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'Real Housewives' Husband Really Arrested

12/20/2007 6:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reality has set in for "Real Housewives of Orange County" husband Matt Keough. The former MLB star was popped by cops Tuesday afternoon in Newport Beach, Calif., after officers found him drinking at the bar at a local Marriott, thus violating his probation. Classy!
Michael Keough's booking photo
The 52-year-old Keough pleaded guilty to felony DUI charges in 2005, after crashing his SUV into another car and causing a chain reaction which seriously injured a bicyclist. Keough left the accident scene and was found at a nearby store. He reportedly blew almost three times the legal limit. Wow -- that's drunk!

The judge sentenced Keough to probation. The terms indicated he was not to consume any alcohol -- not even a drop. Cops arrested him after a Newport Beach police officer recognized him -- and knew he was not supposed to be drinking.

Marty Keough, Matt's dad and his uncle Joe all played professional baseball. His douchebag son Shane is currently playing minor league ball.

He'll be arraigned on the probation violation tomorrow.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with OC Sheriff's Dept. spokesperson, Jim Amormino, who confirmed that Keough was arrested in 2005 for DUI and that "the Oakland Athletics as well as Matt Keough's family are working together to get Matt into a treatment center to obtain the help that he needs."


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His wife is beautiful and she used to be a model. Sometimes women who marry arrogant men who loves to take away their wives self esteem and that makes them feel more powerful. Now look at him, he will probably try to get her back now that the world can see what an idiot HE is. She can lose weight and change all of the things MEN think are so important but his ugly mug shot is there forever along with his police record.

2465 days ago


I watch that show when there is is nothing else on for its comedic value. Everyone on the show is motivated by one thing Money, its like watching a bunch of losers sell thier soul to the all mighty $ every week. I dont think this guy has had a job since he was in baseball, he " manages" his loser sons " career" looks like he needs to manage to go to an AA meeting once in awhile and he also likes to tell his wife, who takes care of him how fat she is on a regualr basis. I find this show so very disturbing about how driven people can become by what other think of them and how much money and homes and cars they have, to me its not a reality show as much UN reality, if any of these people or thier children ever had to get a real job they'd never make it. I hope this guy gets some help, if for nothing then setting a good example for his kids.

2465 days ago

just me    

A close friend of mine was the one he rear ended in that accident. The guy was sloppy, fall down drunk ! My friend has severe back problems still and always will as a result of this idiots drinking and driving! We should be thanking that cop for busting him before he runs into or kills someone else-maybe you or one of your loved ones. I hope they lock him up-he apparently didn't learn a thing.

2465 days ago

Black Teef    

The dude is PUH - LASTERED!

2465 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

More than one baseball player, past & preent, with a son named Shane, has imbibed. Something about thosa athletes & common sense that just don't go together.

2465 days ago


Does Shane have mental problems?

2465 days ago


Matt was hit years ago by a baseball when he was a pro and it nearly killed him. The ball hit him upside the head, I am sure that kind of thing can do a little damage to a persons brain. He has had "problems" since.

2465 days ago


Bad week for former Cy Young Award winners, first Clemens, now Keough. Story on Keough...he was hit by a line drive, and never the same afterwards...that's when all the crap started w/ alcohol, etc. Sad. At least the A's kept him on in their front office.

2465 days ago


To #27 miscardy, you are correct. His wife made her own money, and then some and is currently a very successful real estate agent. Aside from that, I just don't buy this story. A cop just happens to walk into a bar and see this somewhat unknown guy drinking and all of a sudden KNOWS that he's not supposed to? How did he know that? They never mentioned it in the show. Anyway, how long does this non-drinking probation last, forever???? I never heard of such a thing.

As an aside: Their son, Shane, is disrespectful (not sure of his talent), and may have sexual preference issues, at least that's what is portrayed in the show.

2465 days ago

Black Teef    

I remember an episode with Douchebag's mom crying b/c everyone thought he was a buttpirate (?) Now he might have autism? Maybe he's a gay autistic??

2465 days ago

I am poster 58    

According to the Daily Pilot, Newport Beach police officers found Keough, 52, drinking at the Fashion Island Marriott hotel Tuesday evening after concerned hotel staff called authorities, Newport Beach police Lt. Evan Sailor said.

In a nutshell, the STAFF at the hotel called the police on him. Here's the link....

2465 days ago

Admitted Democrat    

This show can't be real. ALL OF THEM have got to be improv actors who are desperate for work. Could you imagine this NOT BEING FAKE.

Actually going on TV and showing the world what a tasteless common piece of trash you and your family are. Each one of these women are worse then the next…no class, manners or self respect. Garbage –each and every one of them and this just proves the point. PIGS!! Mothers and kids!!!

2465 days ago


I live in Coto De Caza. These people are an embarassment to our community! They are not well liked. Many of you don't know that Matt was hit in the head with a baseball which ended is professional career. He has neurological issues. It's sad the way his children and soon to be ex-wife treat him. Another bit of trivia - his wife was a former ZZ Top girl. Watch the older videos (Sharp Dressed Man). She's the one with the dark hair.

2465 days ago


If some of the people that made comments really watched the show, they would know that Matt and his wife both work. He is away from home 90% of the time for his job and his wife is a realtor dealing with million dollar homes.

2465 days ago


Matt doesn't live in Coto De Caza as many of you or the show may lead you to believe. He lives in Irvine, CA. He has a residence there because they wanted their son to go to Northwood High School so he could play on their baseball team!!!!

AND!!!! Jenna isn't the top realor you think she is. We have numerous other realtors here in Coto that blow her away!

2464 days ago
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