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Casey's Mom:

I'm Going to Be a Grandma!

12/18/2007 10:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn SpearsTMZ spoke exclusively with Joyce Aldridge, mother of Casey, who confirmed that Jamie Lynn Spears is indeed pregnant with her grandchild.

Joyce said, "We are aware of the recent interview regarding her and being pregnant, and we are in agreement with everything that was said by Jamie Lynn about the situation ... everything is fine."

When asked if Casey had anything to say about his girlfriend being preggo, she said, "At this point, Casey doesn't wish to speak out, but it would be wonderful when the time comes." When asked about their ages and any negative aspects, she said, "Casey will address all of this when it is time."

TMZ also spoke with Casey's grandfather, James, who did not know about the pregnancy, but confirmed his grandson is dating Britney's sister, and that his son Mark, Casey's dad, works at a paper mill in Cleveland, TN.


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this is sad, i was hoping the jamie lynn would learn from her sister and want to do better for herself. having a baby is not a bad thing but when you are 16 it is not a good thing. i just hope that she is a better mother than her sister. by the way what is up with all the unwed mothers now, celebs should set an example for the people that look up to them. it really is not that hard NOT to get pregnant. maybe try getting married first or not having sex at all.

2469 days ago


Isn't that sweet... he lets MOMMY talk for him. I can see this is yet another "relationship" headed for Hell in a handbasket! And a poor child born to 2 nitwits! I guess they were never told---unless your willing to spend the next 18years rainsing anoher human being, keep your #@@* in your panta and your knees together!

2469 days ago

just wondering    

...DottieDame...well thankyou for the excellent post...nothing more to be added!!...

2469 days ago


Too bad Mama Spears was so busy making sure her daughters were always working in showbiz that she FORGOT to TEACH THEM ABOUT MORALS, EDUCATION, & BIRTH CONTROL!!! I though church was supposed to teach ABSTINENCE?? Good luck to Britney and now Jamie Lynn, I hope they HELP EACHOTHER TO GROW UP! Keep that Mama Spears away from Sean, Jayden, and the next one or else she'll have them in commercials, sitcoms, etc...

2469 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Casey at the bat.

2469 days ago


These girls need a lot of love!!! It is obviously not being shown at home, so they are going some where else to find it. The parents need to stop seeing them as cash cows, and ACTUALLY be a parent!!!! I wish Jamie the best...

2469 days ago


He got dibs on her now ! Her career over !

2469 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

You will love this quote from the IMDB ( Internet Movie Data Base) by Jamie!

"I would like to be like Britney, but maybe better, but I don't wanna outshine her."

I already sent it to TMZ! I wonder if it will come up?

2469 days ago


Oh please people. Stop acting all holier than thou! Jamie Lynn has no one to blame aside for herself for this. Stop talking about the mother. Parents can do everything today for their kids..give them great lives, great educations...etc...etc. and they will still end up doing their own thing. These kids today are not stupid and they are well informed. Also, JamieLynn can see what her sister is going she REALLY knows what's up there is no feeling sorry for her now. Also, this is not the end of the world for Jamie Lynn and just because she is pregnant at 16 doesn't mean she is a whore. How is she a whore? She's been with this ONE guy forever and she got pregnant. This is exactly how many of you in here blasting her were conceived! Give me a break. Everyone of us was conceived in marriage right??? Some of your parents jumped the broom just because they were pregnant with you and you know it. For those calling her a whore....(and she is not by the way at all)......what makes you better than her? You have probably slept with a ton of men and aborted babies or are on the pill......just because you take the pill or abort the baby doesn't make you better....if you sleep around..that makes you a whore. Sleeping with your high school first and only doesn't make anyone a whore in any way, shape or form. I hate when people try to act as if they are better than others. Hypocrites. I'm married with 2 kids and my husband and I were older and married when we had our kids and I still will never look down on someone else for having a child in any way...unless they are unfit. I think Jamie will be fine. God Bless you and the baby Jamie..and the dad too! Be strong!

2469 days ago


I bet you live along the bible belt... in your double-wide trailer, don't you?

2469 days ago


Of course its ok with HIS family. They hear CHA-CHING too! Lynne should shoot herself for raising idiots.

2469 days ago


Like I totally think it's awesome that she's having a baby! It's so stellar! When me and my friends heard Lilly Allen was preggers we thought ...ooh cute! But Jamie Lynn...we like freaked the heck out. We totally wanna have babies now. All you haterz say that but who cares guys pay for us anyway. If anything we can like always give it up anyway, there's plenty of other peepz who wanna do the mom thing.

2469 days ago


duh....I want another....and another.....

2469 days ago


It's funny how on shows like to catch a predator they would have ripped this guy a new butthole, and he would have been arrested as soon the news got out that he knocked up a 16 year old. Yet since she's famous, nothing will happen to this guy. Laws are laws and nobody should be above them. This guy should be in jail, but it's not like this is uncommon. Chicks all over the country are getting knocked up by dudes like this all the time. This just makes it "cooler" and it'll be a matter of time before Nickelodeon embraces her actions, just like Disney accepted Vanessa Hudgens actions, and will never fire her. Mainly cause people can cash in on High School Musical, and Zoey 101 needs it's Zoey, or else the show would get cancelled while it's high in ratings. People are dumb though, they can so cash in on this junk. My daughter followed her actions so now she's pregnant...rake in some millions and watch how fast they'll react to negative publicity.

2469 days ago


I agree with you no. 46...Jamie Lynn isn't a whore because she has gotten pregnant at a young age and is with one guy...but it does say something about the parents of both Jamie Lynn and Britney because clearly neither of these girls were prepared for life. Not to say their lives aren't more challenging but because of Britney's instability and now a pregnancy with Jamie Lynn and what looks like the apparent joy of wonders what is going on the Spears household. Jamie Lynn had one job and that was working for a show that appeals to young girls. God forbid she now be left on the air as a role model. She might be slightly more talented then her sister but she is not a big enough star that she isn't replaceable. I think the Spears girls are like a candle that has burned out...and sadly they are both so young.

2469 days ago
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