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Warrant Entered for

R. Kelly's Arrest

12/19/2007 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ArrestTMZ has confirmed that a judge entered a bench warrant for singer R. Kelly -- because he did not show for a court hearing today in Chicago.

We're told Kelly's tour bus was delayed in Utah, so he was a no show. The judge in his child pornography case entered the warrant but won't enforce it just yet. But if R. Kelly doesn't show up tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM, the judge will tell the fuzz to arrest his butt.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Cook County prosecutors pressed the judge, noting he had already shown considerable leeway in letting Kelly travel outside Illinois. "This is just an abuse of the process. It's disrespectful of your honor," said Assistant State's Attorney Shauna Bolicker.

Kelly has been charged with child pornography, in a widely reported case in which he allegedly videotaped a sexual encounter with a teenage girl. R. pleaded not guilty in the mess -- which has been going on since 2002.

Kelly's lawyer said singer was "detained because of some snow." The judge said a trial date will be set on Thursday. Yeah, right.


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and what do you think would have been the case were it YOU who did this crime? We'd be UNDER the jail for life!
This perv should be in jail NOW!!
All you idiots who say leave the brother alone are the same who wanted to see Michael Jackson in jail after his fourth time being accused of child molestation.
Check yourself....

2490 days ago


mstkelly ----------- First of all , R. Kelly is not a man. He is a vulture, who preys on young girls. He has a sexual perversion.that makes him an abherrant,............You weren't in that room, you do not know this girl, her life or her parents..whatever her past present or have no intimate knowledge. You have a big mouth & a small brain. Your judgement...extremely poor. You are a silly person ......bereft of common sense...immature, a fan, swayed to the extreme by a "celebrity" that you have no insight, & have lost any sense of reality.You have a have said so. What a poor reflection of a parent you are..............I have read your posts. You are crude vulgar & ignorant............... you are in no position to offer moral condone R.Kelly.You support love matter what. He is a pedophile , a child molester...hee loves child pornography, carries child porn pictures.......................You have a young daughter.....You.!.................are disgusting.

2482 days ago


Leave the brothers alone at Kwanza time.

2497 days ago


He should have been LOCKED UP a long time ago.....if it wasn't a "so-called" celebrity, he would have been!

2497 days ago


He's the father of Jaime Lynn's baby

2497 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

There's an abundance of 14 yr old Mormon girls in Salt Lake City!

2497 days ago

I'm hungry    

never mind a warrant, this pervert should have been locked up long ago ....child molester ... and your music isn't even any good either ...

2497 days ago


what does da r stand 4 retarded?

2497 days ago


You peopel are such looers! find something better to w/ your time!!!do you sit and stalk this board all day long?

2497 days ago







2497 days ago


You peopel are such looers! find something better to w/ your time!!!do you sit and stalk this board all day long?

Posted at 1:30PM on Dec 19th 2007 by yourana$$hole

Why do you care?

2497 days ago


haha same d&g glasses as britney

2497 days ago


This idiot needs to be locked up. The bus was late. Considering that he is rich enough to lease a helicopter, that is a piss-poor excuse. But then, he is a piss-poor excuse.

2497 days ago


u know so many people have gone to jail for so much less. This man should have been locked up a long time ago. he is a pedifile, how many more little girls does he have to violate before something is done. what kind of message does it send when R Kelly can do whatever he wants to underage girls all because he can sing. big deal he's still a sick person, how do u plead not guilty when they have u on tape. IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2497 days ago

He's Boring now    

He gonna love the confines of Cook County Jail. Them bros just waiting to do to him what he did to that girl in the anus in the video. Maybe he'll like being a catcher instead of a pitcher for now on, should he not make that 9:00 a.m. court call tommorrow.

This aint LA County here. Its Cook County, and Chicago could care less about a persons standing as a "Star". Equal justice for all. Even for a homie like R Kelly who is from here.

2497 days ago
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