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K-Fed to Brit -- January Doesn't Work for Me

12/17/2007 4:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned K-Daddy's lawyer is going back to court tomorrow morning in the never-ending custody war.

We're told Federline's lawyer, Mark Vicent Kaplan, will ask Commissioner Scott Gordon to delay a hearing next month where Spears will ask to restore some of her custody rights. In addition to custody, the Commish was supposed to decide if Britney could start driving her kids again. But Kaplan is asking that the hearing be put off 'til April.

We're told Brit's lawyer will show up and oppose Kaplan's move. If Kaplan succeeds, it will probably be April before she has a shot at regaining some custody rights.

We're also thinkin'....Kaplan may ask the Commish for sanction against Spears, who was too sick to sit for her deposition last Wednesday but not that sick so she couldn't party the same night.

Stay tuned.


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Hollywood Azz    


2465 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

This is actually funny as hell! Now Britch is having her tricks pulled on her! Looks like Kfed's team got tired of being blown off and Britch's use of delay tactics! Now they're putting it back in her face! If Britch was a smart person ( BAHAHAHAH!), she would lay low and keep out of trouble ( More BAHA-ING!!). Nope, she'll just dig herself a deeper hole.

2465 days ago


2465 days ago


You know she loves her kids but she just needs to grow up and be responsible. She needs her family with her right now to support her and get her through whatever this is. Taking her children away would only hurt the boys in the long run. K-fed is in it for the money; if she were broke he wouldn't be seeking full custody. There is no reason he can't take care of himself and stop trying to get more than 20,000 per month in child support; that sounds like adult support. Get a job K-FED!!

2465 days ago


Jackson gets to keep his kids despite repeated allegations that he rapes children, and admissions from him that he has had children (later said to be molested) sleep in his bed with him. Why is there no parenting monitor in his house? 20 years from now we'll all be asking, how did the courts stand by and watch him raise those children like that?

Britney's lawyers should instruct her to hire a parenting coach to work with her daily for 2 months, then show the record of those hours to the court. It could only help her to both get a clear idea of what good parenting is (since she had none) and get her kids back.

2465 days ago


brit's a double chin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

brit's a double chin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

brit's a double chin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

brit's a double chin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

2465 days ago

just here    

britney does not deserve her children & i hope this does get put off til april. she's a damn fool. & those poor kids....

2465 days ago


First off, Britney needs to seriously grow up and start acting responsible!! As to her kids, I hope she never gets them back! She is too self absorb to care for her children. Real parents, see to it that their children's needs come before theirs, not the other way around. Since Kevin has had these two kids, you haven't seen them out and about, except when they were with Britney for so called "visitation". Britney is not at all interested in growing up and being a responsible parent, because if she was, she would do EVERYTHING that the courts tell her to do and more, for her children. Her current record didn't reach number one, so if she keeps this up, will only be a matter of time before her career is gone.

2465 days ago


He ain't doing this so he could show Britney what she's put them through--he's doing it so he can have the kids longer and ultimately get more of Britney's money. I laugh at anybody who thinks differently.

2465 days ago


Plum, did you just say there is now law against crazy people having kids? Do you think a schitzophrenic would actually be allowed to raise kids? Are you a teenager who really doesn't know or an ignorant adult? Crazy people are NOT allowed to raise kids, and if child's services did find a parent who is mentally unstable they would take them away in a heartbeat. Get your facts straight before you spew any more ignorant shi*.

2465 days ago


She doesn't want the kids. That's so 2006.

Dan Fogelberg was resposible for starting punk rock. His music bored everybody they just had to revolt.

2465 days ago


Larquin, who cares about his reasons? The fact is that britney is endangering and neglecting her children, regardless of whether he is a "gold digger" or not, they are safer with him.

2465 days ago


I will not bash Brit today! But, child grow up! Act your age. Come on you are a mother. Geez get it together.
If you want Kevin back act like you do. If not have a nice life with your children. This is getting so tired.

You are making a fool out of yourself. GROW UP or give the kids up to someone who will raise them right.

Best of luck to you!

2465 days ago


You gotta be kidding me. SLUTney wants her kids back, after being "so sick she couldn't be deposed", then partying until 2am the same day? Get outa town. I say take the kids away PERMANENTLY from this ugly pink wig wearing, IQ of 30, drug taking, alcohol swilling, tailer trash dumbass slut. She doesn't deserve the privilege of her kids, and I hope Mark Kaplan drives that point across to the judge...

2465 days ago

Tiger Tale    


Listen up. I once knew this guy who wasn't too bright. His lawyer filed endless motions and petitions just like yours is doing. Who do you think is going to pay for all this lawyer stuff???

2465 days ago
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