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Brit to Jamie Lynn: You're a Hot Mama 2 B

12/20/2007 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hot Mama 2 BTMZ has learned Britney Spears just spent $500 on a gift basket for her newly pregnant unwed teen sister Jamie Lynn. Hey, sis, you gone have a booboo too!

We're told Brit called up West Hollywood celeb baby emporium Petit Tresor late Wednesday afternoon and ordered Jamie Lynn a Tuni & G tank top with the words "Hot Mama 2 B" on it, along with a bunch of all white items including a blanket, a stuffed elephant with a white satin bow, onesies, socks and sneakers. According to our sources, the note attached read: "Dear J.L., We love you! Brit, Sean and Jayden." Auntie Brit luvs y'all!

Now that she's pregnant and famous, Jamie Lynn really is following in her big sister's footsteps. Marriages, divorces, panty flashin', rehab, head shaving and custody battles to follow!


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TMZ is bad for society

2502 days ago

BOB W    


2502 days ago


Adorable little mistakes

2502 days ago


#280, Lisa, you are so very wrong. You obviously are not well aquainted with the teenage world and so have no conception of what goes on in it. Girls from all walks of life have sex and sometimes get pregnant. It's a decision they make and has nothing to do with issues they may have. It has to do with hormones and sex, just has it has been throughout the ages. When I was young the girls went to stay with an aunt or grandma, and some member of the family who was married suddenly had a new baby. Times are different people, so swing with or stay out blogs like these.

2502 days ago


For all you uppity snobs who enjoy putting people down, I'd love to see where you live and who raised you. Get a life people and stay out of other peoles business. You know you don't have to read TMZ and you don't have to blog.

2502 days ago


Why doesn't everyone mind their own business and leave these two girls alone. I s everyone so perfect that they can talk about other people and the way they lead their lives? It's no ones business but their own. Let me tell you something, these two girls have more money now than most of us will see in our life time. They must have done something right. This site is run by a bunch of nosy a-holes that have nothing better to do with their lives than follow people around and point out their problems and faults. Maybe they should take a look at themselves for once and write about that. Tell the world how much of a butt slug leach they are.

2502 days ago


i'd lay down some mean pipe on that

2502 days ago


How is it that you need a license for marriage, a license to drive a car even a license for your dog but you don't need a friggin' license to have a child? WTF is that all about?! I guess if you're young enough to bleed that gives you the ol' okie doke to just pump out a kid. What a joke.

2502 days ago


Brittany and now Jaime make
Trailer trash look classy.......LMAO
The SLUT Sista's. Did that moronic
mother teach her daughters nothing???
Queen Bee

2502 days ago


Hey kokomo, chill baby.

2502 days ago

Just Me    

The parents of these girls should be so ashamed of themselves... Britney has needed help for a long time and now and even younger Jami is pregnant... good god. it's so sad to see what money can do to people.

2502 days ago

hector lopez    

Two of biggest losers ever! Send the entire family to another planet. Blieve me, the young girls of today would be a lot better off. Stop taliking about all of these tramps!

2502 days ago


what happened to privacy, $500 is a lot of money and how did anyone find out that what she bought her??? i would fire my staff i thought the whole idea was exclusive was for no one to know about it or how or why ... just after she has it oh wow and i want one... shame on that store if i was a celebrity i would make sure to take my business else where...

2502 days ago


I think these two are the dumbs girls. this is no way to be role models for kids.
and for britts sitter what was she thinking, I don't think she was or she was thinking she could be like her dumb sister.
please talking about these two. we had it with them. they shouldn't even be out of there cages.

2502 days ago


I am sorry I am not a fan of teen pregnancy but it happens in this world all the time. Who are we to judge these girls. I feel sorry for Britney and now Jaime Lynn cuz the press doesn't leave them alone and they have a right to thier privacy. Why is ok for the Angelina Jolie's and all the rest of the other stars that get pregnant and they are not married. Just cuz they are older doesn't make it right. Leave these poor people alone. Just cuz they are stars it is not our right to know everything about them. Sheesh

2502 days ago
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