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Britney: "My Sister's Not Pregnant" Huh?!?

12/19/2007 10:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney is in some serious denial!

TMZ was with the popwreck tonight while she did some late night shopping at the Lisa Kline store on Robertson Blvd. As she left the store, she told the waiting throng of paparazzi and fans, "My sister's not pregnant!" Ding dang, wha?!

We overheard Brit Brit make the confusing statement as she left the private shopping session at the boutique around 9:00 PM last night.

Next time she hits up a gas station, someone might want to hand her this week's OK! mag. That's your sister on the cover, Brit.


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Just me    

Hey "Suki - SMART A$$" lucky guess but its been long since my 16. I'm just wondering - how making harsh comments makes you "SMART"!!! Then some of you must be real GENIUS!!!! LOL

2509 days ago


Okay "JUST ME", you're right....I am perfect, tee hee! I'm soooooooo happy, I'm happier than a Spears in a room full of Taco Bell! Let us know when you're throwing the baby-shower:P Nighty night................

2509 days ago


trash is trash is trash...

2509 days ago


Uh.........."JUST ME" if it was a "lucky guess" then how can it be that "its been long time since my 16?" I hope you're not going to skip English class today. SAVE ME FROM THE DUMB PEOPLE!

2509 days ago


wow what a shock her little sis-tard is turning out to be a hillbilly breeding slut like her!
does Jamie even know who the father is or did she just pin it on who she was banging in the last 2 weeks?
bye bye job at nickleodeon, they're not going to keep some knocked up 16 yr old whore on payroll!

2509 days ago


Just me, none of us are perfect. but many of us are NOT having babies at 16. im guessing you had a kid (or two) in your teens

2509 days ago


Would anyone care to bet this accident happened in Hollywood? Brit's state of denial could imply the accident happened on her watch. October to December; one to two periods missed....Whoopsie!

2509 days ago


WHO in their RIGHT MIND would buy a book on parenting written by Lynne Spears!?!? WHO!?!? And what mother would ALLOW her 16 yr old daughter to LIVE with her 19 year boyfriend?!??! Lynne Spears! Because she lives off her kids. NO ONE gets pregnant by accident any more, NO ONE!! My son is a jr in a high school and i would BREAK HIS ASS if he told me knocked someone up! Did Lynne miss the part of parenting about teaching her pigs MORALS! Especially since they live in the "limelight" and every fart is recorded? And what was Lil Redneck THINKING when she dropped her pants??? Was she having anxiety attacks because big slut sis whores all the attention? Long time love my ass! She's a KID & her parents should have done like the animals do with their defective 'young' - eat them!

2509 days ago


Way to go, failed. 2 trainwrecks arent enough?

2509 days ago

bitch please    

Interesting nobody seems too concerned about the criminal charges that Jamie's boyfriend will be facing, unless he is above the law. Last I checked, she is a minor, he is not.

2509 days ago


Mama Lynn will look fine in a McDonalds uniform,working the drive-thru,lol. Her cash cows are now gone.
despite the calm front her mother Lynn’s put up, sources say she’s the one taking the news hardest. In short, Jamie Lynn has dashed the hopes of a fallen showbiz family.
“Jamie Lynn was this family’s big hope. With Britney, one minute you’re in, the next you’re out,” says the source. “Brit had been supporting her family for years, and now all eyes were on Jamie Lynn.”
“I don’t know how she can go back,” says the family friend. “And, what’s worse for the Spears’ is Britney doesn’t want to be a part of that Spears gravy train any more. That’s part of why Britney is freaking right now. With Jamie Lynn to focus on, she was now the family’s focus and in the end, the one they could profit from.”

2509 days ago


I guess momma Lynn won't be writing a book anytime soon on how to be a great parent

2509 days ago

Just me    

"Suki" you poor thing. Comforting your self by knowing threre are
people more miserable then you??? That's not happyness. That's
pathetic!!! Focus on your
own life...that's when you get one.
And its my mistake, english is my third so ...

2509 days ago


I have said all along, Jamie is next. I said the mother Lynn was worthless, and read nothing but how she should get back with Brit and everything would be fine. If this Jamie had any sense, she would have kept her mouth shut and got an abortion. But nooooooo, this family is so dysfunctional, she has to have attention just like sis. She wanted some for herself. And now Brit will have a meltdown, cuz little sis is getting more than her.

2509 days ago


Why dont you give her sister a chance for God's sake. Its not her fault britney is her sister. I got pregnant when i was 15..and she just happens to be in hollywood. maybe she'll be a very good mother. Babies having babies is happening a lot.

2509 days ago
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