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Federline to TMZ: Hit Me with Your Best Britney Shot

12/18/2007 12:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ received a subpoena late yesterday in the Britney Spears case.

K-Daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, served papers on TMZ late yesterday, asking for the video we shot of Brit the same day she was a no show for her deposition. That same night, we shot Brit at two gas stations and at the Four Seasons Hotel.

We're told Brit's reason for not showing for the depo was that she was sick with anxiety. Ding dang, her recovery was a miracle!

We believe Kaplan will ask the judge to deny Britney the right to change the custody order until she sits for her depo. We're told he will ask that all of Brit's requests (including a change in custody and the right to drive her kids again) should not be heard in January as scheduled. Kaplan wants everything delayed until April.


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L Miner    

Hey Brit, it would be quicker if you sign the papers relinquishing your parental rights. Or are you having a anxiety moment? Have a little dignity. You think these kids want to continue to see you turn into a train wreck. Yeah thats the ticket, have your children remember what you have turned into; a selfish, ignorant , self centered a*s.

If you still give a crap about these kids, straighten up, get help. Hell, call Dr. Phil!

2467 days ago


She is so god damned stupid!


2467 days ago


She DIDN'T lose the right to drive her kids. It was a suggestion from the commissioner, which she honored. And apparently, neither TMZ nor K-Fed's media whore lawyer know how anxiety attacks work -- they are over almost as quickly as they overwhelm a person.

2467 days ago

Harv is smiling -more free publicity compliment of "Harv have a piece of me spears".

Thank the kid in class that is always telling on everyone -Harv

I am sure harv drove the tape to kapass's office personally - they are lawyer buddies on the same side.

Have a wonderful chat all.

2467 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Hmmm, a professor that doesn't know the difference of how to use their vs. there. Could be a typo, but I'm just glad you weren't my professor! Must have Brit -types as students. Damn, and just when you thought you were going to sound so smart by announcing that you're a 'professor'. No wonder why the American School System is in the dumper.

2467 days ago

DONE with TMZ    

You folks ain't right. I guess if I'm sick in the morning and feel better later in the day I should just stay holed up and not do anything. If I feel good - I'm going! And you people are the cause of her anxiety...I'd be freaked out too they way you guys treat these celebs. Constant bombardment....

2467 days ago


It's obvious to anyone that reads that Britney has a serious problem. Instead of wasting all her money on attorney fees, why doesn't she just hand the kids over to Baby Daddy or better yet her Mother?
She's slapping the justice system in the face because she has the money to pay sanctions for her behavior and she just keeps getting away with it.
Why not lock her up for a few days for her own safety and let her think about what she's doing to her two babies. She seems to think she can regain this time in their lives, you can't. Every day with your child is a precious gift and she just doesn't seem to care. I think the court should order her tubes tied as well.
GROW UP BRITNEY AND CARE FOR YOUR BABIES and stop acting like the spoiled little rich girl.

2467 days ago


16. TMZ is the reason Britney is spiraling downward. They are ruining her life. Don't they have anyone else to stalk?

Posted at 10:18AM on Dec 18th 2007 by Just a fan
Uh Huh ,ummmmm it cracks me up when people make comments like this .If you pay attention you can clearly see Britney loves the paps !!!She courts the attention ,if she didnt she would be trying to go low key ---hence SHE does not .Who would pump her gas among other things if not the paps ?
Britney needs to grow up and realize that her career is that of pop star ,yet when she is with her boys the responsibility is to be a mother .There are some stars that seem to have made this transition no problem ,think Gwen Steffani .You dont see the "crazazyness" with her and Kingston do you ?
Kevin may not be on the surface what we all think he is ,but "HE" does have custody because he IS more fit than SHE is .PERIOD ,no matter how anyone wants to twist it ...

2467 days ago

What law did she break that she should be put in jail. Hmm running a red light.

Only on TZM would you read something silly like that.

Comment to the swatter person.

Have a great feed harv.

2467 days ago

Vintage '51    

I wonder-does she wear those goofy sunglasses 24/7???If they get any bigger, she may as well get a face shield like a few of the football players wear.Let's see what excuse she gives to the judge when she tries to wear them before him.She must be hiding the drug usage.She played her "pink eye" card so that won't work this time.Stay chapter unfolds soon.

2467 days ago


Interesting how Kaplin relies on TMZ & their videos. She went out late @ night, not during the day. She went to gas up her car & went back to the 4 Seasons (she lives there, like other celebs do). Why doesn't Kaplin order his client to take his depo too. You don't see Brit's lawyer tearing down Kevin or ordering things changed because he did not take his depo. It's ok for Kevin to skip his (from his own lawyer's mouth per TMZ's own report on the site yesterday) but not ok for Brit. Wonder how many times Kevin canceled his depositions? Brit's lawyer did not go public like this lawyer has done over & over esp to TMZ (a rag site). Go figure.

2467 days ago


She can't come out and say she doesn't want those boys, but her actions speak louder than words. By the time she is done, she'll be lucky if she can see them for two hours alternate Sundays, but she doesn't care. We shouldn't hate her for that...she thought she wanted kids and she doesn't. How many other mothers have felt the same way? While it is doubtful Kevish will win a father of the year award, he seems like Father Knows Best compared to her. I think stability is really important to children and let's hope Kevish can provide it. What is with those gas stations?

2467 days ago

My opinion    

This poor excuse for a mother should try keeping her legs closed. The poor kids are the one's who are going to suffer.

2467 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

No matter how Britney acts , K-Dud is still a lowlife loser. If Britney offered him enough money that turkey would run like the sleazeball that he is. Wonder how much he and his nasty lawyer would take? Probably millions and millions so these two A-Holes would never have to work again. Give custody to your mom, Britney, until you have yourself pulled together. You don't want that uneducated, druggie, K-Dud to have custody of your children. What a role model he would make - sitting around all day on his ass, smoking pot, and entertaining his Vegas whores and Porn Queen girlfriend. Get with it, Britney !!!!!

2467 days ago
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