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K-Fed's Lawyer to Brit -- I'll Slap You Down B!

12/13/2007 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsKFed's lawyer is fed up with Britney Spears, and we're told he's going in deep -- for sanctions!

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ powerhouse lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan is furious that Britney was too sick to depo yesterday morning but not too sick to party in the evening. We're told plans are underway for Kaplan to ask Commissioner Scott Gordon in the custody case to bar Britney from asking for anything more than she already has under court order.

We're told this is the fourth time Britney has been a no-show for her depo. Sources say Kaplan feels that Britney should not be allowed to have her Twinkie and eat it too. In other words, she should not be allowed to go into court and ask to restore custody if she won't sit for a deposition to determine if she really is a fit parent.

Kaplan could ask for other penalties, including attorney's fees. He could also ask that Brit be held in contempt, but we're told he probably won't go there.


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Unfortunately, Kris, the deposition will not revolve around tabloid "revelations" or what you've read on sites like this written by KFed haters. Nor will it be based on any other made up source. They will ask questions to her, about her. Kevin had to go through the same thing, as did some her former employees and friends like Alli. She's not protecting him by avoiding this, she's protecting herself. And how do you consider her taking care of her children when she has them only 36 hours a week and she has been found by the court to be in need of a monitor during that whole time? I'll put my trust in what the evidence the court has that we don't know about, not the info from the Kevin bashers. Much more reliable since they've accused him of almost everything except being the killer of JFK.
You are one deluded person and one of the few Britney believers left.

2473 days ago


407. CRACKER-- I hope that TMZ forwards this message to the police, and FBI, so they can start tracking you down. You sound psychotic. Like a deranged stalker, and I am going to personally contact TMZ, and tell them to keep track of your information, so that if anythng happens to Britney, the police, and FBI will be at your door to arrest you. You should get help. How could you possiby think you are better than anyone else when you are advocating for someone to kill another human being. No one should wish death on anyone, and they should not be advocating for other to do it, that's called solicition of murder.

2473 days ago


why doesnt the police arrect her for drivimg the way she does, never let her have her children. the thing that i truly don't understand is why the police hasn't locked her up for going though red lights, one way steeet. are they waiting for to kill someone

2473 days ago


Diana---you obviously have an issue with men! But the point is that NOBODY has to try very hard to dig up anything on Britney. She hands it to the paps day in and day out. If she wants to give the lawyers ammunition on a silver platter, why ignore it? Plus, you act like TMZ is the only celeb site around. Some days you only see one post about her as opposed to her official fan site x17. They cover her incessantly, even on days when they have no news they show "photo galleries" of her. Did you see her telling the x17 pap she wanted to do a "photoshoot" with him as he let her look at and judge the pix he took of her last nite at 2:00 AM They've handed the lawyers far more film of the crazy stuff she does than TMZ. And there are plenty of other sites that show things I don't see on here like Hollywood tv and DListed.
One of the interesting things that people forget is that a year ago, after Brit filed for divorce, TMZ bashed KFed all the time, like you accuse them of doing to Britney now. Articles about him written by Harv himself. Over time thought, when the problems with Brit became too obvious to overlook, and Kevin was not acting the fool, the writeups changed. Go back to November of last year in the archives and read it yourself. I was amazed when I read the stuff. I'm sure Harv is amazed that he's done such a turnaround.

2473 days ago

Rosie O    

In her new video why she have a festering welt on her wrist? Here is the pic

2473 days ago


This chic is exactly why I think you need a lisence to breed!! ISSUE A BENCH WARRANT JUDGE!

2473 days ago


She needs to be taken into custody immediately.

2473 days ago


anyone else sick of this b**** looking for and getting attention?? She's a nut case and needs help badly, Too bad NO ONE not even the courts in LA seem to realize that. Put her in a court ordered Psy unit and let her work her tiny tot ways out.. Sick girl, although she IS getting all the publicity she is after.... The kids DO NOT belong with her EVER..

2473 days ago



2473 days ago


Man if she was in a lower tax bracket she would have gotten the boot up her butt a long time ago. She needs a Memphis, TN judge like Joe Brown. He would have whupped her butt with a law book by now. The messed up thing is that i was rooting for her in the beginning. I'ts also funny that the posts here have nearly all turned against her. She needs to grow up and take care of her responsibilities. It's really bad when K-fed is considered the good parent.

2473 days ago


I cannot be the only person to think this is going a bit far? It is obvious, this lawyer and Kevin have an agenda. They are going after one very rich and highly public young lady. I do realize that Brit is having some trouble, but I sure wouldn't want to be her! Everywhere I go 20 photographers following me around, divorce, estranged from my mother, and god only knows the real truth. Why don't these two boys GIVE IT A REST! Maybe if the world would leave her alone, she'd have an easier time pulling through whatever it is she's going through!

2473 days ago


Arrest the pig already!

2473 days ago


can't take care of your children

mental disorder
seek help

end of story

2473 days ago


My sister is a no good, long pubic hair, chronic hair dying, Cheeto eating hillbilly slut!

2473 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

The question is ? does she really want her kids?

2473 days ago
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