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Quaids Supress Twins' Horror with Retail Rx

12/13/2007 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberly Buffington were out and about yesterday looking as relaxed as we've seen them since the nightmare medical ordeal with their newborn twins.

The pair enjoyed a cup o' joe while they did their Christmas shopping in Santa Monica, Calif. The couple filed suit last week against the Baxter Healthcare Corp., the makers of the drug Heparin, after the their twins were mistakenly given a massive overdose of the anti-coagulant last month.


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They need to be at home with their damn kids!

2419 days ago

SAD FANNN!!!    


2419 days ago


i think they should sue the hospital

2419 days ago


They look HAPPY . I am sure ALL is better . Best of luck to them


2419 days ago


She looks great for just dropping two little ones.

2419 days ago


Thier babies are in the hospital still and have round the clock care. They are premature and I am sure that they can only see them a few hours a day. I would have moved them (if they were able) to another facility. Keeping them in the same hospital that almost killed them is not acceptable. They are bringing lawsuites against everyone and thier assistant (dog) I am sure. Just wait. Maybe they were buying presents because they will have thier babies home for Christmas.

2419 days ago


Hey Vicky- You think every mother on earth should be confined to home 24/7? Have you ever been Christmas shopping with a newborn baby? Better yet, have you ever been Christmas shopping with newborn twins?? I didnt think so. I'm sure the twins are just fine at home with grandma and grandpa to give mom and dad some very needed alone time. What a Grinch you are! Be happy for the parents! I hope they get their lawsuit settled amicably.

2419 days ago


#1 I totally agree!!!!

2419 days ago


My son was a 34 week premature baby and you can bet I spent every hour of everyday there with him until he was released! Not out shopping and enjoying my free time. Sorry but if they want gifts I am sure their assistants know how to shop.

2419 days ago


Why are they suing the drug mfg. It was the hospital staff's fault.

2419 days ago


I was a hospital staff member who gave the overdose so why are they suing the drug maker and not the hospital? because they had to rely on hospital to save their babies so feel bad suing them?! whatever - thats like suing the maker of crack because your kid overdosed! Is it always all about the $ for these celebs? The hospital should be sued - there is no excuse and it was their eomployee therefore they are responsible not the drug maker. They look really sad about it out shopping =( geez at least for public appearances wouldnt you stay out of paps limelight after ordeal they have been through? Drug make should use this photo to show obviously they werent trauamtized.

2419 days ago


MOther of three - I assume you arent a celeb with assistants who can do ALL your shopping for you and those arent Toys R Us bags so they arent shopping for the babies but rather themselves most likely. They have plenty of people they could send shopping and he could have gone himself or vice versa. They dont both HAVE to be away from their babies!

She does look good but the twins Mother wasnt her - they adopted or used a surrogate - she didnt birth the twins herself.

2419 days ago


#5----she didn't drop anything. A surrogate had the babies for them. It's the latest fad amoung the rich and famous. Have someone else incubate your kids while you go about your fabulous life unhindered by a bothersome pregnancy. You can have your kids and keep that size zero convenient.

Just guessing, but maybe that's why she doesn't feel maternal enough to want to be with her babies that almost died a short time ago instead of out shopping......she never felt them move in her womb.

2419 days ago


He is a real man, he never said anything bad about Meg Ryan even after she cheated on him. I wish them all the best and God bless those babies. Glad to see them smiling again.

2419 days ago


Seems to me if i remember right...the twins are home and doing fine now.....and as for them being out shopping, i am a mom...and grandma raising her grandchild....i think its wonderful they are able to steal away a couple hours for themselves to shop and just relax. They have been thru enough stress lately i think to warrant an afternoon of couple time. And last thought....who the hell made us all judge and jury? simple question.....

2419 days ago
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