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Amos Goes Ape****!

12/14/2007 5:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A word of advice: don't disturb Tori Amos while she's working.

Two fans learned that lesson the hard way and ended up with a verbal smack down from the crotchety singer before they were unceremoniously booted from her Wednesday night concert in San Diego. Code Red!

The piano playin' mama was in mid song when she suddenly began lashing out at the girls: "It's a privilege to sit in the front row. I reserve those seats for people who appreciate music. Get the f--- out!"

So much for being silent all these years.

UPDATE: A rep for Tori's record label just contacted TMZ with the following statement: "Tori doesn't sell front row seats to her shows. She'll pick fans that are in the back row and she will upgrade them. It is a privilege to get picked. Apparently these two girls were on their cell phones all night... It was her sticking up for her other fans that missed out on the opportunity."


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There is no need to ever treat anyone, let alone a fan that has paid to see your performance, like that. I see many posts stating how tired they are of the rude behavior of cell phone users and I agree with that sentiment as well. However, it's never wise and is in fact hypocritical to use rudeness to combat rude behavior.

2441 days ago

+DJ FunkyGrrL+    

This makes no sense... Why do they allow cellphones in the "loud music concert" if Tori has an issue with it?
Moreover, why Tori could not have Security tell these girls in a decreat way to tone down the conversation?
Moreover, why did Tori have to act like a jackass... The concert goers still paid for the tickets upgrad eor not.
It's not like the tickets were free. If I was at the concert I would have walked out. Rich spoiled brat. One more thing, maybe the girls were on the cellphones talking to their friends relating how great the concert was...

2441 days ago


I saw Tori in Lousiville, KY. She was awsome! I would have given anything to have front row seats. Our audience was rowdy, but not rude. Tori respects her fans and was way into the audience. If Tori is a bitch then being a bitch is a good thing.

2441 days ago


Good for Tori! She's right about the tickets - my friend and I, avid Tori fans, were in the nosebleed section unfortunately (being students on a budget we had to get the not-as-good tickets) and her bodyguard came to us and gave us front row tickets - I think doing that for her fans is EXTREMELY gracious and I've never heard of any other artist doing that. She is fantastic and flawless in concert so if those 2 girls were on their cell phones all night, as alleged, I'd be pissed off too as a nearby fan. Go Tori.

2441 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

I was once at a Tori Amos concert and got "a look" from her when I leaned over and asked my friend if she knew what I had done with my purse. It was obviuos that Tori noticed I wasn't paying attention to her. She stopped playing the piano and glared at me until I stopped talking. Then, later on, Tori stopped playing again when this old lady in the front row got up during her "Boy's in the trees" number to take a restroom break. Tori was furious and screamed into the mic "Where are you goin' !!" The old lady said "To use the commode" and Tori told her she was luck she didn't come down and kick her back side for interupting her show. Tori is very touch when she thinks people are not listening to her, especially when she sings that soung about the dull flat chested girl who never got a boyfriend and wrote songs that appeal to angry women who missed the boat on finding a man.

2441 days ago

Biased information    

There is an incredibly ugly side of the tabloid world. TMZ along with other celebrity media buy pictures from paparazzi who regularly break laws and put the public and those celebrities they stalk in danger.

Below is just a partial list of what most paparazzi regularly do while trying to get that one unflattering and exploitive picture of a celebrity:

Paparazzi stalk celebrities no different than any other criminally insane stalker would,
Camp out in front of celebrities homes,
Go through trash cans of celebrities,
Fly through red lights to get a picture,
Drive on the wrong side of the road to get the picture,
Scream at celebrity children in order to get pictures of them crying,
Harass, intimidate and push the buttons of celebrities in order to get them looking uncomfortable, angry or scared and any other emotion that is less than flattering.

How is this legal?

Tabloid sties such as TMZ, and most other tabloid trash sites would rather get pictures of a celebrity at their worst in order to attempt to destroy them and their careers than acknowledge the fact that if it weren't for that celebrity they wouldn't even have a job.

Clean up your act TMZ, otherwise the law will.

2441 days ago


#7 and #15

Maybe she's tired of rude people with their cell phones. I'm sick of trying to enjoy a movie, concert, and even CHURCH, while people fidget with their phones. It's childish and it's rude. You think she should have quietly given them a warning, and if that didn't work then what, interrupt the show again? There were respectful people there enjoying the show, people who paid for their seats. Maybe they didn't want to pay for a constantly interrupted show.

You guys must be defending those idiots because you too can't put your phones down long enough to watch a show. Grow up.


2440 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

No, I think they mean Amos should quietly give notice to the offenders, let front row security know, and if the idiots continue their self-absorbed chatter, get escorted out unceremoniously by the heads up ushers/security. No need to disrupt the show 2X.

2440 days ago


Have you been at a show when security is hassling someone next to you? It sucks. They often wind up in your way, or yelling over whatever's going on ... no matter how you do it, it will interrupt the show for someone more than once ... first when security and the idiots are warned, and then again when security removes them. By Tori throwing them out right away she caught them off guard. If you warn people you're about to throw them out that gives them more time to cause a scene, or to protest. And how did those even "fans" earn a warning? They were LUCKY to be in those seats to begin with.

At first I even thought "she should have just sent them back to the cheap seats", but that's pretty much telling her less fortunate fans "here, you deal with it". She did the right thing. I've always liked her ... now I like her more.


2440 days ago


Never a Tori Amos fan but I think I might be now. Been to too many concerts where all people do is talk to each other, or on their phones the whole night. It's very distracting, especially in arena type events where it is never loud enough.

And contact a lawyer? Yes, please. I would love to see these two defend their rude behaviour to a jury and expect to get paid for it.

2439 days ago


Anybody that is giving Tori grief about lashing out at the rude guests, talking on their CELL PHONES, is sorely mistaken, and can't possibly be a true Tori fan. I have been listening to her, and going to her concerts ever since Little Earthquakes came out. I have followed her for two concert series and met her several times. Her concerts are moving, inspiring, and most of all one of the best experiences of my life. By far the best concert I have ever been to, and that's no lie. I think everybody should buy her CD, they are amazing. My wife is a Tori convert, and is now as much a fan as me. Listening to Tori is like a religion, and the people that follow her are like a movement. So back off to the girl that says don't but her CD, she obviously doesn't take anybody but herself seriously. I have probably been to 50 Tori shows, and she has never lashed out at anyone, so these girls must have been pretty damn rude, most artists would be too worried that it would be bad PR to do what she did, but that's just Tori.

2438 days ago


#13 where glad you dont live in the states either! im getting so effin tired of dumbass forieners coming over here and then complaining on how rude americans are!! if you dont like it go back to your country and stay there!! if not shut the hell up and deal with it biatch!!!

2438 days ago


If the girls were infact on the phones or talking loudly, they should've been escorted to the back by security or removed from the venue (thats why venues have security), but Tori shot herself in the foot, behaving like that. It was classless, trashy, rude, and in poor taste. I've been a fan of hers since 1994, and I no longer will be. She stooped to a level of a 10 year old brat, taking away the uniqueness and and professionalism that a musician carries. Big mistake Tori.

2433 days ago


I've seen Tori eight times in concert. Her concerts are VERY intimate and anyone into Tori knows this. I have seen her yell at someone in the front too. I believe it was directed towards a woman who kept standing in front of other people and wouldnt get out of the way. Good for you Tori, keep those dumb asses in line!!

1418 days ago


Why would anyone actually care if she kicked out two obnoxious ugly hookers?

1118 days ago
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