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Britney's New Video -- Piece of ... ?

12/15/2007 2:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After the disastrous "Gimme More" video, expectations were not high for Britney's new video "Piece of Me" -- especially since her album sales have plummeted. The paparazzi-themed song and dance is fresh from the from the world's most successful popwreck!


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Gosh, if we all just loved Britney as much as she LOVES herself.......And did I hear right? Is there really a line in her song that refers to being a MOTHER? That's so funny!

2504 days ago


Britney's just about done. Her album has bombed, and by this time next year even the paparazzi will be bored with her. Good thing for her the record company was stupid enough to pay her $750,000/mo for the next upteenth years.

2504 days ago


GO BRITNEY!!!!!!!! SO True everyone is making money off Britney.
She is right on in this song. Leave her a lone!!! I would have a
nervous breakdown if every time I went outside my house people were there to watch me. She still has more money that any of us will have in a life time. Sounds like a lot of jealous people. Get over it! Move on sounds like Britney is!!!!

2504 days ago


The song and the video both suck!!!

2504 days ago


Love the video, love the song! Lyrics great. She's telling her story and she's talking to US. Great!

2504 days ago

Dave the pig    

She has a beautiful face and looks good in the video. Now if she could just clean up her life and try to be a good mother - people might just consider her to be real again.

2504 days ago


From someone who Hates this kind of crap music but is alwaus curious and hopeful- it's catchy and well produced. I've seen worse. She's a self-absorbed idiot but she's doing something right if she's as popular as she is - love her or hate her.

2504 days ago

C Ya    

I havent been a Britney fan for a long time now... But damn she hit it on the head! Way to go girl. Who cares if they photo shopped her body. Hell they photo shop EVERY celeb that is on the front of a magazine!

2504 days ago

tori fan    

LOVE IT! No, she isn't doing a kick ass dance scene, which is something that originally helped her rise to fame--but the video is cool and if anything makes her seem more human. Everything about that video has some truth...look at how crazy and creepy the paps are! She might not make the most amazing desicions in life, but the media inflates every detail by a million. Piece of me video: Thumbs up...a lot better than most of the other garbage videos and "talent" out there anyway.

2504 days ago


If her CDs are a non-seller, and she isnt and hasnt been on tour, how does she make
$700,000 a month? Please dont bash me im not a young person. Just somone who visits
TMZ. Thanks.

2504 days ago


What's ridiculous is she's talking about pictures of her derierre being shown in magazines, but honey it's your COOCH that's making the scene. Cover it up, for heaven's sake.

Why is she still allowed to make records?

She's never been a good singer.

And this song just makes it look like she wants to be even more of a media whore.

2504 days ago


Michael did it much better in "Leave Me Alone".

2504 days ago

too sad    

so embarasing , those words ,, so called lyrics .

ridiculous .

2504 days ago

uh oh    

I think it's hilarious, especially the way you can see that they have CGI'd her head over another woman's body. Probably one of her dancers. The whole thing is a scam and a fake. The bathroom scenes are the funniest. Hair up, hair down and when she moves you can actualy see how her face has been pasted in. She might could have fooled us, but we see her real body daily. Thumbs down and shame on Jive for spending so much money on a big stinker trying to fool the public. I don't want a piece of her and I wish she would gimme less.

2504 days ago


uh er um........I am not a basher but it is difficult to watch this seeing her so imobile. She moves more when her belly is covered up......her eyes look empty. I feel bad for her not sorry. I wish her mom would just file the paperwork to have her involuntarily committed either to rehab or the Hilton (a nice term I use for the psych house), Maybe this can be one of those turn around stories.

Wishful thinking I know I know........but then again no one ever knows!

2504 days ago
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