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Amos Goes Ape****!

12/14/2007 5:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A word of advice: don't disturb Tori Amos while she's working.

Two fans learned that lesson the hard way and ended up with a verbal smack down from the crotchety singer before they were unceremoniously booted from her Wednesday night concert in San Diego. Code Red!

The piano playin' mama was in mid song when she suddenly began lashing out at the girls: "It's a privilege to sit in the front row. I reserve those seats for people who appreciate music. Get the f--- out!"

So much for being silent all these years.

UPDATE: A rep for Tori's record label just contacted TMZ with the following statement: "Tori doesn't sell front row seats to her shows. She'll pick fans that are in the back row and she will upgrade them. It is a privilege to get picked. Apparently these two girls were on their cell phones all night... It was her sticking up for her other fans that missed out on the opportunity."


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Standards are badly needed.    

Well, I'm bloody glad I don't live in the States with all you posters cheering on this public slapdown. Perhaps your audiences are really that rude there, considering how rude most of you are. Good Manners must be going the way of the dinosaur where you all live, replaced by bullying aggression. Ugh.

2471 days ago


Excellent!! Nothing worse than paying to see one of your favorite performers and have it ruined by some idiots talking during the show. Especially when they have to almost yell at each other to be heard over the music. It's disrespectful to the artist as well as annoying to other audience members. Tori only said with others in the crowd were thinking. If other audience members had acted, then there probably would've have been some sort of altercation that would've been more disruptive. I've seen other artists actually end the show early because of loudmouths in the audience. I've never heard much of her music but I would certainly give her a standing ovation for being so protective of her audience

2471 days ago


TO KERRY #7, that is the funniest thing I've ever heard! I am laughing so freaking hard right now. Thank you thank you thank you. I have never seen Tori in concert but I love her music and you should show respect, that's a definite.

2471 days ago


A friend of mine was yelled at by her at a club in Providence a few years ago for having the audacity to leave her seat to go to the bathroom.

2471 days ago


Personally, I think Tori looks like a rude primadonna by doing this. The problem of obnoxious audience members can be easily taken care of in between numbers by simply calling security and having them escorted out. Why should she make the entire audience feel uncomfortable when she can have paid employees do what needs to be done?

2471 days ago


Wow I lost all respect for Tori! They paid for those tickets so as far as Im concerned they could pick their nose all night and she shouldnt say a word. And using the f word - really classy Tori. What a way to talk to anyone! A true artist could keep on playing but obviously she coudlnt =( What an affected idiot thinking everyone should be silent for her greatness - plleeaaassse!

2471 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

She appears to have delusions of omniscience. It can be disconcerting performing with noisy patrons, but it goes with the territory, and there are dignified and more professional means of dealing with this sort of thing. So gutter.

2471 days ago


I was at her Oakland show last Saturday night and Tori was amazing. I wish she would have kicked out the 20 or so in the entire front row who were so distracting and annoying to the rest of the audience.

2471 days ago

The Big Row Bear    

I take my hat off to Tori. All performers should do that. If you're in the front row, then pay attention and enjoy the show. If you don't want to be there, get the hell out.

2471 days ago


It wasn't a privilege to sit on the front was a sentence and they just felt like they didn't deserve to be treated that way....

2471 days ago


Good for her! If any fan actually knows who Tori is, i wouldn't dare get on my phone in her concert...! I also hate going to a venue and people have their life lines attached to their lil heads... it drives me nuts! I mean come on... you pay money to see an artist and then your on the damned phone the whole time! I think they should ban cell phones from concerts, plays, musicals ie..... how annoying! I betcha thoses girls felt like poo xo

2471 days ago


If they were really on their cell phones throughout the show, I think she did the right thing. And ignoring it if it was bothering her would've brought down her performance, which would've hurt everyone. Last time I went to a Tori show there were people talking all around me and it really affected the experience. Keep in mind that she's often playing with just piano and people are sitting in their seats through the whole show, so it really makes a difference if someone next to you is talking or singing along, much more so than in an arena rock concert or big commercial thing.

2471 days ago


I have a new appreciation for her. I wish she was coming back to the Bay area so I can see her now.

2471 days ago

TiVo Faces    

Good for Tori! I'm so tired of people who buy a ticket to an event (whether it's a movie, a concert, whatever) not realizing that what they've paid for is the right to sit in THEIR SEAT and not disturb the other viewers. We don't even go to movies anymore because of people talking.

And she does put on one hell of a concert.

2471 days ago


You go Tori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!! Way to put those disrespectful bitches in their place!

2471 days ago
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