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Dog Chapman -- On His Way Back to TV?

12/14/2007 4:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman looked relaxed and happy, taking a break from his Tour of Contrition '07 for a little R&R last night -- could it be because his show is on its way back on the air?

Sources tell TMZ that the network is very pleased with the progress Dog has made with African-American leaders, but nothing has been decided yet about the return of "Dog the Bounty Hunter."

Meanwhile, we spotted Dog kicking back -- and throwing some shakas -- at a housewarming party for designer Christian Audigier. Chill, brother!


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The truth of the matter is Dog has asked for forgiveness from the General public and much of the General public has forgiven him and like myself believes he deserves a second chance. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. So, all of the people who have never said or have done anything wrong whether you were caught or not, Go ahead and throw stones at Dog. Once Dog ask forgiveness from God, we who are Gods people have no right to percucute. Dog should and will be back on the air and I look forward to the new season.

2475 days ago


Dog, you stole the ark and are busted with Currituck County. Its on the internet, dont get mad when they all die. Orion loses again!

You go with the american government, (england included themselves live in the TLC tv program, and look at the live hit!) the english , and most likly the Stark family of Tulls Bay Colony.. notice they are all dead and gone and saying its fake ... still real.

2475 days ago


Simon Peter dont make any sense,you sound goofy...please support dog,i wonder if all us dog lovers could get like a telethon going for dog? we could try to raise money and make posters and stuff. we need dog on tv..lets start a fund raiser or something like that.ok i love you dog

2475 days ago


It's easy to forgive when you are not black. Since it is not a big deal, drop the N bomb around the right person and see if you don't need dental work real soon.

2475 days ago

Bertha Lee    

#7 is absolutely correct. The minorities in this country better practice what they preach. I'm sick of it. Better look who is in the minority here. Dog didn't say anything in a PRIVATE CONVERSATION that anyone else hasn't thought or said about any other race. You don't think Oprah doesn't pull the same crap while blabbing to Gayle over bon-bons? Dog deserves his show back and shouldn't have apoligized for anything. The one with the I'm sorry should have been Tucker for turning on his daddy over greed and stupidity. Funny, ole Tucker's woman used him to start a lawsuit and take his Enquirer payout. See how long they kiss around on each other when the Ben Franklins quit rolling in! Dog should have left him in the pen. At least when Tucker got screwed there it was on his own dime , not daddy's.

2475 days ago


Wow! The postings... you can tell the blacks from the whites. Racism all around. Dog has nothing to forgive in my opinion. He had his privacy invaded, bottom line from a son on drugs that probably came from a black man. There you have it!

2475 days ago


He sucks and his wife is a total douche ...she looks just like Miss Piggy ...only uglier.

2475 days ago


forgive him for what???
all of the sudden someone isn't intitled to their own opinion?
just because it might "OFFEND" someone. get a life. if what he said bothers you or offends you ,,, you need to consider getting a life. once you hear something like this ,,absorb it ,, turn around,, forget it and get back to the business of LIVING YOUR LIFE!
if you find that you are still obsessed with something like this or someone elses comments for some time AFTER the incident?
you've got issues and need to get a life....
good luck..
now go ENJOY LIFE!!

2475 days ago


Sherry you are so sightless. You offer nothing more than the hole of a stale donut. Please take a vitamin and go to sleep.

2475 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Yeah, I'm white and I can't stand this crack smoking, mullet wearing, red neck racist bastard! Remember people, bail bondsmen are in the business of RELEASING PEOPLE MORE THAN LOCKING THEM UP!!!!! They make far more money getting people out than they do putting them in! The whole gang are pretty much criminals themselves. He is no hero!!! He is a douche and now that he has been exposed, the truth has ruined him, not helped him! You only see the glossy b.s. that is edited to favor him, not the real side of what an ugly person he is on both the inside and outside! And Freedom of Speech has nothing to do with him being a racist! Last time I checked, his Free Flowing Mouth Shot him in the Foot! It's the Truth that hurt him the most!

2475 days ago


Yea dog...thats a good point..he makes all his money from these same crack heads that he writes the bond for......what a joke.......Bailbonds men are this case they are slimy hillbillys.................and that....pathetic a s s kissing tour..........I am sorry black people booooooo hooooooo you got busted dog....take the medicine....and go away

2475 days ago


Dog Has lots of experience, So Does his Wife and Son's.
They lost their TV show, So Why don't they Get Smart and Join the BLACKWATER TEAM over in IRAQ, Where the Criminals Shoot Back and There are No Camera's. They Will be making More Money per Month than any TV ACTORS does.

Dog You need to Really Join Blackwater to Show HOW BRAVE you REALLY ARE .. You can take your Wife over there and She Can continue Her Bravery and let you use her as a DECOY.

2475 days ago


Dog Chapman, good luck to u. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online ad*ult club, by which you are seeking a sexy girl for extramarital relationship..

2475 days ago


They are making an adorable couple though the guy ever joined the rich men seeking affairs club a few weeks ago..but all are past and they will stay together forever!

2475 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

I will not watch any network that puts Dog's show back on the air. I also will make sure to never knowingly purchase anything from any company that advertises on that network or networks. Dog is a BAD rolemodel for everyone. He and his wife, employees and other associates are poster children for what you DON'T want your children to model themselves after. Dog has not only proven that he is a racist, bigot. But all a person has to do is watch a handfull of his old episodes and you will see how fake the Dog is. The show is a pure disgrace and should not be placed back on the air for everyones sake.

2475 days ago
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