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Dramatic 911 Call -- Part Two

12/17/2007 1:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We have more of the frantic 911 call made by Donda West's friends and family. In the second part, one woman is clearly overwhelmed and begins hyperventilating as the 911 dispatcher attempts to give instructions on how to perform CPR. Click to hear.

Warning: The content is graphic.
Donda West 911 call part 2


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I listened to it.Does it make this that and the fifth bad?It was wrong to release, but you can't stop the public from releasing this stuff.Things like this are leaked everyday.Sad,but true.My heart goes out to his family.I could cry for them because I know at first hand my father had a heart attack and it was just the scariest thing I ever experience-he's alive and doing better.I can't imagine how anybody would feel of their loved one's tapes would been released, but they released a lot of 9-11 tapes (Cnn) and it was just so horrifying.They pushed so much on the tv the images of the planes crashing into the towers like it was nothing.Hopefully this will be a wake up call to many of those who are sensitive to these situations so we at least be calm.
RIP Ms. Donda West

2503 days ago


One wonders if she might still be alive if someone at the house had known how to give proper CPR.

2503 days ago


I wanted to comment and say that this sight was sick and how i could not believe that someone would post this.But , i am not mad at them,, this is something that the public had interest in,, why would i say that, cause all you have read it. Someone died, a mother, someone's mother regardless who that mother may had been. To make a comment that some have made was disgusting,As a human being , how could you say that, why post it so that the public can see. Because you donkeys need attention. Maybe..This sad story should be a lesson learned for everyone. Vanity can kill you. Love yourself as , you are beautiful as is. Surgey should be done when it is only needed, Everyone go to and take a CPR lesson.This did not have to happened ,but it did. We should learn from it and let this man deal w/ his loss in peace.

2503 days ago

know your facts    

Although I refuse to listen, I can imagine that hearing this can be upsetting at first. But as angry as you become at the people in the house who, as you say, didn't help, please remember that you are speaking about someone's mom, people. I was so upset to hear that this was posted on the internet. But I was even more upset reading the comment that were posted on this site about that poor woman. And if you don't care, why go through the trouble of commenting. We shouldn't take so much pleasure in other people's pain. Judging by your responses, I'm glad I didn't listen, but just because you did, that doesn't give you the right to pass judgement on anyone else. You can only speak for yourself. True judgement is reserved for the Father. Rather than tear down the people in the house, or TMZ for posting such filth, how about we show TMZ how much we don't like it and log off. I know I would much rather be spending time with the people I love this holiday season, than visiting a site that shows such disregard for peoples feeling.

2503 days ago


One tragic life lost and I agree this never should have been posted...But nothing is sacred in Holywood so it should not come as a shock to anyone. What does come as a shock are the people who made a feeble attempt to help this women if any good can come out of this is to start a foundation in her honour to advocate the importance of CPR training I am totaly shocked at how what appears to be 4 adults had no CPR training and not one had the sense to take over the phone call for the women on the phone who was obviously not in control and very distracted and did not follow dirrection of the professional. This is very sad I hope they all decide to take the CPR training now that they see how valuable it is and how easily a death could have possibly be prevented!!

2503 days ago

It's not important    

Kayne, I am so sorry for your lost. Keep God close during this time. Please remember and reflect on the memories. You and your mom had a wonderful relationship. I willkeep your family in my prayers. God bless you!

2503 days ago


I just listened to the 911 call and found it to be extremely upsetting. The 911 Operator made every attempt to instruct these women on how to apply CPR, but to no avail. Based on the tape I concur 100% with the 911 Operator when he said, "you are not listening". Apparently, these women tried to help Dr. West however, it sounds like they did more harm than good. They wasted nearly 6 minutes, 6 minutes that could have saved her life. So very sad.

2503 days ago


OMG! What has the world come to, no respect for the family of K. West and the comments left regarding him. This has nothing to do with Kanye (he lost his MOM) and that you can never get back. Let's pray for the things we don't understand rather than giving bad words.

Yes, those people in the room where in a very bad situation trying to save a life of a love one, so be careful about judging those folks you were not there to see someone die.

God Bless the Family of Kanye West.

2503 days ago

Nurse Randa    

If anything good can come from this, perhaps it will be National awarenes for people to PAY ATTENTION to the 911 operators when you call for help!!! This woman, although panicked, wasted precious time by doing nothing. Why did she call? And being who she was, I'm surprised that Dr. West didn't have a nurse with her after her surgery. The caller did not listen to one thing the 911 operator was saying. As a registered nurse, I find this call extremely frustrating to listen to, because the people present could have done SO much more to help. Listen to the professionals when you don't know what to do, thats what their there for!!! No idea if she could have been saved or not, but its no wonder that she died with at least 8 minutes of NO CPR after she collapsed!

2503 days ago


HOW DARE SOMEONE POST THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SOB. The family have been through ENOUGH


2503 days ago


No wonder she went under the knife!

i'd have risked it too.

2503 days ago


All 911 calls are a matter of public record. This tape wasn't "leaked," it was put out into the public because that's the law. As far as TMZ posting it online: did you expect anything less? Anybody who visits this site (myself included) gets off on seeing celebrities torn down. If hearing this tape truly upsets you then stop visiting this web site.

2503 days ago


please take this tape off. Kanye doesn't need to listen to this. oh my goodness. i wouldn't want this can of attention out for the public to listen to because this was very personal, you should have given the family the choice if they wanted this to be avaliable to the public. this was horrific. my prayers goes out to the West family and let them know that God is on their side and He will give them strength to withstand all this that's going on with the media. put our trust in God and not man. stay strong Kanye!!

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