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Simon and Terri Chill in Barbados

12/19/2007 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Look at that exquisite figure! The lush, full hair ... that gorgeous skin, tight tummy, sexy tan lines and sassy saunter. And man, nice rack!

Oh, and Terri Seymour looks good as well.


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27. I would normally never insult someone's looks for no reason. But I have to say.... I have been shocked at some of the comments Simon has made about contentants' physical appearances. Funny coming from him since his girlfriend is BUTT UGLY! This woman is so ugly.. too skinny.... and he has the nerve to tell other people how unattractive THEY are on American Idol.

Posted at 12:33PM on Dec 19th 2007 by hi


Are u kidding me?

this woman is beautiful!
you're probably the kind of guy that think only fake ass girls like are hot...

2439 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

He's in better physical shape than 90% of 48 year olds, He's also very nicely proportioned. Terry looks sleek and
has a gorgeous head of naturally curly hair. She basically seems to try to be understandingly good to Simon and
seems to handle his particular idiosyncrasies with some humour. My feeling is that with how he rolls,
and he appears quite driven, that's about all she CAN do, lol. Good for them, grabbing some luxury down time.
I very much like his dry wit, but would have to develop a bit thicker skin with a clever guy like that. I'd have him. Maybe.

2439 days ago


Terri looks HOT.

2439 days ago


I don;'t understand why so many of you are bashing Simon. Like most of you, he is shallow and judges people by how they look. As for Terry, that is exactly how she looks. You can see that her face is still in the shadow of the cliff behind her. And I don't like either of them. Shallow and judgmental. Sort of like TMZ.

2439 days ago


SIMON...Wow...that's just what "I" thought you were hiding under those dull shirts....nice! Good Show Ol' Chap!!!

2439 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Some of you posters really are dumb. Her face is in the shadow; she's not fat; and he actually looks good in this photo. He seems to have lost weight.

2439 days ago


To the people here who think its a fake photo manipulated in are retards ....just because her face is in the shade, does not mean its photoshopped...what would be the point?....Simon cheating?....if that were to be the case then TMZ would want the real photo to smear to the public.

2439 days ago


wow that Simon, best body money can buy!

2439 days ago


Simon's got a better body than you, Harvey.

2439 days ago


You dumb asses.....look at the sun reflection on the sand and you can see where her head would be in a shadow of the cliff and they both look wonderful...... Fat, you say, you must really have a self-esteem problem yourself.

2439 days ago


Simon and his little whore friend are pathetic... America has made them very rich and he hasn't even done anything for anyone here... These limey parasites come over to OUR country, don't contribute anything to America.. I would kick their BUTTS back to limey land if I had my way! ..........Way to go America our troops are dying in Iraq so this tosser can live the high life over here in LA ... He's NOT American and should NOT be in our country, send him back home please!!!!

2439 days ago


Looks like Max Clifford has been busy (Cowells publicist) putting all these fake nice comments on here about Simon and Terri.............they are arrogant bunch of tossers just like the Beckahms.. I wish we would deport them, they have no place in our country... God Bless America... NOT limey land.. Please America WE can do without these economic migrant people...

2439 days ago

TMZ reader    

Even before seeing these comments, I could tell that her head has been pasted onto the body of someone else. I've also thought Simon looked hot without a shirt. I like my men hairy.

2439 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

She's cute n all but still Simon with all his $$$$$ could do a bit better.

2439 days ago

Old School    


2439 days ago
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