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Brit Ordered to Sit -- For Depo

12/21/2007 7:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an order in Brit's custody case -- you have to read between the lines, but based on what we know, Commissioner Scott Gordon has ordered the popwreck to sit for her deposition.

Britney failed to show for her depo a little more than a week ago, claiming she was ill. But TMZ got shots of Spears later that night partying it up. In fact, K-Daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, subpoenaed our tape. In court, the Commish accepted our story without viewing the tape because neither party questioned whether our video was the real deal.

We're told Spears will take the oath and submit to the depo the first week in January. That is, if she doesn't get "sick" again.

Stay tuned ...


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just me    

Excerpt: "TMZ got shots of Spears later that night partying it up."

Partying it up? What TMZ "got shots of" is Britney at her home away from home, the favorite home away from home of a lot of Hollywood's elite, the relaxing digs of the Four Seasons Hotel where she can indulge in five-star dining and retreat to a luxurious spa treatment and massage. That is not "partying it up." That is the perfect cure for frazzled "anxiety." TMZ's slimy photogs then followed Britney and "got shots of" her stop for gas and then followed her to a convenience store stop (a.k.a. gas station) and "got shots of" that before heading home. Is that a night of partying it up? I think not. TMZ are such lying c**ksuckers!

2499 days ago

Ulf D.    

My Night Life Party Time is over ( years ago) and i have still my problems with the staff at the local gas stations. 14 Years ago in active night life scene suddenly it turns. The people at the gas stations in my town ( perhaps 10 or 20 Stations) were from one night to the other unexpected unfriendly, aggressive, tryed to block feelings and to manipulate the way of life of other peoples in the few minutes where they were in the station buildings for paying the gasoline bill and to buy a bit stuff for the rest of the night.

2499 days ago


Anagram "depo"="dope".

2499 days ago

ME TOO    

If it's on TMZ that's good enough for the judge was being sarcastic?..I hope..

2499 days ago


How many personalities are in her head? How many will show up with her at the depo?

2499 days ago


Thank you Kelli and Jackrussellmommy.........Your words I will cherish. Thank you for being soo kind.

2499 days ago

dave brown    

toss her lilly white can in jail, bring the ho's sis & ma with her, force her pa to watch as she, sissy & mammy are subpoenad, sequestered, convicted & tossed in, no special privileges for any of them. toss papa spears & papa k-fed additional warnings, let them take care of the mess they helped create. send the lohan crew along with the hilton crew the vid disc of the proceedings & any other person that the general public has to suffer through listening, watching, reading & hearing about on a year round tour of the prisons in each city ms. spears & her sister travel to, make sure they get the low class treatment they deserve, not the high class treatment they're used to, maybe this will teach them that taxpayers money as well as the public's obsession, fascination or whatever you call it can only go so far!

2499 days ago


If she wasn't a celebretard, she would have already been in jail for contempt. No, wait.... she would have been in a mental institution where she belongs. Hey Britney... you attention-whore... stay home and clean your nasty house. All the empty Cheetos bags and Mountain Dew cans are attracting bugs in the neighborhood. Then take a bath, put on some clean clothes that don't stink and DO MATCH, get a manicure on those ate up fingernails, go buy a HUMAN HAIR wig that looks natural and go see a doctor about that meth mouth and yeast infection.. .

2499 days ago

Jesus Heals    

BRIT NEEDS HELP and I pray that she gets it before it's too late! There is a sweet soul in that confused woman's mind.

2499 days ago



Man, I sure hope Kaplan rakes that sleazy skank over the hottest coals he can get!


2499 days ago


I keep telling ya all, she has gone each time but she thinks they mean to be at the Home Depo . .

2499 days ago

The Monkey Zone    


2499 days ago


I really wish she would sit for Depo. A Depo-shot. Her and her white trash family.

2499 days ago


I AM FOR YOU AND I BELIEIVE IN YOU...I know that the PAPS drive you crazy and i can't imagine what is like for you . But Girl you ARE STRONG AND YOU WILL SHOW ALL OF THEM... Just remember your boys!!!!!!!Be Strong

2499 days ago


BRitney is a washed up has been loser. WE diont care what the hell happens to that loser and that 16 year old tramp of a sister of hers

2499 days ago
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