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Dog Chapman -- On His Way Back to TV?

12/14/2007 4:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman looked relaxed and happy, taking a break from his Tour of Contrition '07 for a little R&R last night -- could it be because his show is on its way back on the air?

Sources tell TMZ that the network is very pleased with the progress Dog has made with African-American leaders, but nothing has been decided yet about the return of "Dog the Bounty Hunter."

Meanwhile, we spotted Dog kicking back -- and throwing some shakas -- at a housewarming party for designer Christian Audigier. Chill, brother!


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I can't believe people are still crying about crybaby chapman losing his show. I guess I never realized so many people were so completely void of having anything that even resembles a life. I think I need to invest in a mobile home factory, apparenlty there is far more trailer park trash out there than I ever realized. Chapmans a loser, but he is at least a loser with a job, so I give him credit for that. His wife looks like a hooker, so I gotta admit, I get a kick out of watchin the ho run around like she's something special.

2500 days ago


So is he going back on air?
I hope so
I miss the show =[

2500 days ago


Here is what I think is just too darn funny. A&E will air reruns of The Sopranos, which is FULL of racist commentary, but they will pull DOG for using the "N-word" in a private telephone conversation with his son. Ya know... all the Dog haters need to go on and pull out a dictionary and look up the word. The N-word is defined as being an "ignorant, uneducated person". I can think of many people that are white, black, lation and asian that I could say fall into that catagory. GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!

2499 days ago


I DEFINTELY do not believe that Dog is a racist!!! I have been praying that his show returns ASAP!!!! I enjoy it and one week-end, I watched 3 episodes with my 3 Grandchildren- ages 3, 6, 9. They really WATCHED the show and we discussed a lot about being good, following rules, working hard and safe, praying, not cussing as it takes more smarts to talk appropriately, etc. They had VERY positive questions and it was a vERY good learning experience for them, which is why I let them watch more than 1 episode. DOG IS a VERY positive image on how when you do bad things or hang out with the wrong crowd bad things happen, but you can turn your life around and with GOD in your life, you can get through anything, being polite, etc. . I thank GOD each time that I watch the show that my 2 sons were never in trouble, but they worked very hard and live a good Christian life now too. Dog has a wonderful opportunity now to teach children that ANY name calling - whether it be towards anyone's race, or fatty, beanpole, etc. hurt and should not be done ANY kind is bad and I hope he goes a bit further and gets his high school diploma or GED too-it's never too late! I had students in my co0llege classes that were in their 90's!! They were great to have in glass and really made it interesting because that had a lot of life experience to offer. The conversation with Dog and his son was Private and should have been kept that way - I hope his son will never do anything like that again-there is no excuse for his actions!!! God Bless Dog and His Family, I wish them well.

2499 days ago


Dogs show was really entertaining. I hope it comes back! I think he is a nice guy. Considering how his younger days started out I think he turned his crazy past into a positive thing and he learned from his mistakes. Hang in there Dog, I still am a fan and am glad somebody out there is taking "creeps" off the street! Thanks.

2499 days ago


I think his show should be put back on it was a private conversation and everyone uses a racist phrase.Some try to deny it but who really cares he called it like he seen it.Freedom of speech and for those of you who don't agree get over it and get a life.

2497 days ago

mrs princess    

Enough of all the "DOG" bashing. All of the people out there who are crying over what was said, need to take a very close look at themselves. Have you never made a mistake and said something you didn't mean to. Have you never said you hated someone, made any type of racial slur to one of your buddies or even out of anger. I don't think anyone can say they are not guilty in 1 way or another. If you do then you must live in a fantasy land. Dog and the rest of the chapman family are only human and yes they make mistakes. As for all of you that are dog haters, you don't need to watch his show, you can change a channel can't you or are you too stupid to figure that out. I think all the haters out there are lonely people who don't have a life and just need to complain about everything, since noone wants to listen to there bitching all the time. DOG AND HIS WIFE ROCK. They will be back and I will be there to watch all of you eat your nasty words. They will be #1 again...

2497 days ago
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