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Britney: "What You See Is What You Get!"

12/21/2007 3:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With that massive breakout on Brit's chin -- perhaps fast food isn't her best option for vittles. I gotta gits me some Proactiv y'all!

The popwreck stopped at a Carl's Jr. last night and was all snarky attitude with her paparazzi BFFs, when they started discussing Jamie Lynn. When the conversation switched -- so did Britney's personality! Girlfriend changes with every toss of that stringy-assed weave!


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Alan Cohen    

She may be spaced out a lot, and do crazy things, but with her dough coming in the way it does, I would just classify her as being extremely eccentric.

2496 days ago


What the hell is she wearing? it looks like dog fur. And that color only makes her look more pink and pimply.
All that money, All that opportunity, all wasted on this junkie.

2496 days ago


Seems to me that Mz Brit's drug habits are taking a toll on her face. I suspected it from earlier pictures but the marks were always covered up with make-up or something. Let's see her 'splain this one away.

2496 days ago


sure what we see is a unbalanced sad young woman , with or without a drug problem with 2 small children with no mother for the holidays.What we get is that its a long slow painful ride to the bottom brittney..all the money in this world wont buy this girl happiness, and the worst part is, i dont think she knows how to climb out of the gutter shes in.I for one am going to make a effort to nott read another item on brittney or her sister, for the sheer sake that i cant stand seeing some one die like this.

2496 days ago


Anyone who assumes that Britney's breakouts are caused by poor diet is just ignorant. It has been PROVEN that junk food doesn't cause zits, people! Ask any dermatologist. That being said, I have no idea why with all of her millions, Britney doesn't seem to be getting the help of an MD for this problem. Her skin issues with the chin breakouts are likely hormonal and are VERY common with women.

2496 days ago


stay in the effing house for one second britney geez!!!!!!!!!!!!

2496 days ago


She must pick at her zits. She has had that one underneath her lip for several months ago, with no sign of fading. Plus one on her cheekbone on the same side. And now she has a matching one on the other side of her lip. I think she next needs a real big one on the other cheekbone, so she has two matching sets.

She eats terribly and always seems dirty, so no wonder she has bad skin.

2496 days ago


Gee...I don't know about you...but, when my teenage sister just found out she's pregnant, I lost custody of my kids, have no career to speak of at the moment...AND I'm being followed around by idiots with care just might not be my top priority....Go Figure!

Granted, she needs to just stay home and order in.....but, the cameras need to back off. They complain about her being less than nice? I would have run over more than just a few toes if I were her at this point! I would love to be a celeb for one day.....sorry, you weren't in the crosswalk, so I didn't see you until you were under my tire! bad!

2496 days ago


The train wreck is only interested when the attention is on her. She is a useless person.

2496 days ago

ny chic    

who diagnosed her with bi-polar??? as stated in a previous comment.....if this is true, she should not be partying at all because the meds they give u, clearly state to stay away from booze...this is not an easy illness and obviously is she has this disorder, she is not taking her meds.....with bi-polar you need to see drs. and do the right thing, which she obviously isn' also brings on suicidal thoughts if not properly treated....she needs the help and refuses it....the ball is in her park and all she wants to do is party and stay out all night...she gets what she deserves and she def doesn't deserve the babies....everyone can keep saying clean up your act brit & get help, but if she really wants it she would have done it a long time ago...loser, come back to reality

2496 days ago

Man Whore    

Harvey, it is very obvious that britney is now on crystal meth. Her weight loss, behavior, and most obvious, look at her mouth, classic breaking out coused by meth use. Also, I'n some photos, you can see that her finger tips are calissed!

2496 days ago


Britney deserves all the crapola she getting from everyone. She pimps out her sister's pregnancy in a magazine to make money and then acts like she doesn't even know Jaime is pregnant. The girl has some serious mental problems.

2496 days ago


everyone gets zits! And the girl doesn't want to talk about her little sister. Maybe shes a little defensive about that subject. Just cause she changed her attitude dosen't mean she is bi-polar. give the girl a break and leave her alone! Find someone eles to harass. The Britney harrassing is getting so very old.

2495 days ago


all you bloggers saying she is on meth. How would you guys know about that!? Hmmm......

2495 days ago

Man Whore    

I wish someone would post timelapsed photos of ms. spears over the years, they will be proof possitive of her drug use decline that is so evident of meth and crack heads. It is so very sad that she chooses to go that route. I have been in law enforcement for 25 yrs now. I have seen this time and time again. We need to get a hold of our young'ins and knock some sense into them, but first, we need to weed out these losers!

2495 days ago
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