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Brit Gets the Last Laugh ... for Once

12/14/2007 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears managed to go to a gas station last night without forgetting anyone or stealing anything. That's gotta count for something right?!

TMZ caught Spears making a stop at a Chevron on Sunset Blvd., running in to get her cigarette fix before heading off to a new hotel for the night -- The Raffles L'Ermitage of Beverly Hills. Smoking and gas don't mix, y'all!

The paps followed her into the hotel, but were quickly forced back out again by the hotel. Britney ridiculed her camera-wielding followers as they got bitched out.


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Amy Silverman    

Britney yoyu are a big ole dumbass- They sell cigaretttes in these things they call catrons and you can buy a Starbucks coffee machine-"Real stars" have them already in their homes,but I give you too much credit-you are just a has been idiot loser

2467 days ago

Amy Silverman    

This just in FLY ON THE WALL and Britney are the same person-annoying as hell and should be banned from TMZ

2467 days ago

This just in FLY ON THE WALL and Britney are the same person

2467 days ago

Brits new vid is awsome

Hope you have seen it

Comments welcomed

Thanks Harv

2467 days ago



2467 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Any hackers out there? Gee I sure would think it a horrible thing to see someone who keeps exposing their email to have a bad turn of it!

2467 days ago


I lived in LA in the early 60's. It was abosolutly beautiful. I went back to my home state after my 2 years of education ended. I have fond memories of the beautiful clean beaches, nice friendly people.

I have not been back since I left. I have friends who still live there. They tell me it is horrible now. I will not ever return. I would rather keep my memories of a beautiful California that had CLASS.

2467 days ago


She is crazy, there is another version of the video where she gets completely topless. Here is the page, just scroll down half way.

2467 days ago

the lost    

The hotel rooms are huge suites, I just assumed everyone knows that they are not just regular small average joe hotel rooms. They are the lap of luxury. And everything there can be done for you, plus it's always like being on a vacation. That's why Brit stays at them. She gets bored staying in her mansion. She can do whatever she wants so she has to make her own excitement. The going to the gas station has become her "thing". That's what she's famous for now, so she does it. Pretty easy living, huh? Being famous and paid millions just for going out to get yourself some gum and cigarettes. She's not lost or sick, I changed my mind. She's just milking her fame for all it's worth.

2467 days ago


I know I'm one of the few, but I have a bit of sympathy for her. I think she's now measuring her self-worth by how many pics/rags she's in. If that wasn't the case, she has people she could send out for what she needs and she would lay low for a while. IMO she would be better off if she was left more pics, no more stalking paps. She needs to hit rock-bottom before she'll ever work her way back up. And as long as the cameras are still following her around, she thinks she's still popular. I truly don't think she realizes that she's being made a sideshow act. Maybe if they stopped, she would do something positive to bring herself back into the limelight.

2467 days ago


Being famous and paid millions just for going out to get yourself some gum and cigarettes.

Exactly how is one 'paid millions' riding around aimlessly,stopping at gas stations? Selling her CD out of her cars' trunk?

2467 days ago



2466 days ago
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