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"Sick" Britney Rolls 'Til 2 A.M.

12/13/2007 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears claims she was too sick to go to her deposition yesterday -- but she looked just fine when TMZ caught her driving around until 2 o'clock in the morning!

Cameras caught the popwreck and an assistant leaving her home away from home, the Four Seasons, for her other home away from home -- a gas station -- last night. Brit didn't answer when we asked why she missed her extremely important deposition that morning, saying little more than, "It's cold, y'all."

After filling up her tank with $50 worth of gas at the 76, she then hit up yet another gas station on Sunset -- and drove off without her assistant! Oopsies!


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#104 how funny we have the same screen name and posted right after each other, we seem to share the same opinion about Brit, I do not have any respect for her anymore and I think she needs help, but I am still confused by her, I am really beginning to think there is much more going on than just drugs, this problem grows daily, and it is a serious problem, that I do not think rehab can fix.

2442 days ago


Haven't you guys gotten the notion by now that Britney Spears doesn't want her kids? its obvious by now that she deliberately didn't want to take care of them. Britney is going through a stage where she probably wished she didn't get pregnant for the simple fact she can drive around town all day and night. She wants to be able to party, have fun, and not worry about responsibilities. She chose to have those 2 little boys! thats what I dont understand. You have money, time to be able to raise them and be a great mother. If she's going through something, why doesn't she seek help?!

She doesn't understand that her kids are going to see that she PURPOSELY didn't want to take the time to be their mother in their early years and that is a sad thing. And this is a factual statement when it comes to her roaming the streets every other night at 2 in the morning. Its ridiculous on how she's acting. Why does Britney feel the need to go to every gas station and Starbucks EVERY SINGLE night??! What about Target and Walmart??! why doesn't she splurge $12,000 there like Eva Longoria and call it a night?
I don't like it when people say "oh you should feel bad for her because its always the paparazzi" because you have bigger celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts who don't feel the need to go out every night for petty things. Granted when they are out, paparazzi follows but they aren't doing off the wall things like Britney. Its insane.

2442 days ago


For the people that said that Kevin is a gold-digging bad worthless father they seem to forget that he had kids before Britney. Not once have I heard that Shar Jackson complained about Kevin being a bad father and was willing to remove him of his parental rights. So that just goes to show you that Britney is the problem. Yes, I'm sure Kevin probably had intentions of getting a jumpstart career through his megastar ex-wife but I don't deny that he truly cares and loves his children. He's just one of those examples that proves money isn't everything because no matter what our children come first. ALL of them.

As for someone who said why should he hire a nanny...That also leads up to the point I made about Kevin having more than 2 children. How do you know that when Britney's little boys goes to his house that he doesn't have his children over there too? Its a hard job raising kids especially so many close to age. There's nothing wrong with hiring a nanny because everyone needs help but I'm happy to know when they are with Kevin, they are not plastered in every magazine and media outlet. They are in the comforts of Kevin's family and inside a home where they should be.

2442 days ago


OMG!! sorry that was my son thinking it was funny to repeat apologies to everyone here...

2442 days ago


omg thatsz crazy but you guysz give her creditsz shesz trying her best she will get back to the old britney we all know and love hopefully she real stressed out ppl give her a got damn break and stop bashing her name! give her time we see whatsz she going through

im not saying what she doing is good cuz i totally disagree with her action but she not very prepared for mother hood and thingsz!

2442 days ago


My first post of the day. It seems some people have been posting about me. I'm not on here all day every day. Yes I am married.Yes I have kids,no I dont neglect eithier. I have never lashed out at anyone or called anyone names. Can you people talking about me say the same? I challenge anyone to find a comment that was rude or mean that came from me. Have a great day.

2442 days ago


It's time for the commissioner/judge to really stick it to her

2442 days ago

too sad    


take deep breath .

what are you doing with your life ?

you have made fed ex look decent human being .
stop driving around , buying gas and coffees.

and remember to drink the coffee and not the gas.

2442 days ago


Yes Judge, I was sick at 10AM, but by 2pm I was feeling fine,
I have never been in a courtroom, but something tells me that the judge will certainly take this antic into consideration when deciding on the fate of the children...or at least I would hope he would.

2442 days ago



2442 days ago

brainless britt    

thank you #229. That's how many feel and couldn't of said it any better.

2442 days ago


Trashy ass Whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope no one buys her new CD!!!

2442 days ago


Britney was the won that filed for divorce on demands of her family and friends. Im sure if Kevin asked her to come back any day now, she would do it in a heartbeat because theres no doubt in my mind that she still loves Kevin...

2442 days ago


I agree with you Sasha, and Britney just needs to move on and let Kevin Federline take care of them. She isn't up to doing much of anything right now. I read that statement that not every women was meant to be a good mother. That could be, and maybe she should just give Kevin full custody and let him solely raise them. It doesn't seem like her heart it in it right now.

2442 days ago


Do you think Kevin would take her back? That poor girl needs some kind of guidance and stability. It is okay if she can't handle being a mother if she has issues going on in her life. The best thing is for her boys to be with the best parent, and apparently it isn't her. Her children don't need to see her like this anyway. God bless.

2442 days ago
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