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Britney's New Video -- Piece of ... ?

12/15/2007 2:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After the disastrous "Gimme More" video, expectations were not high for Britney's new video "Piece of Me" -- especially since her album sales have plummeted. The paparazzi-themed song and dance is fresh from the from the world's most successful popwreck!


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Johnny Crockett    

Omg. There is no dancing at all. She sort of looks more "together" than she was in the gimmie more
video, but this video is boring. And it wasnt exiting or anything. I was hoping that it would be better.

2482 days ago


Thats ashame that so many people out there would love to be in her shoes and she just takes for granted everything she was blessed with....Give that fame to someone who works hard.....don't get me wrong, I'd still do dirty things to her though...but she needs a wake up call...Ill save you brittany come to daddy

2482 days ago


Anyone on here who thinks Britney had anything to do with writing the song is completely disillusioned. All you have to do is look at paparazzi videos of Brit on tmz or x17 for a couple of days and you could have written these lyrics - personal to Britney, yes, but not written by her. Swedish producers Bloodshy and Avant created this song and if you want to give credit to anyone, give it to them. The only thing Britney would have done for this song would have been to come to the studio and put down the songwords so that the real musicians could get to work with creating the song.
Same for the video. We all know she did an all-nighter to 'dance' her way through the video -left at 6.30am and left it to the producers to try to salvage something from the lacklustre dance moves she displays. The dance scene in the bathroom seems to be about three different takes, as it was obviously impossible to get her to do the moves in one go successfully... and I'm not even convinced that the girl in the purple dress is Britney - not all the time anyway. Her face could have been superimposed. Look carefully.
Man. Well done Bloodshy and Avant - an amazing piece of music. But please don't credit Britney for any of it. She won't even be bothered to promote it - which shows how much she cares about her song.

2482 days ago


How can you all like this video?! Are you joking? Compared to her old videos, she might as well be a statue. Has she forgotten how to dance? All those pictures of her coming out of dance studios, what was she doing..? Standing in one place and moving her arms around? Apparently the answer is yes.

2482 days ago


Brit should've brought the Pap's down more she was lenient towards them. For all of you who are against Brit's new ways etc put yourself in her place. Yea there's some celebs that can hold themselves together but their also in different situations have big families etc. Brit is def going through a hard time in her life and obviously big changes which don't we all go through them sometime in our life..Right? So what is the difference. Its sad that the Human Race lives and feeds off of drama. I'm ashamed to be in this lifetime because of all the ignorant people out there. Give Brit some space!

2482 days ago


The video is 1,000 times better than Gimme More but still not great. They obviously edited the film to make Britney look about 20lbs lighter. I don't know if her hair was edited but it looks really good. If it wasn't edited then she really needs to higher that hair stylist ASAP.

2482 days ago

Dumbass in Alabam    

In contrary to poster #45, I plan on buying the Britney CD for those I hate. She's just disgusting. She should go back to LA (and I don't mean Los Angeles) and just get out of the limelight. Plus, I don't want my son to think that this is normal behavior for any woman, or girl. She's everywhere and everything about her just SCREAMS skank, stink, and STD!

2482 days ago


x17 has the video of before and after editing.

2482 days ago


She doesn't dance at all like she used to and her voice sounds like a robot in this song.

2482 days ago


Thought it was pretty good, must be what it's like for her and the other few cursed with fame...
Only problem is you can't complain about stardom if that's what you choose for yourself.

2482 days ago

Dirty Harry    

Biggest piece of crap so far...the other models/dancers look a lot hotter than her!

2482 days ago

Someone who thinks Britney's Awesome    

love the song - love the video - love the lyrics. Britney, you are the best.

What I don't get is the losers who complain about her and her music and yet watch and scrutinize everyone move of hers. Yall suckers need to get a life!

2482 days ago


That was by far the worst music video she has ever done!! What is wrong with her, she used to have talent and talented people around her to help her shine, now she is just spiriling down the dark hole.

2482 days ago


Okay I watched it and I want my time back

2482 days ago


Granted this isn't her BEST video, or much less rivals her previous videos before she kinda crashed into oblivion. However it IS the best so far for her new album. Hell of a lot better than "Gimme More". At least she looks like she slept and spent some money on new hair and makeup.

2482 days ago
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