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Ashley Tisdale

Cuts Off Nose,

Face Not Spited

12/15/2007 5:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is it possible to look more natural after plastic surgery? "High School Musical" star Ashley Tisdale, 22, just got a nose job -- and her newly shaped schnozz made its first appearance yesterday at Madison Square Garden.
Ashley Tisdale
Tisdale claims she got the plastic surgery to fix a deviated septum -- the same excuse reason expressed by Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz for their rhinoplasty. Something smells fishy!

Ashley still looks great -- Eskimo kisses for everyone!


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Big Ol' Nobody    

when are people gonna stop hackin up their faces? it does not make them look good, and it's gotta hurt like hell! and it's a friggen nose; it's supposed to stick out! what,.. are you all pugs trapped in a human body ?

2504 days ago


Heidi Montag's worse mistake is to get her BOOBS done. they are horrible looking now.!!! Her hair is a hot mess too. Why are these HOLLYWOOD NOBODIES all dying there hair WHITE BLOND..that look like HOOKER HAIR.. I notice the HOGAN women do the same thing..
Joan River's face has been completely OVERHAULED. and should never look at a red carpet again. OMG. what in heavens!!!
Kenny Roger's was so handsome. now he UGLY like a road turd..what was he thinking
Wayne Newton..Wow !!! wAX ANYONE..I don't think he can ne outside too long.. he might MELT..He looks like he belong with the other WAX people in that museum

2504 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

Maybe it's just me, but those who got 'corrections' look far worse when they age than those who stuck to their 'big noses', (whatever that implies...). It looks like when you cut something away on the outside, the stuff inside doesn't cooperate- hence some scary looking work. And again, those procedures have got to be painful.

2504 days ago


I can't stand her, but her new nose looks awesome! It looks VERY natural! Now if only there was a surgery to make her less annoying...

2504 days ago


HEY Woldort Sockbat ******

There's a reason that person said jelousy. guess they were referring to you being jealous LOL LOL LOL

2504 days ago


Go there!!! There's the real story on Britney not getting in the 4 Seasons at first. She was able to go in the way she usually goes in, just not the back way. She went in to ate at 4 Seasons at the end of x17's video. I love it how Perez only shows the part he wants to show! Go Britney!!

2504 days ago


As someone who has been diagnosed with a deviated septum (which can cause severe sinus problems), I'd believe her-- her nose does look a bit "off center" in the 'Before" photo. While I refused to have the (elective) surgery (because our family's luck with surgery is rather bad), obviously it helped her and not just in terms of her looks.... Pretty soon she may need surgery to correct the area under her eyes, though. Either she's very tired or her facial muscles in that area are very weak....

2504 days ago


Honestly. I really don't think she looks all that bad.

2504 days ago


Do most of these celebrities not realize how ridiculous they look after these surgeries? This is pathetic......Other than Ashley Simpson not a one of them made an improvement in their appearance. They actually made it much worse. Sorry folks we all get old, just learn to live with it.

2504 days ago


I like it better before.

2504 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

I think her old nose looked great. It gave Ashley character and instant recognition. The new nose also looks good but I hope it doesnt put her in the category of Jennifer Grey. Remember when cutie Jennifer changed her nose and it totally changed her appearance in such a way that nobody new her. It really affected her career in a negative way. Ashley should keep the blonde trademark hair in order to ensure fans ease of recognizeability after the surgery.
Deviated septums are no fun. My son has one and is always having problems.......

2504 days ago


i think plastic surgeons should secretly jack up the price for those who really doesnt need the surgery....

2504 days ago


wow donatella did not look beastly before the surgery...what a difference..

2504 days ago


I hate that these celebrities blame a deviated septum as the reason for their nose job, why not be honest and say I hate my nose I want it smaller. She did say that once in an interview but now it's the "deviated septum" ya ok!!!

2504 days ago


You's probably be able to tell more with a profile pic. it looks about the same here. And a deviated septum can be a real problem for a singer, so it's very possible she was truthful. Her hair is a darker shade also. Still a cute girl.

2504 days ago
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