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Will Tisdale Survive Jennifer Grey Syndrome?

12/20/2007 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A nose job may have fixed her deviated septum, but it has rendered Ashley Tisdale (even more) unrecognizable. Who's that girl? Mira Sorvino?! Sarah Michelle Gellar?!
Ashley Tisdale
Known mostly as the chick from "High School Musical" who isn't dating Zac Efron, Ash showed off her new beak on Wednesday, after canceling concerts last weekend due to her surgery. Tisdale may have recovered from rhinoplasty, but will her career?! Ashlee Simpson's never did!

In the early '90s, "Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Grey's face-altering nose job went so well -- she barely worked again!


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Man-Up Zac!

2462 days ago


Jennifer Grey looked better before she had her nose done. She was a real cutie pie in Dirty Dancing.

2462 days ago


It's amazing how some nose jobs don't really alter looks, and then some change looks dramatically. Ashley's nose job is good work, but she doesn't look the same..not bad, just different...younger, maybe. She just needs a little more eye makeup and she'll be looking great.

2462 days ago


darn, she does look more "stepford" now. Poor kid. Stop listening to those suits and doing anything they say for fame!!!!!!!!!!!!! The unique quality of her face is gone. that is so wrong.

2462 days ago

j m    

I have been waiting for a forum to post this. First ~ she looks totally different to me! Second, I myself have an extreme deviated septum that the doctor is going to fix with a septoplasty. A RHINOPLASTY is far more complicated and intricate than a septoplasy where a septoplasty does not break your nose, he told me I won't get black eyes, and that my appearace will stay the same. A rhinoplasty is a full on nose job. Someone's been making excuses for the truth. Fine, you want a nose job with your septum fixed but be honest about it. And she looks totally different.

2462 days ago


I think she looked better before. SHe did look older and I can't quite put my finger on it but she reminds me of the 16 year old down the street. God gave her great looks and she messed with it! Oh well

2462 days ago


My ex boyfriend had a deviated septum and he didn't have to get nasal structure fixed. I think she used it as an excuse to have her nose bobbed. She should of left well enough alone!

2462 days ago


What is the fascination with her? She's not cute. Sorry.

2462 days ago


DUHHHH!!! She still has a crooked nose, it is the same, if she got a NOSE JOB, she would have paid to get it fixed I hope, because they sure did not fix it. Everyone has lost it, just something to gripe and be nosy about when she had work done on the inside of her nose, not the outside, she would not even be out and about this soon with a nose job, it would be swollen bruised and bandaged. Complete Morons!!! She will still get work, Jennifer Grey had a dramatic Nose Job, not a deviated septum. Get with it!!

2462 days ago


What is wrong with the doctors? Why do they give people the same ski NOSE? Ever notice you can spot a nose job from a mile away!! They all look like they're from the same family, the ski nose family. If you get your nose done you shouldn't look like you had a nose job, isn't that the objective?

2462 days ago


i got a nose job and my eyes were swollen and the skin above my upper lip was stiffened for a good 2 months...that's why she looks like this. she'll look much better in a month or so. ashlee simpson didn't come out of hiding for quite awhile & this is too soon for tisdale!

2462 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

She's not wearing eye makeup because she doesn't want to distract attention away from her new honker, of which she's very proud. But I think it would be better if she just made a gloryhole with the snout sticking out the hole.

Very cute though - as long as she's photographed from the side. That snoot is too pinched in now - she could wind up hurting someone with that thing.

2462 days ago

his fav brunette    

well, maybe its the new all natural look she is going for.....which if you ask me, doesnt work for almost anyone. not even ashley tisdale!!! sorry sweetie, you need makeup. :) but i do think u are a beautiful girl!!!!

2462 days ago


way prettier before!

2462 days ago


all bow to kim. the only smart one here (sigh)

2462 days ago
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