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Principal Cashes In on Jamie Lynn

12/20/2007 2:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CaseyThe principal of Amite Center School, the one where Jamie Lynn baby daddy Casey Aldridge went to school, is pimping out the 2007 yearbook.

TMZ spoke with principal Dan Brewer, who when asked to provide any recent pictures they had of young Casey, replied that he was holding out on releasing last year's annual (yearbook) so he can get a better price. Dan claims "the school needs the money." Saved by the sell!

Mr. Brewer did tell us that Casey was a good boy, but it sounds like the people in Gloster, Miss. are learning the ropes of this business real quick! What's next? His used football cleats on eBay?


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Wow in mama spears so called book does she have a section on birth control apparently she did not teach this to either of her daughters,this family is definitly south bound trailer trash good luck,and I do wish Jamie the best hopefully she will be a better mother than brittney could ever be.I think mama spears needs to get a differant career one that does not involve her or any one elses children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2468 days ago


Too bad both her (Lynne Spears) daughters are "Sthores" --definition (lol) Stupid and Whores =Sthores ---pronunciation Store's

2468 days ago

just wondering    

Here is some famous Mississippians

[edit] Actors/Actresses
Jessica Alba, (Biloxi)
Dana Andrews, (Covington County)
Jimmy Boyd, (McComb)
Lacey Chabert, (Purvis)
Jason Dottley, actor; (Sordid Lives stage production and Logo television series)
John Dye, (Amory)
Morgan Freeman, (Greenwood)
Gary Grubbs, (Amory)
Lynn Hamilton, (Yazoo City)
Beth Henley, (Jackson)
Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets, (Leland)
Anthony Herrera, (Wiggins)
Eddie Hodges, (Hattiesburg)
Don Jeffcoat, (Gulfport)
James Earl Jones, (Arkabutla)
Simbi Khali, (Jackson)
Diane Ladd, (Meridian)
Daniel Curtis Lee, (Clinton)
Tom Lester, (Jackson)
Shane McRae, (Starkville)
Gerald McRaney, (Collins)
Mary Ann Mobley, (Brandon)
Parker Posey, (Laurel)
Purvis Jon, (Laurel)
Evelyn Preer, (Vicksburg)
Beah Richards, (Vicksburg)
Eric Roberts, (Biloxi)
Stella Stevens, (Yazoo City)
James Michael Tyler, (Winona)
Ray Walston, (Laurel)
Sela Ward, (Meridian)
Oprah Winfrey, (Kosciusko)

[edit] Artists

2468 days ago

just wondering    

[edit] Broadcast media personalities
Red Barber, sportscaster, (Columbus)
Robin Roberts, (Pass Christian)
Tavis Smiley, (Gulfport)
Shepard Smith, newscaster, (Holly Springs)
Oprah Winfrey, talk show hostess, (Kosciusko

[edit] Entrepreneurs/Business leaders
Jim Barksdale, founder of Netscape, (Jackson)
Fred Carl, Jr., founder of Viking Range Corporation, (Greenwood)
James Breckenridge Speed, industrial pioneer
Bernard Ebbers, infamous CEO of WorldCom, (Clinton)
Toxey Haas, founder Mossy Oak Brand camouflage, (West Point)
Sam Haskell, former worldwide head of television for the William Morris Agency
Hartley Peavey, founder of Peavey Electronics, (Starkville)
Robert "Bob" Pittman, founder MTV, former CEO and COO AOL, (Jackson)
J. H. Rush, founder of Rush's Infirmary, the first private hospital in Meridian, Mississippi, (De Kalb)
Fred Smith, founder and CEO of FedEx, (Marks)
Larry A. Thompson, television producer, (Clarksdale)

[edit] Filmmakers
Charles Burnett, (Vicksburg)

[edit] Historians
David Herbert Donald, (Goodman)

[edit] Inventors
Earl W. Bascom, invented the hornless rodeo saddle and the rodeo one-handed bareback rigging, (Columbia)
Harry A. Cole, inventor of Pine-Sol, (Jackson)
Joseph Newman, (Lucedale)

