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Commish in Brit Case -- TMZ Good Enough for Me

12/18/2007 4:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsSources say Commissioner Scott Gordon didn't bother looking at TMZ's video showing Britney partying on the same day she said she was too sick to sit for her depo. We're told the Commish said if TMZ reported it then he would accept it as true. Aw, shucks!

We've also learned Brit's new deposition date is set for the first week in January. A hearing was scheduled for January 23, But K-Daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, argued that he needed time to review the depo and check out what Brit says under oath. So the Commish pushed the next hearing back to February 19.

Will Brit show up for the next depo? Will she feign illness? Will she miraculously cure herself?

Stay tuned.


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He's just another Idiot    

If the Commish accepts the trash on TMZ as truth, then the legal system in this Country is in deep trouble.
How is it that Slime Ball Kaplan can constanly bash Britney, then send her bills for his fees??? What nasty dipsticks both deadbeat K-Dud and and his lowlife lawyer are. Britney should put the bulk of her money in a trust fund for the boys to have when they are 18 and ready for college. She should tell K-Puke if he wants the boys so bad he should get a job and support them himself. K-Dud and Kaplan are the biggest gold digging, money moochers in the U.S.A. - really evil people.

2480 days ago


Hey Britney! Will you grab me some milk while your out?

2480 days ago


If I was Brit I would tell GayFed, his attorney and that so called "commish" to shove it. You are not going to be treated fairly so why go. The only thing I wish is that Brit would hire some attorney that would look after her and quit taking her for her money like everyone else. After all she keeps up GayFed, 2 kids, his "other" kids and untelling what else. You don't see GayFed fighting for his "other" kids now do you. Wonder Why? Would it possibly be that that ex has no money.

2480 days ago

Housewives Media Group    

I also hear Mr. L the man that runs this site has a pee pee the size of your pinky .... SHORT SHORT MAN! ..... TMZ SUCKS !

2480 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

JO@2:44PM -Kaplan can send her his fees if she is dragging this out by NOT SHOWING UP and wasting everyone else's TIME.
If TMZ did send a video, it will be digitally DATED, for the NIGHT SHE CALLED IN SICK FOR HER DEPOSITION.
K-Fed and Kaplan are not behaving as dipsticks; they are the only ones taking the proper steps to try and SETTLE this thing in spite of a no show drama or slash anxiety queen who is stopping negotiations at every turn for questionable reasons.

2480 days ago

the DQ    

GO MVK!!!!! This skank needs a wack up side the head to come to her senses and realize the world does NOT revolve around her and the rules DO apply to her.

If that doesn't work, her family needs to petition the court for an order to involuntarily commit her. (REMEMBER WHAT NATALIE COLE'S MOTHER DID TO HER WHEN SHE WAS OUT OF CONTROL)

She has no interest in those kids whatsoever. Primary custody and child support should be given to KFed for however long it takes for Unfitney to get her act together, if she EVER does. And she should NOT be allowed unsupervised visitation or driving privledges with those 2 little ones in the car.

2480 days ago

Housewives Media Group    

I think in most circles Mr. L is a tiny weeny SHORT SHORT MAN ... ya' YOU MR L .... you got no ... uh, GAME as it were!

Karin Fein

2480 days ago

just wondering    

...this WHOLE case would be handled entirely differnent if TMZ didn't exist......Brit is for sure foolish for not hunkering down the way K-milk is...and because of it she is being judged on what the lenses reflect....this is yet another FIRST being played out so many ways...

2480 days ago

just sayin    

Think about it guys...

Her lawyer was there at the hearing. Don't you think her lawyer would have challenged the judge to review the evidence if they had some sort of objection? Of course, they would have. It was in Britney's best interest that it NOT be viewed by the judge actually. To actually see it with his own two eyes might have pissed him off a little bit more. Out of sight, out of mind...almost. At least, not TOP of mind.

2480 days ago

southern girl    

Since when is a judge allowed to view videos pertaining to a case under his docket and ruling on them without them having been brought into evidence or the entire scenario on video, not just the 15 secs. at a gas station? HMM, this just proves that the leaks to TMZ have a source, the judge's office. Why hasn't the judge barred Kaplan from giving out all of the details of the case, i.e., times and dates of depos and his plans? Yeah, he and Kevin are really concerned about the kids. What about having a stripper in the house?? I would move to have the judge replaced due to his bias. Remember the leak of the monitor and drug testing?? Hello, judge, his secretary or paralegal. Shame shame.

2480 days ago


Commen sense here..if a judge uses tabloids as evidence then our legal system is down the drain. the US has no hope.

2480 days ago


She should not have went out that night. It was just stupid. In fact, she should have just done the deposition that day. With that said, the judge should have looked at the tape. Granted we all know what he would have seen, but the judge shouldn't receive evidence presented to support a motion and not examine it himself. No matter what he thinks of her, the judge is obligated to be unbiased and make his decision based on the evidence. I think we all know he likely would have made the same decision after looking at the tape, but at least we know he would have looked at the tape and not simply trusted a tabloid website that over exagerates things (i.e. Daniel Baldwin).

2480 days ago


This is so easy to figure out. The Judge and her EXHUSBAND'S attorney are both trying to make a name for themselves. They are just making an example out her. I sure don't agree with her life style, her roaming around all night. But, then you get to thinking this is a very lonely girl that is mixed up, not messed up. She wants attention to make her feel like she is somebody. I think the exhuband simply brought her down to his sorry level and she can't seem to pull out of it.
Thanks anyway,
Concerned in Texas

2480 days ago

just wondering    

..maggs 323...that is all Kaplan is playing with,....just sits back and has his team keep up with TMZ and petition is in the works !!........this really is a 3 ring circus now that will never be over with !!!....a new day has come and when the #1 viewed celeb in the world leaves her gates's all out there,,,too many $$$ for everyone to not keep this goin on forever....whenever " settlements" r made....they won't last..that pattern is already showing up!!..Brit isn't changing her behaviour anytime soon and neither will the lawyers and K-milk !!

2480 days ago


Some of you fans are just being ridiculous. Did K-Fed and TMZ force Brit to wear a screaming pink wig? Are they the ones who made who show her gyn-ob stuff? Did they make her go to gas station after gas station? Did they make her go chandelier shopping at around 10 at night, leaving her two kids in the car with the court monitor?

She's the one *doing* this stuff. If she didn't do it, it couldn't *be* on film.

And I'd like to see the paps under oath in the courtroom. How did they know Brit would be at a gas station in the middle of the night? Did they follow her from wherever she was staying, or did she call and let them know?

Brit is *not* the victim here. Her two sons are. I believe she's acting this way purposely. I don't think she wants to take care of the boys, but she doesn't want to say so because then she'll be "the bad one". If she acts in a way to have them *taken* from her she gets to play "victim".

2480 days ago
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