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Britney: I Was Being Sarcastic, I Know My Sis is Preggo

12/19/2007 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A source close to Britney Spears tells TMZ that the popwreck's comment to our cameras last night denying sister Jamie Lynn's pregnancy was a joke. She was "being sarcastic," we're told. "She knows." Hope so!

Brit had been out on a late-night shopping excursion when photogs asked how she felt about being an auntie. She replied, "My sister's not pregnant!" much to the surprise of the throng around her.

Britney's not that dumb. She's just not a comic.


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We're living in some pretty desperate times when a pop tart and now her 16 year old pregnant sister garner national headlines every day OVER SOME NONSENSE! I am so looking foward to the day when REAL NEWS EVENTS WILL DOMINATE instead of the usual tribulations of talentless harlots who have all the financial advantages in life,wreaking themselves and my nerves.Can ANYONE out there attract so much attention for doing nothing, or does one have to be blond and clueless? These media outlets are the ones responsible for bombarding us with this crap everyday.PEOPLE THIS IS NOT NEWS, IT IS A REPETITIOUS DISPLAY OF HOLLYWEIRD DISFUNCTION, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2463 days ago


I hope it's not her brother. I hope it's her first cousin instead.

2463 days ago


man it just keeps getting funnier! now the game makers are already at it :

2463 days ago

Fonzworth V. Brightly    

Good luck with that book on parenting “MAMA SPEARS”!!!!…I’m sure you’ll sell three or four copies…You really taught Brit-Whit very well…LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2463 days ago

Vintage '51    

See what I mean. There goes TMZ shuffling comments around again (probably to their advantage). WHY?????

2463 days ago


No wonder, her sister is more smokin' than her. Lucky dude!

2463 days ago


Jamie Lynn, I used 2 think she would be the good star, but it turns out shes just like her sister. Jamie Lynn will probably end up in reheb, neglect her kids, and all the other crap that Britney did....

2463 days ago


VIntage '51: Your original comment numbered #51 has now changed to #41! TMZ must delete from of these comments for the numbers to change is the only thing I can figure out. Bella

2463 days ago


Seriously this just goes to show that money can't buy class. What a white trash family!!! Thats disgusting!! 16 years old and preggers, her mom should be ashamed!!!

2463 days ago

Brit loves to laugh at the comments

Have a great day while reading TZM

Thanks again Harv and gang

2463 days ago


Hey Vintage '51: Yup - we are on the same page! I haven't put my 2 cents in today for the same reason you just mentioned. Same 'ole verbage - different day. I just sent you a note prior to this one that your numbers changed again!! Is kind of nerve racking when you want to refer to a specific number and it has changed. Where do you live? I am 20 min from down town Salt Lake in South Jordan, UT. From Bella - my St. Bernard's name!! She is the sweetest thing.

2463 days ago

Jasmine RIP    

I found this posted on a website. Stating if Jaime was 16 under many states, this is legal. Like 20 states allow sex at 16 for a female. So, he cant be prosecuted if they had sex - say in Hawaii.

It’s a crime committed when an adult has sexual intercourse with a minor. Who is a minor? Anyone under the age of 18, (or 16; check this list and the current laws in your state.)

What can happen if an adult has sex with a minor? Even if he is your boyfriend? If reported, that person may be arrested, tried in a court of law, and sent to jail. What happens if the sex is consensual and one is a minor? Even if they both agree to have sex, it is still statutory rape.

2463 days ago

redhaired gurl    

I think it's funny how all the papers are reporting how Jamie-Lynn was brave to come forward.. I though wait a minute she's 12 weeks.. She HAD NO CHOICE!... she's not announcing the pregnancy she's letting the press know before it just plain obvious

2463 days ago


Seems you people need to learn the facts of life and how to do math.

She is 16 NOW but she got juiced up at least 6 months ago which means she was banging the ugly when she was 15 but she admits she has been getting it on with the guy with pimples for over 2 years !

2463 days ago


*takes out fly swatter and smashes Fly On the Wall* Take that you vermin!

You are so annoying just like a real bug. Go away.

2463 days ago
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