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Stars Putzin' Around Hollywood

12/16/2007 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just because they make the big bucks doesn't mean they drop the cash on their modes of transpo. In fact, it's shocking which star's cars aren't as glamorous as you might think. Roll on through to see who's ride ain't tricked out.


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2473 days ago


This isn't even worth commenting on so i won't.

2473 days ago


First.......1st baby.....enjoy.

2473 days ago

I am A Lesbo    

Who cares?

2473 days ago


What is the Big Deal, First or Last......Does it matter on this one....

2473 days ago

gotta getta life    

Does anyone on TMZ look into the items they post? This is not some crappy car.

2473 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Harvey Levin you are too funny. You have finally shown your true colors. You have an awesome guy on your team and because he was noticed - this week he gets "hidden". The wizard strikes again. He's really intelligent, better looking than any celeb or model you have ever shown on here and seems as down to earth as anyone could be in Hollywood...but because he outshines you he's discriminated against. Don't you have a pap union over there? I hope the gay mafia blacklist you. Yeah I know you look too much like David Gest and he looks too much like Hercules but equal opportunity and rights in the workplace still apply. A little obvious Harvey, really disappointed in you, thought you were bigger than that. Jealousy causes people to do mean things like knock someone's confidence out of them because he's got it all. Who do you think you are Harvey - the Queen Mary?

Playing your violin again Nero. You've got to block the light, it makes you look bad. That's been your plan all along.

You have great staff pity they all work for a tool.

Some people have a crappy car because they sold their new BMW to put an AirCon system in an elderly persons home. She lived all alone, had no children or husband and couldn't afford it herself. Guess it's all a matter of priorities. The heat was killing her, if no one did anything she was going to be forced to live in a nursing home. The car...was just a car to me.

The car's in your pics above are cool not crappy. Let me get facials and manicures don't you? Yeah I don't think you'll ever get it Harvey.

2473 days ago


#2--nigwig--you are "2nd" baby, "2nd". And how pathetic to sit home and wait to be first on TMZ!

2473 days ago


If I were a famous person, I would drive a simple car---why call attention to yourselves in a vehicle? This way, no one would give it a second glance.

2473 days ago


its kinda endearing...i like starts who look like any other slobs on the street...

2473 days ago

tina - a very white woman    

TMZ needs to get the facts behind the pics. Regis was in that convertible as part of a bit on the Letterman show. Kelly was a guest and she was supposed to race outside and drive away with Regis when it started to rain. Please!!!!

2473 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Well seasoned people appreciate retro cars.

2473 days ago


SUVs gulp gas. How could TMZ call it "shocking" if celebrities have cars which aren't as "glamorous". Shame on TMZ!

2473 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

to the big O @ 7:40AM - Fantastic story. A car is just a car and only needs to get you from A to B, after all. I must comment, though, that a nursing home can raise the quality of a singular old person's life exponentially. My Dad went from watching TV and eating ice cream and toast alone in his housecoat to shaving daily and spiffing up in a suit by 7:30 every morning, chatting up several appreciative and lovely women daily, going out shopping and to museums on the field trip bus, three nutritional square meals a day prepared by someone who remembered to turn the burners off, and an afternoon beer in the home's 3 to 4 pub. They played senior sports, card games, sang, went to chapel, did artwork; and it went on and on. Many people thrive in institutional social settings; he stated that he felt like he was back in school, without all the homework, but with friends everywhere he could coffee with and do things with. This was a good Canadian Veteran's Care Home. He fought leaving his residential home for years, and after three weeks in his new home was kicking himself for the quality years lost and couldn't remember why he fought it. His before life was all he knew, and he clung to it, but it was a lonely existance.

2473 days ago


Any car that is more than basic transportation is just for show. We all do it......some however do not get wrapped up the "I got to impress everbody" mood. Flashy cars just show everyone how insecure and pathetic your life is. By the way any time Daryl Hannah needs a ride anywhere I would gladly come by to pick her up. She is sweet and awesome!

2473 days ago
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