Erik Estrada -- Please Pray for My Son

12/21/2007 5:03 PM PST
Erik Estrada issued the following statement to TMZ:

"My wife and I have been informed that my adult son Brandon has been involved in an incident, Brandon informed us recently that he has had 'stress' and "pressure' at college and has elected to see an on-campus psychologist, of which I told him that it was a good idea to talk to someone about his feelings and condition. I have been made aware through this incident that he has been on some kind of medicine for stress and or depression. I was unaware he was taking any kind of medicine until this incident, as he does not live with us. I would like to thank all of the women and men of law enforcement as well as Northwest airlines for helping my son when he was clearly not able to help himself. I am sorry that other passengers had to be negatively affected by this incident and thank all of them for helping my son. He now can get help that he clearly needs. Please reach out to my son in your prayers during this time of need and I thank you for all of your support."