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Jamie Lynn's Back-End Deal

12/19/2007 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Jamie Lynn Spears was not paid for this week's magazine interview ... yet. We're told the money will change hands down the road -- when the baby is born.
Lynne and Jamie Lynn
Just how did the deal go down? Rewind. Sources close to Britney's family tell TMZ it all started when Britney melted down on an OK! Magazine photo shoot. Britney's mom, Lynne, read the article (who didn't?!) and called OK! personally to thank them "for handling it so well." She stayed in touch with OK!, and called them this week when she learned that news of Jamie's pregnancy was about to break. Her only requirement? Keep Britney out of it. This is about Jamie Lynn. "She trusted them to do it in a way that would be sympathetic to her daughter," our source says.

We're told Jamie and mom did not want money, but OK! has agreed to pay $1 million to the younger Spears for a photo shoot when the child is born. Why so little when others have commanded several million? We're told it's because Jamie Lynn is not an international star and it's not worth it to the mag to pay big bucks for something they can't sell overseas.

Another interesting note: We hear Jamie is further along than the 12 weeks she says in the mag's article. Expect a spring baby.

(BTW: It appears that the OK! servers have crashed because of the site traffic.)


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Some people need to get out of the gene pool.

2466 days ago


T R A S H ! ! !

2466 days ago

Leah C    

The Spears girls have a brother, too. I wonder what he's done to screw up his life.

2466 days ago


The girl is 16 and unwed. Is this something to be proud of and to make public in a magazine?

2466 days ago


This "mother" should be ashamed of herself. Why would you have your 16 year old daughter agree to do an interview with a tabloid magazine and then later publish photos of a newborn for $1 million? Sorry but if this mother had any love or respect for her children, she would have taken Jamie Lynn to their home in Kentwood and let this be a private matter. Now all the doubters who before were saying Britney had no one to blame but Britney, look at this poor excuse of a mother. She was whoring Britney out before she even turned 6 years old and now she's doing it with newborn babies. really sick.

2466 days ago


I find this whole subject distasteful and crude. A pregnant 16-year old who is living with her 19-year old boyfriend, obviously with both sides blessing...and whether she gets her money now or still is gross. They should not make a dime off of this. In fact, they should slink back under their rocks.

2466 days ago


I'm sorry, when I posted above I meant to say several papers and tabloids in the UK seem very interested in this. Maybe Jamie is more 'international' than OK gave her credit for,lol.

2466 days ago


This is either the depth of empty stupidness OR the height of great brilliance - CAN'T wait for the book. LOLOLOLOLOL - I will check it out of the library.......LOLOLOLOL!

2466 days ago


That's great a magazine and the Spears family are going to statutory rape condone and profit. According to laws in both California and Louisiana, a 16 year old and a 19 year old having sex is statutory rape.

2466 days ago


Being raised in a "normal life in Louisiana"...??? Um. If the Spears sisters are ANY indication of being "normal" (themselves having been raised in Louisiana) then, I really feel for this baby. It is not the WHERE you are raised, but the HOW. This poor baby is going to be followed, stalked, and a "celebrity" for doing nothing more than being born to a stupid and RICH little girl whose family is TOTALLY screwed up. Poor kid...

Oh. I guess the million dollars will help some...

2466 days ago



My husband will be happy to advise you on how to pimp out your daughters for maximum cash! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Regards, Tina Simpson ( at least I'm not a granny yet !)

2466 days ago

Dennis, OKC    

If Zoey stays, she may finally learn that best friend Chase (Sean Flynn) has had a serious case of puppy love for her since that day three years ago when she arrived on campus and he was so smitten he rode his bicycle straight into a pole.

So what will she do as the show's third season ends and her school chums ponder a fourth season without Zoey?

"I don't know. I don't know," Spears says teasingly during a phone interview from her home in Kentwood, La.

"Something definitely happens," she finally concedes. "But I guess you'll just have to wait and see what comes of it all."

Zoey's dilemma is not altogether unlike Spears' own, as the actress, now a high school junior, ponders her future.

"I'm going to try to graduate before I do anything else," she says of taking on another TV series or future film roles after "Zoey 101" ends.

Rumors are rampant among "Zoey" fans that her character and Flynn's will finally hook up in season four. There will be a lot of getting together of various characters on the show, Spears says, but she won't reveal Zoey and Chase's situation.

She's more open about her own situation, saying she has no serious boyfriend.

2466 days ago


Butler - Couldn't agree more.

2466 days ago


Some Families should get out of the gene pool.

2466 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

It really had to be disappointing to Lynne Spears that Jamie is only worth 1 mil. I think the woman saw $$ when Jamie broke the news to her. Sounds like Jamie did this to get the attention off Brit-Brit & put it on herself. They both (Jamie & Lynne) saw $$ when they found out she was pregnant. That's why Lynne kept in touch w/OK magazine. If they do get the $$, it should be given to under privlidged children (Nicole &Joel did) God Bless them

2466 days ago
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