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'Real Housewives' Husband Really Arrested

12/20/2007 6:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reality has set in for "Real Housewives of Orange County" husband Matt Keough. The former MLB star was popped by cops Tuesday afternoon in Newport Beach, Calif., after officers found him drinking at the bar at a local Marriott, thus violating his probation. Classy!
Michael Keough's booking photo
The 52-year-old Keough pleaded guilty to felony DUI charges in 2005, after crashing his SUV into another car and causing a chain reaction which seriously injured a bicyclist. Keough left the accident scene and was found at a nearby store. He reportedly blew almost three times the legal limit. Wow -- that's drunk!

The judge sentenced Keough to probation. The terms indicated he was not to consume any alcohol -- not even a drop. Cops arrested him after a Newport Beach police officer recognized him -- and knew he was not supposed to be drinking.

Marty Keough, Matt's dad and his uncle Joe all played professional baseball. His douchebag son Shane is currently playing minor league ball.

He'll be arraigned on the probation violation tomorrow.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with OC Sheriff's Dept. spokesperson, Jim Amormino, who confirmed that Keough was arrested in 2005 for DUI and that "the Oakland Athletics as well as Matt Keough's family are working together to get Matt into a treatment center to obtain the help that he needs."


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Why doesn't the family get Matt help for abusing innocent animals! And teaching his sleaze bag son to shoot innocent rabbit's........................Nothing is worst than a human being abusing animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2467 days ago


Matt Keough, former MLB star??? Bit of a stretch, don't ya think? Ever check this guy's career stats? Stevie Wonder could get a hit off this guy.

2467 days ago


Money talks. Especially to superficial women.

Thank God I am gay!

You guys can have these bitche$.

2467 days ago


Someone needs to help this man. His #sshole family is too superficial for him to try to help him. You can read it in his eyes. I'd hate every minute of living with those people if I were him, just watch the show. His wife stopped caring years ago and his kids have no respect for him or any other living creature. He's never been happy in his life and he's hitting rock bottom. Give him some good medication to deal with his mental problems and get him on the road to recovery. Peace.

2467 days ago


Just another RICH SOB that buys a Judge...PROBATION? He blew three times THE LEGAL LIMIT? What is going on here? If the average joe blow was to blow three time the legal limit...are asses would be sitting behind bars and working until we were 90 yrs old to pay the friggin fines...

2467 days ago



2467 days ago


Guess who his hair dresser is? Nick Nolte's ,,,And Cuffed byMel Gibsons Swee T@!#TS female paid for COP..LMAO How sad....Money CAN buy alot... but not ALWAYS happiness/HEALTH...Don't forget He had a MAJOR HEAD INJURY/TRAUMA by baseball....He must be in great mental pain...Prayers for thefamily

2467 days ago


GODS must be Crazy - she does work , she sells real estate and is very successful at it. That is why she has all the houses.

Jacob - she left him not because of the show but because they , like she and he said " have nothing in commom" and becuse she put on some weight after the kids and he lost interest.

2467 days ago


I sure hope he doesn't call his wife for HELP, he didn't want anything to do with her when he was there in the house.!!

2467 days ago


It's very sad when people lose their way in life and get off track. I hope that Matt will receive the treatment he needs. I enjoy watching the Real Housewives of Orange County and never knew about his 2005 helps explain certain things that were never talked about on the reality series.

2467 days ago


I have watched every season of the show and Matt Keough has always acted like a jerk.He was mean to his wife,and his kids.
Jeana(Matt's wife) is perhaps the most genuine"housewife" on the show.Sure she has money,but why hate on her because of it?I'm far from rich,but if I had it,I'd damn sure spend it.Jeana owns four houses.She invests her money wisely.I agree that she does spoil her kids to an extent,but they're not really bad kids.
It is true that she was a self made millionaire by the time she was 30.She is a former actress(look her up on IMDB).She was on an episode of Magnum P.I. and dated Tom Selleck before meeting Matt.She also posed for Playboy in 1980.In the issue with the Jimmy Carter interview.She recently admitted that she doesn't think Matt ever really loved her.Their relationship was physical attraction.
Jeana and Matt have been separated for a while now.Jeana has lost quite a bit of weight and she is a beautiful woman.Matt was a baseball scout so he was away from home at least 200 days a year.When he was there,he treated his family like crap,as well as every body else.Now I know why.His alcohol consumption was never talked about on the show,but his wife and his daughter both often spoke of their feelings about it.In fact,Kara is known around Coto as the Alcohol Nazi.
Their son Shane is ADHD,not autistic.He's also young and immature.I see posts on this site written by people who are a hell of a lot more immature than Shane.
Shane now plays for the Vancouver Canadien's and has really matured since last season.He spoke of his behavior,and while he still has a temper,he also sees how it made him look in past seasons and he now wants to be a mentor and not a tormentor to his 15 year old brother,Colton.He really has matured this past year.And if he's gay..who gives a rats butt?He wouldn't be the first gay man,and he certainly won't be the last.
Their daughter Kara graduated this past Spring.Her G.P.A. was 4.4 She was a Valedictorian and she's now enrolled at UC Berkley.A very good school.
When I watch Jeana interact with her children it is obvious to me that she loves them and that they love her back.They may be sarcastic at times,but they do love her.
There's another Housewife named Vicky.Her son is in College at Colorado.She paid him a surprise visit last year and he was livid.She cried the whole time.Jeana can go visit her children any time.She is a PARENT not a friend.Matt is just a miserable person.Whether he's with his family or not.It has affected Shane the most.Much of what we see is edited down so much that there's no real way to tell what is going on.The only REAL thing we know is that Matt was found drinking at a hotel bar.He wasn't driving.He may be living there for all we know because he is separated from his wife.
I am a victim of a drunk driver myself and I am in no way condoning Matt's behavior.Like I said,he's a jerk.But I don't understand why every one is condemning the mans wife and children.It's fine if you don't like them based on what you see on the show,but none of them have committed any crimes,and what you do see on the show is edited to make certain people look bad...even if they're not.
So basically,that makes most of you just as judgmental and hypocritical as you seem to think they are.

2467 days ago


39. I live in Coto De Caza. These people are an embarassment to our community! They are not well liked. Many of you don't know that Matt was hit in the head with a baseball which ended is professional career. He has neurological issues. It's sad the way his children and soon to be ex-wife treat him. Another bit of trivia - his wife was a former ZZ Top girl. Watch the older videos (Sharp Dressed Man). She's the one with the dark hair.

Posted at 9:38PM on Dec 20th 2007 by Kitty
Sure you do LOL.Maybe Kotex de Caza
Every one that watches the show knows all of this.She also posed for Playboy and dated Tom Selleck..She's also been in several movies.
Wow,I know a lot,maybe I should move to Coto too.I'd love to buy a lovely home from Jeana :-)

2467 days ago


can someone please cancel that show. id happen to watch it out of curiosity and it made me sick .

2467 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

What show was he on? Real Cellwives of Orange County Jail?

2467 days ago


As the whole family has said on the show. Matt suffered a brain injury when hit by a line drive in the dugout. They said he became a different person after that. And wish he was before the injury cause now he has a temper and a mean sharp tounge that he lashed out at his wife all the time. As she said it was better when he was out of town cause they walked on eggshells. She stayed in that marriage longer than most would have. She makes her own money as the areas top realator. I could not believe that man skipped his daughters graduation and she was Valditorian.

2467 days ago
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