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Will Tisdale Survive Jennifer Grey Syndrome?

12/20/2007 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A nose job may have fixed her deviated septum, but it has rendered Ashley Tisdale (even more) unrecognizable. Who's that girl? Mira Sorvino?! Sarah Michelle Gellar?!
Ashley Tisdale
Known mostly as the chick from "High School Musical" who isn't dating Zac Efron, Ash showed off her new beak on Wednesday, after canceling concerts last weekend due to her surgery. Tisdale may have recovered from rhinoplasty, but will her career?! Ashlee Simpson's never did!

In the early '90s, "Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Grey's face-altering nose job went so well -- she barely worked again!


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Uh, Eava - Ashley is 22. What exactly is she supposed to look like at her age? And how is one supposed to "act" at 22?

2498 days ago


I liked her old nose better. It had character and went better with her facial features.

2498 days ago


Never mind the nose, what about the lack of talent and the lip sincing???
She made the Simpson sisters look like singers! Do we really want to give her or Disney more money for this crap!

All those high school kids are losers they created in a studio. None of them can really sing.

2498 days ago


Does anybody really believe she did it for health related reasons? Come on... She stated it needed to be corrected because her "condition" made it difficult for her to breathe, which supposedly caused her to hyperventilate, saying that a doctor then had to give her oxygen from a tank. Doesn't she know that when you hyperventilate, health professionnals won't give you MORE oxygen, they'll make you breath through a paper bag so you get LESS oxygen. What a moron... She's done it all to herself for cosmetic purposes only and now she doesn't look like herself anymore... Que sera, sera... And why is it that the people with "deviated septums" are never the ones with pretty noses? Same phenomenon as "the dog ate my homework".... They should start looking for more orginal excuses for getting cosmetic work done...

2498 days ago


she look better before at least her face had character...she look more plain than sara gilbert,,,that rebelious dauther from the roseann show...

2498 days ago


"Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Hippoplasty!"-Phil Ken Sebben, "Droopy Botox" on Harvey Birdman

2498 days ago


It's not just her nose, it's the hair and the makeup...if she just goes back to her old colors she'll look the same.

2498 days ago


looks like hell

2498 days ago


Everyone needs to calm down a bit about this situation. She just had the surgery and hasn't fully healed yet. She's bound to look a little different now. Also, her hair isn't the platinum blond it was before, and she's not wearing as much makeup. If I'd just had surgery, I'm sure I wouldn't be wearing much either. No one can say yet if she'll suffer the same fate as Jennifer Grey. It's too early for that. Wait a couple of months until she fully heals and is back to her old self. Then run this article if it still applies.

2498 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

An ex girlfriend of mine ( dated 6 years) had what she IN HER WORDS described as a 'Jewish nose' (and she was Jewish) and didn't much like it. Then she broke her nose in a skiing accident and ended up with a deviated septum. Took her a while to get the money, but she decided to have both the septum and the bump and length of her nose fixed at the same time. She said that if they were going in there to fix one thing, might as well do it all! She was Thrilled with the outcome and could breath a whole lot better! Personally, she was cute both pre and post op, but I was just happy that she was happy! Ashley reminds me very much of my old gf and they even look a bit similar both ways-pre and post. I seriously doubt this will kill her career if she does have talent ( I don't know, I've never seen her). It's not like she had a talent-ectomy. Plus she is young enough and has a lot of time ahead of her. I only hope that she stops there and doesn't end up looking like some plastic faced drone - a look that many actresses now sport.

2498 days ago


Either way she way not blessed with beauty. Both noses are ugly. Why would you go under the knife to look like that?
She needs to stop now, or she will soon look completely fug.

2498 days ago


my little girl just walked into my computer room and she cant even read and she knew who she was, i think it is the change in the hair and the fact she is wearing less makeup that makes her look different she still looks reconizable.

2498 days ago

Tragic. She looked so cute before, quirky is good! But just keep doing your thing and we'll all get over it.

2498 days ago


Come on kiddies, she's butt ugly.

2498 days ago


She screwed up royally by having this surgery I used to think she was hot but now she looks plain ugly. Further healing is not going to help her looks ANY.

2498 days ago
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