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Suri's Father Pulls a Britney!

12/19/2007 7:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was camped out at Raffles L'Ermitage -- the hotel where Britney Spears has been hiding lately -- and got an unexpected surprise: Suri's parents!

The two left the hotel, generating a snapstorm from Brit's adoring paparazzi entourage. In a move sure to make Britney even more proud, the Scientolostar let a "Y'all" slip as he said goodbye!


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2501 days ago

Bunny Rabbit    

Mr. Herb Scannell
President, Nickelodeon
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Write him and demand that Jamie Spears' show be yanked....she's no kind of role model for little kids

2501 days ago


Scientology is NOT a religion, it is dangerous, vicious cult that takes people's free will away, why robbing them of their money. By now Katie knows the huge mistake she made, but she can't think for herself anymore. If her parents love her and their grandchild, they will remove Katie from Tom's control.

"TRs and objectives are a basic requirement that anyone doing Scientology must go through, thus laying a solid foundation for further indoctrination." And this includes Katie Holmes. Use of Mind Control in ScientologybyMonica Pignotti, MSW, CSWCult Intervention Specialistand Former Scientologist PART ITHE BEGINNING INDOCTRINATION METHODSThe purpose of this paper is to show how mind control is used in Scientology. In order to do this, I have used the four components of mind control from Steve Hassan's Combatting Cult Mind Control: Behavior control, Emotional control, Thought control and Information control and have given examples of how Scientology uses each of these. I am assuming that the reader of this paper has read and is familiar with the concepts outlined in this book. This is not meant to be an exhaustive study of mind control techniques in Scientology, as that could fill an entire book! This is just to give you a start in getting an understanding of how mind control is used at the very beginning levels of Scientology. If a person gets more deeply involved, for instance, and gets into auditing, joins staff and/or does advanced courses, there is much more. I will be writing papers to deal with these issues. The techniques I discuss here, however, have proved quite sufficient, unfortunately, to get many people hooked into Scientology. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE THEORY"If you change a person's behavior, his thoughts and feelings will change to minimize the dissonance" -- Leon Festinger. This theory is described in detail on page 59 of Combatting Cult Mind Control. In addition, Steve Hassan added a fourth component, control of information. Scientology, very definitely, controls all four. BEHAVIOR CONTROLThe Scientology Registrar - The job of the registrar in Scientology is to use high pressure sales tactics to sign people up for courses. This is especially true for front groups, such as Sterling Management, Singer and numerous others. Once the registrar gets the person into his/her office, the person is not allowed to leave until he/she has signed up for a course and paid. If the person says, "I'd like time to think this over", this is not allowed. The staff at Sterling is told that the person should not be allowed to "think" about it because that would give his "reactive mind" a chance to take over and so they must pay immediately. I have personally talked to many people who have been held for hours in the registrars office, sometimes all night, until out of sheer exhaustion, they gave in. For further details, see Robert Geary, DDS's video or audio tape at the 1990 CAN Conference (available from CAN National) and the Sally Jessy Raphael show of July 9, 1991. Routing Forms - Once a person has signed up for the course, he is given a sheet of paper called a routing form. The routing form ensures that there is a staff member with him every step of the way, from signing up for the course, paying for it, actually taking the course, writing a "success story" and then being sent back to the registrar to sign up for the next course. Thus, the cycle of paying for courses, taking them and signing up and paying for the next one continues, never giving the person a chance to get away and think about it. Scientology insiders refer to this process as "body routing" and call potential new converts "raw meat", indicating that a person, before Scientology is seen simply as an object to be manipulated. There is even a department in the Scientology organizational structure called the "Department of Body Routing". If a person, for any reason, does not want to continue to be "body routed" and does not want to go onto the next course or level of auditing, this is considered unacceptable and the person is pressured into signing up for a "repair" session and pressured until they agree to go on. TR's and Objectives - These indoctrination processes are very important to know about as they are classic examples of how a change in a person's behavior can affect a change in the person's thoughts, emotions and how they process information. The person is told that the TRs will increase his ability to communicate, not that the TRs are hypnotic, trance-inducing techniques that will make him more vulnerable to any material they are exposed to in the Scientology courseroom, thereafter........ TRs are just one of a combination of many mind control techniques used to control minds, but I think they do make a very significant contribution to the indoctrination of every Scientologist, regardless of any other benefits that were gained. The first TR, called TR-0, instructs the indoctrinee to sit in a chair acro

2501 days ago


Why do these guys rent hotel rooms so close to home? I don't get it. I can see Brit Brit doing it. Since she parties so much it's probably a good idea for her to have a hotel room close to the night clubs, but the Cruises aren't party animals.

2501 days ago

Mrs Butters    

Man,this site is hurtin for a juicy scandel.hangin out at subway joints? lol,'s been all downhill for this site since the Anna Nichol crap died down

2501 days ago


Does anyone else find that image creepy? The once-vibrant, energetic and perpetualy smiling Katie Holmes, now walking two steps behind her "husband" with her head down and a terse 1/4 smile?

2501 days ago

Don't Mess with Texas    

Who cares that Tom Cruise send y'all??? Why is it such a surprise, a lot of people say y'all in and out of Texas.

2501 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

OCD, you can't really believe they'd kick Tom Cruise out of the hotel!?

2501 days ago

kim suck    

Tom is a big fairy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2501 days ago

kim suck    

since Tom is gay--he hates gays y'all

2501 days ago

kim suck    

they pray to Spock???

2501 days ago

Hollywood Azz    

Look at the way Hitler Cruise treats his nasty wife/kid. They are so brain washed.

2501 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Katie looks so drab, & well, defeated, since hooking up with that oddball Cruise & his loony religion. Very sad

2501 days ago

the lost    

LOL "This Britney moment interrupted by Scientology" that's funny. Katie really is starting to look like Jackie O. That's not bad though, at least she's classy.

2501 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Tommie Girl is NOT Suri's father-either Chris Klien is or a turkey baster LOL Tommie is the gray with a very small member

2501 days ago
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