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Britney: I Was Being Sarcastic, I Know My Sis is Preggo

12/19/2007 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A source close to Britney Spears tells TMZ that the popwreck's comment to our cameras last night denying sister Jamie Lynn's pregnancy was a joke. She was "being sarcastic," we're told. "She knows." Hope so!

Brit had been out on a late-night shopping excursion when photogs asked how she felt about being an auntie. She replied, "My sister's not pregnant!" much to the surprise of the throng around her.

Britney's not that dumb. She's just not a comic.


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someone you cant ans will not know    

I just think that everyone should settle down about this everyone makes mistakes and she admtitted it. i thnk she is a beautiful decent well behaved girl who deserves a second chance by the press and tmz i mean seriously................... hey jamie i know for sure you have probably seen this and i want you to know that dont listen to the people and there is only one way out of this mess and its god and you know i am right!

2497 days ago

Ima Skank    

For #50. Since you are obviously not very up-to-date on the laws, it is illegal to have sex with a minor whether she consents or not. Now, DO-YOU-UN-DER-STAND?

2497 days ago


I don't understand why people take the time out of their day to read these articles and then to add their comments about how stupid it is...if it's so stupid why are you here???? WTF losers...

Anyways... back to train wreck jr. Give the girl a break, for all we know she did use protection and it failed or she's as stupid as her sister (lets hope it's the former). Either way I hope she's a better parent than her sis. My parents were 16 and 17 when they had me...geee do ya think I was an accident? Point being they both finished high school, went to college, my Mom even went on to become a lawyer. So it is possible to be a good parent at a young age, it's just harder work and more sacrifices. Needless to say I learned from my mothers "accident" and made DAMN sure I didn't have any accidents...and here I am now 23, college graduate, great job, no kids to date... hahahahaha THANKS MOM!!!

2497 days ago





2496 days ago

Nichole Jones    

I think everyone should give brittney a break. Does everyone realy not have anything better to do then put down brittney. Everyone just needs to get a life.

2495 days ago


What a slut. Sister like sister. Too bad, cuz the little one was actually going down the RIGHT track.See what fame and fortune get you at such a young age. This girl had the same boyfriend for YEARS!!?? And she is 16??? Gotta love the south!

2495 days ago


What a mess but at least its's not ours to deal with and anybody with young teens you need to nick that in the butt and not make that mess to. The fault lies at home with the parents.The reason for Britany an Jamie problems stems from something alot bigger and deeper then anyone really knows. Now if anyone with a young teen gets knock up and then tries to blame it on them quoting they were roll models thats a bunch of crap because again it lies at home and how you teach your child..Jamie you and sis need to move in together and raise your children you know need each other more than ever be there for each other your in my prayers. Everything will get better you see don't let people try to upset you. Keep on smileing girls.

2495 days ago
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