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Suri's Father Pulls a Britney!

12/19/2007 7:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was camped out at Raffles L'Ermitage -- the hotel where Britney Spears has been hiding lately -- and got an unexpected surprise: Suri's parents!

The two left the hotel, generating a snapstorm from Brit's adoring paparazzi entourage. In a move sure to make Britney even more proud, the Scientolostar let a "Y'all" slip as he said goodbye!


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Wow. You were stalking Britney & snagged Tom instead. I'm willing to bet y'all stod there with your mouths hanging open for a few seconds. Britney is such an easy target & she's quite pathetic lately. The shock & awe of seeing a great couple like Tom & Katie, I'll be you were much more respectful to them than you were planning to be with Britney.

2501 days ago


They probably weren't even staying at the hotel. They probably heard that Britney was and realized there would be mega paps there waiting for Britney. Tom and Katie drove to the hotel, went into a back door at the hotel, and exited where the paps were waiting on Britney.

These two freaks are so desperate for publicity and have hit rock bottom that they will stop at nothing to get photographed. Last week, Tom was following Will Smith all over (Hollywood Walk of Fame and the movie premiere). Now they are trying to ride on Britney's coat tails. T & K make anonymous calls to the paps before they go out trying to get some publicity but that doesn't even work anymore.

They can always get jobs in the carnival as the freakshow.

2501 days ago


This is news? TMZ is pathetic at what it reports. Find new reporters, then fire the editor and get one with a brain!

2501 days ago

simonette alanes    

Everybody around you suspect you're lesbian.

2501 days ago

Biased information    

0. #34 sure don't mind this site trying to ridicule a persons belief in scientology. Everytime Suri is mentioned she is also labeled scientolotot. For any info on Cruise, or any other celebrities who are scientologists, there is always a dig about their religion. It s one thing to get into discussions about Scientology but its quite another to judge everything a person says or does with a snide remark about their religion. I would think Harvey, of all people would recognize that . I have written numerous emails about this, but none have even been acknowledged. I figured a direct slam against Harvey being Jewish might get some attention. It did. He might even get I'm sure a lot of others are at using ones religious beliefs as a vehicle for cheap headlines .

Posted at 12:16AM on Dec 20th 2007 by Response34

Good point.

2501 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Come to think of it - Tommy never got Nicole Kidman pregnant - they adopted the 2 kids!! Tom looks so gay - and Katie looks a wreck! JOHN TRAVOLTA IS ALSO A SCIENTOLOGIST, AND HE IS DOING FINE, I MIGHT ADD! There is NO such thing as NOT being able to walk away. Just pack your bags, Katie, and say you are going on a short trip - and NEVER COME BACK! BE SURE AND TAKE SURI WITH YOU!

2499 days ago

kill bill    

Brit, a walking book on a former star trying to deal with average and tom and katie who are trying to buy pluto and make a planet. average is a very,very good thing.

2499 days ago

Hugh Jass    

to heck with the Scientolobots. What's the deal with the Cybabies Gallery beneath the TomKat story, pic #1 of Britney: WHATIS THAT STICKINGTO HER AT HER NOSTRILS?

2499 days ago
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