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Britney's New Video -- Piece of ... ?

12/15/2007 2:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After the disastrous "Gimme More" video, expectations were not high for Britney's new video "Piece of Me" -- especially since her album sales have plummeted. The paparazzi-themed song and dance is fresh from the from the world's most successful popwreck!


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It's really sad. It seems likes she's totally drugged out. No energy whatsoever. Falling asleep while making the video. I really hope Britney finds a way to turn her life back around. She had talent. I guess the problem is fame and success way too young for her to handle.

2470 days ago


Song and the video stink to high heaven. Most pop lyrics have never been known for being particularly insightful...but they seem to be getting worse as time goes on. It's bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s!!

As for her "shape," Perez has the undoctored's all smoke and mirrors!!

2470 days ago

Ima Skank    

Too much money at too young an age. I see living in FEMA trailers in her future and I hope she takes Paris with her. They can argue over who wants to be park manager.

2470 days ago


I like the line"She's too fat, then she's too thin" I don't think anybody has ever accused Brit of being too thin. hee hee And that voice! How do you get away with proclaiming singing is your vocation?

2470 days ago


I am actually quite surprised. It is definently a step up from her last video which lacked EVERYTHING!!!! Seems she is trying to get back into the old Brittany. Hopefully her next video will show more of her great dancing skills that she has shown us in her past videos!!!!

2470 days ago


The vote is going down to vote her off the TMZ island - thanks & once she starts looking & playing the part then welcome back to her.

2470 days ago


iNewsflash - too low energy - best to take a nap after viewing - "too thin" - she wishes someone would say that about her fat lazy low IQ backside!

2470 days ago

reality chk    

Roflmao.... This is going to be a hit!
It's about time Brit got the last laugh

2470 days ago

Damn Shame    

I liked the video, the beat is fire and the song hits home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2470 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

I'm certainly NO fan of Britney, yet, I think she's done a great job in writing this song. The lyrics were hard to put into music I'd think, yet she did it. It seems to HAVE to have written by her, well done. I was expecting to hate it, but it does give us a clue about what's goin' on inher head, as F*'d up as it is. I thought it truly portrayed her, who she is, and how she sees it all. If I were her, I'd have to just move or something. She's got guts, either that, or just stubborness. I seriously see something truly awful happening to her soon, something to do with a car wreck, and then we'll all be talking about how misunderstood she was, that and how she was constantly hounded, and that was what drove her over the edge. She's a tragedy waiting to happen.

2470 days ago


I like it!

2470 days ago


This is the Gigli of music videos

2470 days ago


Holy obvious superimposing! Just watch her body in the "dance" scene with the purple dress on. Her head doesn't quite match up. Come ON, Brit! That's just stupid.

2470 days ago


I like the bass in the beat. She never could sing all that well so I was not expecting much there. It's kind of ironic the video was shot in a bathroom, because her career is going down the toilet.

2470 days ago

Hope you get well...    

Now we're talking! This is amazing. I Love it. Reminds me of her old stuff. It's because she had a great producer for the video. It only costed $500 K to do. It ought to look good. This is definitely a sign Britney is listening to people again. That s al she has to to listen to people. She let a stylist to her hair, makeup and dress her properly. Great job Brit Brit.

2470 days ago
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