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Alba to Pap: Don't Be an A-Hole!

12/20/2007 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The always paparazzi-friendly (ha!) Jessica Alba got royally pissed when one photog got a bit too close on Rodeo Drive yesterday.

TMZ caught the pregnant-yet-dour starlet getting her shop on, ignoring paps as they tried to snap pics of her growing belly. One photog got real close though and attempted to get an unflattering shot from below -- prompting Jessica to cuss him out!


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Who writes these Spam messages. "I personally think she is like;the ugliest person ever.she is a cute babe...
" WTF it's like there written by Japanese exchange students learning English as a second language

2445 days ago


These actors seek fame, and then they act like they are tired of it when they get it. Pick a career without fans and paps if you do not want to be stalked. I mean they go too far, but some of these celebrities are just mean. You put your big dome on a screen and then get mad when a person stares, takes pictures, and wants your autograph.

2445 days ago


I love that she covers her face or does anything so that the paparazzi can't get a good shot, good for you Jessica! Just because she is a celebrity doesn't mean the paparazzi are entitled to stalk her. Stalking is not a part of fame nor should it be something celebrities have to endure, it should be outlawed in my opinion. Take pictures of celebrities on the job or when they are at press junkets, award shows, and things of that sort, leave their private life just that, private! You can write about celebrities TMZ without video of them walking, or without pictures of them at the Rite Aid. Good celebrity gossip is fun, but most of us can read and don’t need a picture book!

2445 days ago


I am disgusted they would harass a pregnant woman this way. Why would TMZ even show these vids where they are such wads?

2445 days ago



2445 days ago


Enough is enough. You'd be pissed off too if someone shoved a camera where it doesn't belong. End of

2445 days ago

she smiled    

I think the a-hole is the one wearing the fingerless gloves. Eeeesh.

2445 days ago


Do these paparazzi have no shame? They are so rude-has no one learned a lesson from Princess Diana?? Why do they get so close and block the people walking or driving?? They deserve to be ran over!

2445 days ago


Living in SoCal, I've seen hotter babes who aren't celebs, and her acting isn't all that either.

Is it annoying to be followed around? I bet it is. Enjoy it while it lasts. One bad movie or album will end all that. Not to mention bad personal judgment calls. Isn't that right fatney?

There should be a point where they should be left alone, such as doing personal things like shopping for groceries or eating in restaurants. These are normal you and me situations performed like, well, you and me. Who cares what they eat or buy.

So they eat at overpriced restaurants, big friggin deal!!!! They can afford it I guess. Maybe if everyone wasn't gawking at them if they went into a Subway or Wendy's they might mingle with us common folk,

There was a time in Hollywood when celebs walked down the same streets as normal people and the fans and press weren't up in their face 24/7

Just Sayin

2445 days ago


Posted at 10:12AM on Dec 20th 2007 by kelly - I agree with you all the way. These paps make me sick. And to people who say that she wanted the fame and fortune, I don't think she signed up for this. It's just disgusting.

2444 days ago


while i agree that celebs ask for lots of attention just by nature of the profession they've chosen, these paps are just being obnoxious....even my cheap camera can get good shots without being two inches from the person i'm "shooting". ....if they choose to get that close to a vehicle, they shouldn't complain when they get their feet run over. and really...does the dude think that she's likely to spill baby names when she doesn't even want him to take her picture? maybe they need some "personal space" "if you are intentionally within arms reach of a person such that they state that they are uncomfortable, you must ensure proper distance or you are committing assault and will be charged" obviously, there would have to be exceptions written in, such as passengers on public transportation, but it could work!

2444 days ago


Ok Jessica DONT CALL ME LATINA Alba. You decided to be an actress to deal with it.

2444 days ago


Please TMZ leave this ugly bitch alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she's going downhill..................................................

and yeah she looks like a MEXICAN

2444 days ago


The cops need to start arresting paps when they tell them to move and they don't.

2444 days ago

just wondering    

..#19 OCD...100% she should!! hahaha...funny comment.

2444 days ago
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