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Ike Turner's Last Moments Revealed -- Continued

12/15/2007 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has exclusively learned how the events of Ike Turner's last moments played out.

Ike Turner had just finished eating breakfast last Wednesday morning at his home in San Marcos, Calif. and decided to lay down to rest for a few minutes. His personal assistant was at the house, along with members of the Kings of Rhythm band. One of the musicians from the band went to wake Ike up, and he was non-responsive. We're told paramedics were called around 11:00 AM and unsuccessfully performed CPR.

The cause of death is not yet known, but according to Turner's manager, Ike had been suffering from emphysema for years and the disease was getting progressively worse.

Despite health issues, Ike continued to record and had several tours scheduled for 2008. Ike's manager tells TMZ that the musician was in final negotiations for a life story movie and was near the end of filming a pilot for a reality TV show.

There will be a public viewing of Ike Turner's body at the Angelus Funeral Home in L.A. on December 20. Funeral services are also public and will be held at the Greater Bethany Community Church City of Refuge in Gardena, Calif. on December 21.

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Little Richard and Soloman Burke are scheduled to speak at the funeral service.


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RIP, paid your dues and now deserve some respect..

2506 days ago


KARMA! A long bout with emphysema, sounds like KARMA too me.

2506 days ago

Sir Peaches    

oh i think ike paid his karma back..........

35 years of your ex wife being at the top of the music industry..... thats pretty harsh......

thanks ike for the music and rest in peace.....

puff puff puff

2506 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

R.I.P., Ike. He IS a music legend in my mind, and I would have liked to read his life story, too. I'm a HUGE number one fan of Tina's, and have gone to her concerts since the sixties. What people are forgetting is that the decent touring band leaders ruled with an iron fist, as musicians are/could be hair pullingly unreliable, or you wouldn't tour very long or make any money. Men who were considered men back then were EXPECTED to control their bands and their women, just as kids got a whippin' if they talked back or were disrespectful to parents or teachers. Plenty of my school buddies got the strap at school, but I'll also say that they didn't get it if they weren't mouthing off. It takes two to tango, which is probably why she left, and good for her. That doesn't at all make it right, but his behaviour occured within the context of those times, and I'd bet that Ike probably even felt he was doing the right thing, however twisted it looks in 2007. He could also be mean and self serving, if 'What's Love Got To Do With It', a one sided look, is to be believed. Now that we've all had 40+ years of talk shows and analysis, slapping ANYONE is now seen as dysfunctional, as it should be if we've done any growing at all as humans. I'm disatisfied, however, with the one-sided remembrance of Ike, because if you do any digging, he also was and could be amazing musically, promotionally, and organizationally. In spite of it all, the terrible times don't erase what he tried to and succeeded in doing, and even Tina must acknowlege his contribution to her current enviable position even if her talent absolutely took her there. I don't think it's Karma for him; I find it sad, because what he feared happening happened, and if that happened to me as a female singer, and I left and made it big, I would have eventually set him up financially out of respect, thanks and forgiveness when all of the dust settled and clarity was reached because it would give me peace of mind and to me would be more of a right thing to do. Maybe she never reached that point of forgiveness, as I understand he gave her not a penny when she left, because he thought it would keep here with him, and she didn't have the wherewithall to take him to court, where she could have received something. I still would have helped him later, because I could, but that's just IMHO. Perhaps that did happen, or may have happened had he lived and found himself in dire straits, but Karma? No, I get no satisfaction from that kind of outcome. Props to what Ike did right, and again, R.I.P.

2506 days ago

blk dog    

When do we find out he died with a Crack pipe in his hand?

2506 days ago


Why say mean choice of words when IKE is laid to rest, i am sure we all have done something in our lives to not say hurtful comments to a man that spent a generation to music. God Bless Ikes family truely.

2506 days ago



2506 days ago


Lawdy thank you Jesus, for taking this man, before he got his "pilot" reality show on tv. JesusChristHangingOnTheCross, what IS IT with producers, who think we need to see a film about a wife beater-drugaddict-thief-liar-cheat of a man. He is a dead man. Let him be dead. We don't need you all to be parading him around on a stick, as a shining example of musicianship. Good God, let him be dead forever.

2506 days ago


Ike and Tina had a long history together and yes it was a rocky road for the two of them but yanno even though Ike did some terrible things to her i bet that they had their good times too and i'm sure that Tina is feeling the loss of Ike. He was a negative part of her life true but none the less and important one. He paid his dues RIP

2506 days ago


Tina is probably thinking that a man she loved has died. I am sure the emotions she is feeling right now are overwhelming and confusing, Mu first husband was a bas**** but I will always love a part of him and I do not wish him dead, I am sure Tina's success was enough of a slap in the face to Ike. People should focus on what he did for the history of rock and roll, rock on Ike. RIP

2506 days ago


Rest In Peace Mr. Turner....What ever occured in your lifetime that the public has judged you on...was forgivien by the Lord some time at peace now...

2506 days ago


I agree he should just be left alone. I also had seen them in concert as team back in the 60's. They were an awesome pair and had some great music together. she was just as awesome wihout him. He was an abuser, let it go. She did I am sure. As far as Karma, if you smoke you get emphysema. I see it has nothing to do with Karma at all. It was just the choices he made about his body. It was his time to go. Period--final.

2506 days ago


R.I.P. Ike Turner

2506 days ago


to poster #1: my grandpa suffered from many illnesses before he died, one of them being emphysema ... due to alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. he was a good man, and didn't deserve to suffer as he did. it's a shame that your comment will be the first comment everyone sees.

dying in a house with his band members and personal assistant, not true loved ones, was perhaps ike's karma. saying emphysema was karma puts you in the same boat as the people who think 9/11 and katrina happened because of sinners.

2506 days ago


lori ... my grandpa had emphysema and never smoked. some musicians, comedians, bartenders, waiters, etc. get it from second-hand smoke. maybe ike smoked, maybe he didn't, but to generalize it like that is dare i say ... ignorant? not all people with emphysema, or lung cancer, smoke ... and not all people who smoke get emphysema, or lung cancer.

2506 days ago
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