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Airline to Brody

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12/17/2007 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1217_brody_aa_tmz_ap-1Ladykiller Brody Jenner nearly missed a scheduled appearance at Chicago nightclub Enclave on Saturday night, after he got booted from an American Airlines flight shortly before takeoff in Dallas.

And he wasn't the only troublemaker. An A.A. spokesperson tells TMZ that "several passengers refused to comply with flight attendant's requests to turn off electronic devices. They became verbally abusive toward the flight attendants and were removed from the plane by airport police." For the love of Spencer Pratt!

No charges were filed against the "Hills" hottie and his pals. reports they eventually hopped an ATA flight to the Windy City, where Brody told partygoers, "I guess I won't be flying American Again!" His powers of deductive reasoning are amazing!

Attempts to reach Brody and his reps were unsuccessful.


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Please let me spank his bare buttocks????

2510 days ago


What a DOUCHE BAG, this guy needs his ASS kicked in a BAD way:)

2510 days ago


Turning off electronic crap is for everyone's safety, you ignorant artichoke.

I do NOT want to die on an airplane because someone wants to text or phone or play another game of solitaire on their computer.

That's definitely a squirrel-slapping offense.

2510 days ago


A good reason to fly American Airlines!

2510 days ago

L Dogg    

OCD, you are right on. I wish everyone on my flights could be as smart as you!!!! :)

2510 days ago


Who IS he?

2510 days ago


He has reps?

2510 days ago


No!! I will leave my electronic devices on!! Even if it causes the plane to crash!! Even if people are killed!! My cell phone will be on!! On, I say!!!

What a jerk.

2510 days ago


Another "celb" who expects the world to stop JUST for him. Anyone with a BRAIN would follow ANY direction of a Flight Attendent, if they were smart.. Besides how come the airport police were the only law officers involved? If this happened to me, I would be in violation of the FAA, which would be a federal offense???? Oh well, $$$$$ do talk I guess? Bet he followed ATA directions?

2510 days ago


i don't know who this guy is but............................DAMMNN HE'S FINNNNNNNNNNE

2510 days ago


I wish more Flight Attendants would put their foot down. I was on a Continental flight not too long ago where there was an entire company flying together - most of which were in their early 20's. They depleted the plane's alcohol supply, were screaming obscenities, walking around when the fasten seatbelt sign was on, and were using all sorts of electronics before they were allowed. The flight attendant actually told the guy sitting in front of me who happened to be the most obnoxious of the bunch that she was glad they were on her flight because they're cheering her up and taking her mind off of her personal problems. I couldn't believe it!

2510 days ago


TO # 6 L Dogg

All you have to do is make an announcement to all passengers on the plane. "All of the guests on our airline who wish to go down in a fiery conflagration because this woman *point to them*, this young gentleman here *point* and this very important businessman *point* please be advised that you may get your wish. Thank you for flying (or falling) with us."

Then turn your back and walk away. Close the curtain and pay no attention to the ruckus which follows. No need to go back to the gate. You will find the offending passenger(s) will have been divested of their instruments and neatly folded under the seat right next to the inflation devices.

2510 days ago


How can Bruce Jenner have all these screwed up kids?

2510 days ago

Triple Play    

IS HE RELATED to the Olymian that had his face rebuilt by Mattel? Hesounds likea real spoiled P**ick

2510 days ago


What is his talent? I don't get why any one would go to a nightclub because of him?

2510 days ago
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