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This Is Not Marcia Cross' Wax Figure

12/17/2007 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Desperate Housewives'" living, breathing and facially-immobile, porcelain wonder, Marcia Cross, gave Nicole Kidman a run for her wrinkle-free injectable money at a children's reading in Beverly Hills on Saturday. Mommy, why doesn't the pretty lady move?
Marcia Cross
The beautiful 45-year-old mother of two is statuesque -- literally! The frozen-faced actress read excerpts from "Snow People" -- how appropriate. Brrr!

Who needs Madame Tussauds, when you've already perfected a waxy, impermeable and stilted demeanor all on your own?!


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Miss Behave    

The problem with Marcia though, is that she is in a constant state of panic about her face. THAT'S what's not normal. Or "natural"

2503 days ago


Almost all redheads are self-absorbed and panicked about losing their looks. Wacky as a bag of flounders. That's why Lindsay is so cool, she doesn't care about her looks and doesn't want to be a redhead. She's a smart one.

2503 days ago

who dat    

Have any of you seen the nude pictures of her posted on another site recently? She is bangin hot. One of the best looking women in hollywood, regardless of age.(imo)

2503 days ago


There's nothing wrong with the way she looks. You're just trying to find something negative to say about her. It's a bit of a struggle for you sometimes isn't it when you have to pick on perfectly nice people who have done nothing wrong and look just fine? There's negativity about pretty much every single celebrity you put in your website.

2503 days ago


Lots of Botox here, and she doesn't have great looking skin for just 45. Redheads do age faster, though. That hard looking forehead is very unattractive, and it is due to heavy Botox usage.

2503 days ago


The botox is way obvious on her face, and any "bangin' hot" pictures of her are, of course, airbrushed and photo-shopped to perfection. These actresses crack me up, they all claim they are happy with the way they really look without make-up and full of cellulite, but their use of botox and plastic surgery and airbrushed photos prove they are all a bunch of liars. Marcia's face looks like all botoxed-up faces, nothing but a plastic mask that has no expression beyond the plastic Stepford smile.

2503 days ago

Jeff Kay    

Marla Fidler said Marcia is gay....married or not . I guess it's fashionable.

2503 days ago

just wondering    

......she is just a natural beauty who has taken care of herself and her skin....and it shows....btw...she is so perfectly cast in DH...hope the strike ends soon....great writing.

2503 days ago


I don't consider Marcia a "beauty," natural or otherwise. Too much make-up and Botoxing needed. I guess Botox can be considered "natural," LOL. Her neck looks fugly and she has a very long crooked nose, and squinty eyes without make-up aren't pretty. Without all the make-up and hair dye nothing about her would get her plain looks a second glance anywhere.

2503 days ago


She looks great! What the hell is TMZ talking about?
Her dermatologist is Leaf & Rusher in Beverly Hills. I have seen her there and she is there every month. Her skin is beautiful regardless of her age. Pam Anderson is alot younger than her and looks way older.

2503 days ago


wait a minute,,,either my vision is playing with me or i see a slight moustache on her...

2503 days ago


she looks fantastic because she hasn't exposed herself to the sun like every tan leather-skin bimbo like pamela anderson. she looks fresh, not burnt out & wrinkled for chrissakes!

2503 days ago


I think she's breathtakingly beautiful! That's what staying out of the sun will do for ya! Fair-skinned beauties like her and Nicole Kidman don't have the premature aging thing going on.

This culture of hate among the blogging and entertainment world is getting really, really old.

2503 days ago

Kat Ramone    

She's rather scary looking, isn't she...and to think, she recently changed her age, as well...

Kat Ramone

2503 days ago


Maybe she get Botox or whatever, but she does NOT look as waxy as Nicole Kidman. Marcia's got lines around her mouth, under and around here eyes. Anyone with a decent monitor can see that.

2503 days ago
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