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Country Star AND His Fan -- Both Get Popped!

12/14/2007 1:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris CagleCountry singer Chris Cagle was busted Thursday when he punched an autograph seeker's boyfriend in the face. Wal-Mart parking lot, indeed! What's worse: The fight unfolded right after his benefit show for the Arizona's Children Association. Classy gentlemen.

Here's how it went down: Some woman went crazy when Cagle refused to sign an autograph after agreeing to sign for several other people. According to cops, it got so heated that the singer punched the woman's boyfriend in the face! The Tucson Police Department cited Cagle for misdemeanor assault.

Like any good country singer, expect the song about it just about anytime.


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I heard about this story on the radio, guess what...I think it's sexy! I also think the guy got what he deserved. People shouldn't expect celebritites to sign tons of autographs for one person, and should respect them when they say no!

2473 days ago

lesbo babe coming now    

he is rude. he shoule have some lessons in jail to learn how to be a persn, ajahah

2502 days ago


The fans are nuts. I'd have popped him too. Sometimes it's get the hell out of my face. Good one Chris!

2502 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

What..........couldn't get the gun, out of the gun rack?

2502 days ago


He did the right thing!!! Who was he supposed to pop...the girl? I'm sure the boyfriend added some extra "words" in there and he got what he deserved.

2502 days ago


Sounds like this guy is a real jerk, don't buy his records, don't go to his shows.

2502 days ago


The boyfriend had to have said some thingd to Chris that he didnt like. Chris is an extremly pleasant man. I have met him a few times before. I will continue to be a fan of Chris.

2502 days ago


Hey if people get in your face and they won't leave- well I'd do the same...Good call Chris keep poppin em!

2502 days ago

Jonny Love    

Wow!!! If the woman would have just stayed respectful and not freak out l'm sure she would of got an autograph. Of course the boyfriend has to play Mr. Toughguy in front of his G/F and got his ass kicked. Good for Cagle, country music needs more people like him. Sorry she didn't get an autograph, walk away and enjoy the time you had don't bitch about it in front of the guy. I just saw Cagle in Vegas last Sunday, I've seen him probably 10 times now in Minnesota/Wisconsin and Vegas. Nothing wrong with hitting someone for opening there big mouth, thats how you learn a lesson.

2502 days ago

Samantha .G.    

I met chris a few years back, I was at the brooks and Dunn how in Hamilton, ontario canada...I was standing outside a set of doors with my sis and two of her was like a hugh street fest with live brands and face painters and bull rider machine..and of course Elvis was there (im not makin that up, I have a pic with him)

ne way I was lookin at the crowd and I seen a black cowboy hat walkin towards me...and I knew it was him and I was totally speachles..all I could say was "theres chris!"

he was so sweet and kind to us, we asked for an autograph but he had to go in for an radio interview...and he promised to come back and talk with us.....and HE DID!!!!...

he came back out an talked to us for atleast 10 mins, and he signed my hat he was so sweet

just so you all know...the last few years of his life have been kinda sucky, I dont blame him for being a lil bitchy....

2502 days ago


Time for him to retire.

2502 days ago

Daneille ~ Proud Caglehead    

I just want to say I think this posting was done in haste without any regard to get the facts of the story correct. Yes Chris is human and at times may have a temper but who doesn't. It was disrespectful of your website to the charity and the parties involved not to take the time to get the WHOLE story and post that. For those interested: that event was for charity and here is what happened that was forgotten in all the press. The information below is from a fellow Caglehead who attended the show.

"Shortly after they took the stage Chris announced that he would be donating several personal items to be auctioned off and 100% off the proceeds would go to Arizona's Children Association.
Starting things off was an autographed picture of Chris and Brett Michaels singing "Chicks Dig It" which sold for $125.00. Various articles of clothing were then auctioned off including his cowboy hat and the clothes he was wearing on stage. Chris was the auctioneer and he was hysterical!! ...

His cowboy hat sold for $1000.00

His jeans and shirt sold seperately, brought in $1150.00

The items Chris donated brought in close to $3000.00 for Arizona's Children Association. He also donated ALL monies from merchandise sales for that night.

2501 days ago

Country fan    

What a shame that your website failed to get ALL the facts before posting this article for all to see. I happened to be at the Cactus Moon the evening in question and your story doesn't even come close to what actually happened!!!! The girl who was asking for an autograph had been hounding Cagle for hours and had already had Cagle sign several items for her. She was drunk and obnoxious. When he declined to sign anything else for her she went nuts calling him every name under the sun (classy lady) When her boyfriend came up (he was just as drunk as her) he started in on Cagle too. The "lady" in question was lucky not to have been punched in the face as well. The boyfriend wouldn't let up and he got just what he deserved.
I have had the privilege of seeing Cagle in concert on several occasions and he has always been gracious and very respectful to his fans.

Hats off to Cagle for the THOUSANDS of dollars he raised for the kids in Arizona.

2501 days ago


Chris Cagle is a VERY respectable man! His music is awesome, his legions of fans are wonderful, and no matter what anyone says, THAT GUY GOT WHAT HE DESERVED!!!!! The lady couldn't be happy with the items she already had signed - she had to come back for more! Chris had other people waiting for signatures. If the lady didn't like that she should've kept her opinions to herself! The boyfriend included!

2501 days ago


Have you ever LISTENED to his songs, they SUCK! He should stick to writing. He's an arrogant son-of-a-bitch who needs to learn that you can't simply punch someone because you don't agree with them, but it's a typical Republican response. For all you stupid aces claiming the guy "got what he deserved," get a clue will you? You hit someone and it's ASSAULT, period. You don't have the right to hit anyone for no reason EVER, and saying something isn't provocation to assault anyone. If you people actually read the story, you'd see that she didn't get ANYTHING signed that was the whole point. He wasn't signing any autographs besides the ones that went to charity, and a couple thousand dollars isn't anything compared to what BETTER country artists have gotten for charity. And by a music artist wanting people to keep their "opinions to themselves" that's how you lose what little fans you have, especially in his case. He's got what, one hit and he's been around since early 2000, that isn't anything in the music business.

2501 days ago
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