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Britney: "My Sister's Not Pregnant" Huh?!?

12/19/2007 10:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney is in some serious denial!

TMZ was with the popwreck tonight while she did some late night shopping at the Lisa Kline store on Robertson Blvd. As she left the store, she told the waiting throng of paparazzi and fans, "My sister's not pregnant!" Ding dang, wha?!

We overheard Brit Brit make the confusing statement as she left the private shopping session at the boutique around 9:00 PM last night.

Next time she hits up a gas station, someone might want to hand her this week's OK! mag. That's your sister on the cover, Brit.


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babies having babies...oh yeah and some aspect of stat. rape reaalllyyy nice

2510 days ago


They're a fertile bunch. That's for sure.

2509 days ago


OK mag is fraud. they lie about everything....

2509 days ago


17. bogie-- I thought the EXACT same thing!!!!!!! I'm still going to say that Britney will not make it til the end of the year!!! We still have 13 days left of the year.......There's still hope......

2509 days ago


CB: Britney, is that you????

2509 days ago


who cares? and who know whether it is true. It is said that the two sisters appeared on tallmingle, it is a site for those celebrities.
But there are more news that we can not accept.

2509 days ago


She high as a kite what do u expect this idiot to say. She is a horrible rolemodel to her sister so what do u expect to happen.If she and her mom esp her was seting good example for her little sis jamie won't be in this mess.This is some of the effect divorce has on the family. Kevin is prob glad he has all boys kids with britney.All the spears woman are digusting.

2509 days ago

sick of it    

Oh, Britney's not going to like Jamie Lynn stealing her thunder like this....Brit's supposed to the the "scandalous" one, right?? haha Brit's reign has ended, JL's turn to be queen of the tabloids (like it's really something anyone normal would want in the first place) LOL Oh no, what will Britney do when the attention's not focused entirely on HER?? She's going to go crazy!! LOL Stupid idiot girls

2509 days ago


im not sure what upsets me more, this being news, this being news at 200 in the effing morning, a 16 year old my sister watches on nick being pregnant, the media and this site ruining what little shred of human dignity we have left, or the fact that i clicked on it like everyone else. power to the power of suggestion. i hope someone stops all this filth.

2509 days ago

michelle c    

lmao #27

2509 days ago


Oh no! It’s not all about Britney anymore … whatever will she do!

Personally, I think Lynn Spears should have been investigated by child protection services for allowing her MINOR daughter to live with her boyfriend.

She is a terrible mother. I wonder what she is going to do for income since Britney cut her off and Jamie’s career seems to be derailed.

Her book has also been put on hold. The only money she has ever had has been off the backs of her daughters.

Maybe her childhood was bad, too. Don’t know. It must have been because she married an alcoholic.

It’s so retarded that so many Britney supporters believe that Lynn Spears should have custody of Britney’s sons.

A dumb rock would be better than Lynn Spears!

2509 days ago


omg did you see the ads on birth control on the right module? hilarious

2509 days ago


Britney always goes for the lie first. I believe that Britney has probably known since that so called "intervention" when her mother and sister showed up unexpectedly. The "intervention" pretty much coincided with JL's revelation to her mother. Probably weren't sure if JL would have baby or not and Brit is still denying it just in case. Mom will have another chapter to add to her book. Let's see, daughter has a curfew and a live-in boyfriend? What's wrong with this picture? Didn't mom say just last week that she wished she had supervised Britney better when she was 14? It's a shame that mom has now pimped out both of her daughters, but hey she needed the money. Give them whatever they want as long as it keeps the money rolling in.

2509 days ago


first off can anything happen at all without people bringing race into it??? every single thing i read on here and check the comments someone plays the race card....shut up....seriously not everything is a race issue.
second at sixteen you are of legal age of consent....hence the jail issue....and if he isnt 18 than it doesnt matter so much anyway. and if he is there are different rules in different states but usually so long as it is less than a three year gap and it was obviously consensual again it doesnt matter.
third i talk with and work with teens and pre teens frequently i was a teen not too terribly long ago. (im 21) and i can tell you that kids are having sex...about 75 percent of kids have had sex at least once before the age of 18. and most had their first sexual encounter before the age of 16. and i hate to say this but no one is going to stop it. it just cant be done. and all of you screaming for jail time etc are probably the same people screaming about school health programs handing out condoms and birth control. which is one of the very reasons teen pregnancy is so prevalent. adults would like to just think that kids arent going to have sex at all and handing out such things is sending the wrong message. guess what kids are having sex anyway and if they cant get a condom or bc they go without. youre idiots if you ask me, wake up and realize reality for what it is. just because you dont approve or like it doesnt mean its not there. if you want to think its sunny outside when its raining youre still going to get wet when you walk outside.

2509 days ago


It's awful to see what drugs do to a persons mind. This chick needs help.

2509 days ago
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