guy wanted to know how Jo was doing, to which Slade shot back, "Jo is probably fine."

Probably, indeed.


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They were perfect for each other. A fugly girl with no brain cells who wanted a sugar dady and a guy who wanted arm candy who had no brain cells that he could control and have be mother to his children (great mother/role model she would have been). He seemed more genuine than her by far though I will admit. She is just Mexican trailer trash! They win the trophy for scariest coulple ever on reality tv =(

2508 days ago


Who the hell are these people? Never heard of them.

2508 days ago


Last I heard on OC Register, Jo's getting her own show on Bravo, following her singing and finding a new love. She can't be doing that bad....

2508 days ago


who ever created reality tv should be hang,,, now you have all these trying to revived careers they never had....and its going to get bad,,. eventually reality tv will fail to get ratings,,,then youll have total freaks vying for the publics attention behing their home all started already with "leave britney alone" cross dresser!!! and so on...

2508 days ago


REALLY , Slade's house In forclosure DUMBASSS

buy a house you can afford ,pay cash on a smaller house or a tiny motgage, ,,why not a 2000 sq ft instead of a ridiculous 6000 sq ft,??? why not a reasonable decent ride rater than HUMMER???

why huge diamonds for a 22 year old that looks 40,,that BTW does not appriciate

2507 days ago


Yuck, yuck, yuck. What is he wearing? He's too old...please make these people stay out of Hollywood. Shouldn't Slade be with his kid...or trying to get out of debt or something? It's pathetic looking.

2507 days ago


...and TMZ, if you had any balls or social responsibility you'd have done an expose on the real finance issues of these people. It's all in the public records and it's FAR MORE interesting than the lame things you've posted.

2507 days ago


Shes a straight up ugly hoe who thinks too highly of herself. BTW Jo, if you ever read this: STOP the baby talk. Grow up. Learn how to do a chore. And stop relying on men to get you where you want to be, ya friggen golddigger

2507 days ago


Slade was a dumb ass for taking out that second mortgage for a piece of ass named Jo. Jo can't sing, seems to be slumming it and will probably marry the first wallet she can find that is real.

Slade was just as bad as Jo-- manipulative, selfish and a pig.

2507 days ago

lesbo babe coming now    

Joe is nice, and I don't think the man fits her, so. it's good for them to get separate. Joe will find her true love in the future.hahahhha.LOLO

2507 days ago


WHO CARES... THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT WORTHY OF PRINT IN THE PENNYSAVER . . . Seriously, TMZ shows how desperate they are when they put people like this in their news. These two idiots are complete losers and nobody gives a damn about them.... JO AND SLADE . . . BWAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAA .... COME ON . . . . Hey TMZ .. quite showing how desperate you are by running stories about people like this.... What's next, stories about the cast from the KARATE KID . . . BWAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA.... JOE AND SLADE... BWAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA.....

2507 days ago

Buster The Cat    

He got what he deserves...what do you think a woman her age was doing with a man his age??? Money gone so is she,
money/power, youth/beauty....what don't you understand?????

2507 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Slade and Jo...Slade: why aren't you taking care of all your kids...instead of trying to be one yourself...Jo...don't you have a clue...don't you feel guilty about how you use people for your own selfish gain...TWO LOSERS...TWO LOSERS...TWO LOSERS...TWO LOSERS...don't you realize how ridiculous you both look...everyone's laughing at both of you while you go around thinking you're're both pathetic...LOL...ha, ha, ha...everyone's laughing at both make even Britney Spears look like a genius...please go get professional help before it's too late...

2507 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If he wants a caretaker for his children by someone else he should hire a nanny. Importing another woman 1/2 your age to take care of your kids is an awful lot to ask. You have to support their autonomy and hope they might grow to love the kids naturally. and if she does, she might even add to the family at that point.

2507 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

It was blatently obvious that Jo was all about the party hardy. Was he fantasicing who he THOUGHT she was, or what? Glad it's not just women who have the corner on love delusion.

2507 days ago
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