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Britney: I Was Being Sarcastic, I Know My Sis is Preggo

12/19/2007 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A source close to Britney Spears tells TMZ that the popwreck's comment to our cameras last night denying sister Jamie Lynn's pregnancy was a joke. She was "being sarcastic," we're told. "She knows." Hope so!

Brit had been out on a late-night shopping excursion when photogs asked how she felt about being an auntie. She replied, "My sister's not pregnant!" much to the surprise of the throng around her.

Britney's not that dumb. She's just not a comic.


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nicely put a good mom, but you have to realize that no matter what efforts one might take, their children could still be screw ups. for instance, my brother did drugs, beat us up, and all sorts of other things an outside would blame on my mom. but first hand, my mom did everything she could with him.

kids will be kids, it's up to the parents to make sure they learn from their mistakes

2469 days ago


Considering the series episodes are already shot and over, just let them air. Its not like they are going to have a pregnant teen as part of the episode. As for parents whose children look up to girls like miley cyrus and jamie lynn, maybe you should teach your child right from wrong yourself and not rely on television as a babysitter or a sole provider of guidance. Teen pregnancy is a fact in this country, and people need to get out of denial about it and stop pointing fingers of blame. If you don't want to be pregnant or diseased there are steps to take in preventing it. It's no ones fault but their own. Oh and if she didn't know what a condom was I'm sure her 18 or 19 year old boyfriend did.

2469 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

While Fly on the Wall fails to impress me with her soporific drivel and complete lack of artifice, I'm sure her myrmidons are bowled over by her tarradiddles as they are easily amused. She calls me an idiot, while at the same time I'm sure she has no idea what I just said as her IQ is not over double digits (that's two numbers to you, moronic Fly). Meanwhile, Fly's trainer is desperately trying to get her back in her cage...

2469 days ago

Vintage '51    

Poster # 13 (Mary) Ya can't rape the willing.There are far too many promiscuous girls willing to give it up when someone tells them the sweet things they want to hear. Forget about the consequences of unprotected sex.They are in their moment of passion and nothing matters. No doubt about it, kids change your life.Most teenage mothers are not ready for an 18+ year commitment and usually history repeats itself.No wonder there are so many 1 parent homes nowadays with absent fathers and young mothers on welfare.It's also a burden (somewhat) for the grandparents to have to raise a 2nd generation just when they thought they would be thinking about retiring.I doubt her boyfriend had to twist her arm. They probably think "Oh, it will never happen to me" and yet look at the rising number of statistics of 15 & 16 year old girls getting pregnant.A lot of kids don't have a clue about the time, effort and sacrifices needed to raise a child to adulthood.This boyfriend of hers will probably pull a vanishing act once reality sets in. Fortunately Jamie will have the money to support herself and the baby. I don't think the age difference matters.Morality is a thing of the past unfortunately in this country.

2469 days ago


What a bimbo............whether she knew or not isn't the point. She just has no clue about anything that isn't about her. Wonder if she is afraid the paps will stop following her and her sister will get the attention. That's what that family needs, more
babies..........scareeeeeeee!!! They bred!!!

2469 days ago


Please, she is not that good of an actress!!!!

2469 days ago

King Leonidas    

The Mother should be held accountable for every bad thing in her daughters lives! What kind of example has she set for them to do the utterly riddiculous things that they do? seems shameful that these girls have turned out so foul! Maybe that is why the Mom left the Dad, he probably tried to put his foot down and mom over ruled him! Either way, this family has turned into some of the biggest losers in showbiz since Danny Bonaducce!

2469 days ago


Let's see...she shaves her head, runs over feet, & loses custody of her kids. What part of that do you see as being "not that dumb"?

2469 days ago


I am wondering if this guy get a rape charge or not. Like a case earlier this year about a Blackman was charge with rape for a white girl performed oral on him? Even though, the girl did agree to perform oral, the black football player still got charge. I wonder if the DA will file charge on Jamie's BF. We have double standard law here in the US.

2469 days ago

Uh huh    

Just out of curiosity, isn't the statutory limit in California 18 years old? If so, shouldn't Jamie Lyn's boyfriend be arrested for statutory rape then? And the parents for allowing it as well? I don't believe Britney Jr. is emancipated legally (tho I could be wrong).

Wow....apparently the Spears daughters are REALLY fertile.

2469 days ago


To Vintage '51: Hi from Bella. Left you a message last night on the big one everyone was commenting on all day. I ditto your comment on #51! Bella

2469 days ago


Was her performance at the VMAs "sarcastic"? Was the tripe that is the Gimme More video "sarcastic"? Was her no-shows at all those depositions "sarcastic"? Girlfriend has got a hellofa sense of humor.

2469 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Fly, when you go to sleep tonight, know that thousands of people hate you! This is no exaggeration, people really, really hate you! You say you don't care, but now that you are reading this it will be in your subconscious. People hate you. People hate you. People hate you. Remember these words well when you are going to sleep. People hate you.

2469 days ago


It's called birth control. I'm pretty sure these stars can afford it.

This is ridiculous.

2469 days ago


common now people this happens all the time. Anyone watch Montel and Maury, i'm so sick of hearing about the Spears familly. People do worse then what they do, and because they are not famous they dont end up on the news. Everyone makes mistakes and i think the Spears family are entitled to there's. Just becase people are famous there faults are looked at under a microscope. Ask yourself could you handle being looked at for every fault just because everyone knows who you are?

2469 days ago
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