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Jamie Is a Foxx

12/17/2007 4:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Temperatures reached ri-damn-diculous levels in South Beach on Friday -- when Jamie Foxx roamed shirtless (and possibly underwear-less) in Miami. Matthew McCona-who?!
Jamie Foxx
Holding a cocktail and sporting shades, low-cut shorts -- and little else, the abs-olutely slammin' 40-year-old showed off his fine features, after hosting his Foxxhole radio show. Dranks to that!

Who wouldn't want a booty call from Jamie?!


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KK, I believe you left a k off of your name. Yall need to quit hatin! u know Jamie is fine! you are not forced to look at this or any other pictures of Jamie. If you don't like it, don't look!!

2402 days ago


Sorry, but thats just plain nasty!!! And I consider myself a fan of his work. YOU CAN SEE HIS PUBSS FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!!!!!!!YUK YUK YUK

Jamie you are a good looking guy, but this is NOT a good look!!!!

2401 days ago


He is quite talented, but let's be real, he is NOT cute! Why do you think he became a COMEDIAN? Hello, it's because he is funny looking. Why do you think he played a FUGLY woman character? Cuz he knew he made a WAY wacked girl, being that he is even ugly for a MAN, and that is saying a lot because the standard for looks on a dude is MUCH looser!
As for the OSCAR for 'RAY', he got lucky since he sorta looks like Mr. Charles and already did an impression of him, so he just whipped that out and nailed it. It WAS a great movie (thanks to Taylor Hackford, the director, mostly) But people don't always, or usually win for impersonating somebody. Many people think Jouquin Phoenix did a BETTER job portraying Johnny Cash in 'WALK THE LINE', in a deeper, more meaningful way, but didn't win the 'OSCAR' because the movies were too similar in an eerie way, with the 'brother died tragically in childhood' and the fact they were movie biopics about musicians who died while they were in production, who were involved in making them.
Also, you can't deny that politically correct interests now a days are trying to make up for years of discrimination by tipping the awards scale more towards blacks in the nominations and voting. Seems any good black performance is supposed to be immediately put up for consideration. Now Oprah is trying to intimidate the academy to just give it all to her black debate movie and Denzel Washington without having any fair competition. And we are NOT voting for OBAMA, OPRAH, no matter what you say, lol!

2400 days ago


OH, AND I FORGOT! HIS REAL NAME IS ERIC BISHOP! I thought everybody knew that, and that he changed it to JAMIE FOXX when he was a stand up comic and saw that since there were so few WOMEN COMICS, any gal on the list of comics would get a chance to go on stage because of the rarity. Hence, the uni-sex nomiker JAMIE would confuse the guy picking who goes on when. FOXX must have been a joke, since he AIN'T, LOL!

2400 days ago

Oh, Hell to the NO!    

Jamie didn't tell TMZ to take his damn picture....and I'm sure he didn't dress for the haters. I would love to see what some of you look like half dressed. Yeah, thought so. Hate him all you want to. The guy is in shape!

2400 days ago

I love Tupac    

well well well. can you say SEXY!!!!!

2400 days ago

TMZ reader    


2409 days ago


You can damn near see his wanker!

2409 days ago

Dawn Day    

I'm betting that pink drink wasn't his first that day!!

2409 days ago


I am forbidden to even give it any thought. My forbearers would roll past the graveyard. They wouldn't want us to grow more chocolate in the family.

2409 days ago


Um, I wouldn't. He looks like a retarded, buck-toothed old bus driver.

2409 days ago

L Dogg    

daaaamn. i would lick that line on his hip. sexy!! he's a man-ho@, but still fine as hell!

2409 days ago


Pull your damn pants up, that's just gross.

2409 days ago

Housewives Media Group    

DANG .... He looks yummmy!

Karin Fein

2409 days ago


Can you say the word "gross"?

2409 days ago
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