[edit] Writers
Nevada Barr, mystery fiction author
Earl W. Bascom, (Columbia)
Lerone Bennett, Jr., editor of Ebony magazine, (Clarksdale)
Charlie Braxton, writer, hip hop journalist, scholar, poet and author (McComb)
Larry Brown, (Oxford)
R. Scott Brunner
Hodding Carter, II, editor, journalist, (Greenville)
Craig Claiborne, (Sunflower)
William Faulkner, (New Albany)
Vic Fleming, (Jackson)
Shelby Foote, historian, novelist, (Greenville)
Richard Ford, (Jackson)
John Grisham, (Southaven)
Carolyn Haines, (Lucedale)
Barry Hannah, (Clinton)
Thomas Harris, (Rich)
Martin Hegwood, (Canton)
Beth Henley, (Hattiesburg)
Greg Iles, (Natchez)
Greg Keyes, (Meridian)
Muna Lee, (Raymond)
Justin Mapp, (Brandon)
Willie Morris, (Jackson)
Lewis Nordan, (Forest)
Walker Percy, (Greenville)
William Alexander Percy, (Greenville)
William Raspberry, (Okolona)
Kevin Sessums, (Forest, Mississippi)
Eudora Welty, (Jackson)
Tennessee Williams, (Columbus)
Richard Nathaniel Wright, (Roxie)
Al Young, (Ocean Springs)
Stark Young, (Como)

2468 days ago


To Vintage '51: I sent a note on the other site You're a Hot Mamma 2-B this morning #107(?) and #183(?) for now. Did you see? Bella

2468 days ago

Big League Girlfriend    

Thank you Pannell64 for numbers 49 & 50! I cannot stand when people think that Southerners are idiots! There are some very intelligent people from the South. That list is just a partial one, too.

Some of the nicest, most genuine people that I know are from Amite County, Mississippi. We tend to forgive and open our hearts to these people in their need of compassion. Jamie Lynn made a mistake. A big one. She is going through quite a bit right now I am sure and all of you degrading her like you didn't ever have unprotected premarital sex makes you hypocritical.

Learn to live by the philosophy "Hate the sin; love the sinner"

2468 days ago


tht was the stupidst thing ive ever heard of jamie! let me tell u my friend and my talkabout u!

me- i catn stop tinering about jamie
friend- ya
me- cant believe she did that. thats just starting 2 hate her.she should be able 2 learn from her sisters mistakes.
friend- ya seriously i no.
me- even britany is being more careful.
friend- ya i no. he isnt as bad anymore.and he new song piece of me is awesome!
me- i no! go
friend- kk
me- read all about it!wat an idiot! doing stupid tings like dat!
friend- i no!

thats how bad u r jamie! wat do u tink ur doing? gys get awy wit everyting! its not fair! u idiot! thats right! i called u an idiot 4 doing that! andur mom shuld bemad at u! i mean seriously! thats horribly gross!


- me

2468 days ago

That's disgusting! A good role model would go a lot farther for those kids than the dough he'd get for baby-daddy's yearbook pic.

2468 days ago


If you want a better picture why not just check out HIS myspace page instead of the school's...

2468 days ago


Can't another student give a pic and make money-kids get on it! Ayearbook picture- get out your yearbook!

2468 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Most of the time when I read the "stories" and the posts on tmz, I feel like I'm crazy or something. Thank you pannell 64 for posts 49 and 50 and thank you Lauren Lynn post 52. I am SSSSSSSOOOOOO sick of the "trailer trash" and "hillbilly" talk. I'm 100% sure that 99.9% of the people who post those comments have never even been to the south. I really don't even understand where all of those derogatory and insulting comments fit in to any of this. It is ok for tmz to pay an absurd amount of money to anyone bum who happens to get a "crotch" shot or a "money" shot, but for a professional educator to want to not GIVE the "money shot" AWAY but would rather raise some funds for the school, people are going to jump all over him? Everything is so twisted. People that post here just want to rant and rave and name call - you are all uneducated, insensitive fools - you know who you are. Jamie Lynn is pregnant. She is 16. Casey seems to be a nice guy. He is 18 or 19. She is going to keep the baby. It is not her mom's fault. Get over it already and most of all stop with the name calling.

2468 days ago


first off its amite school center not amite center school. i think the school could use the money gloster is small and something like this never happens to little towns. and by the way we southerners are not trailer trash and bad role models yall are just yankees!

2468 days ago


Why does it suprise anyone that she is going to have a baby at such a young age? After all isn't it publized all of the time about how wonderful it is for people in hollywierd to have children before they are married. There are no morals in hollywood or anywhere else in this country.

2468 days ago

Skankgelina Is A PubWhore    

Wow, would I like to spear Jamie-Lynn. But ding-dang y'all, this is gonna be tough on BigSis. Better yet, how are tabloids going to treat Jamie-Lynn's rockin' body??

2468 days ago


I agree with a couple posts the various people have posted. That family is messed up. He should go to jail. I'm thinking that once those yearbooks are published. People are going to sell them to the nearest tabloid for couple hundred.

2468 days ago
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