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Ike Laid Out

12/21/2007 12:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ike Turner made a final appearance yesterday in a spectacular gold-studded lilac suit, with a golden Fender Stratocaster by the side of his coffin.

The elaborate silver coffin was topped with a massive spray of white flowers at the Angelus Funeral Home on Crenshaw Blvd., where hundreds filed past to pay their final respects. TMZ spotted accused murderer Phil Spector in the queue.


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Not everyone can make it out to La to see a Celebrity's Funeral, So for some this is a source of closer, and for others they just wanted to see Ike in his casket. Like most people said if this ain't your thing than don't click on the picture. I don't know how this actually looked on the website, since I actually Googled Ike Turner Funeral, looking for the picture, but if it was like you came to the site and WOAH HELLO DEAD IKE PIC!! than I can understand why people would be mad, at least do some thing like IKE IN HIS COFFIN click here (Warning do not open if you don't want to see a body in a coffin), Than if people still bitch screw them cause they were warned..

Rip Mr. Turner, You've smacked your last bitch in this life..

2495 days ago

Mia Turner    

First of all My Daddy, nor the family, Meaning his children DID NOT approve anyone to take pictures or better yet., post this on the web.... No Daddy didn't go to HELL.. He is in God's hands. He made peace with God, and that is all that truly matters.... For those of you that want to place negativity you did not know him, you just knew him by a freakin' movie..... So back the hell off........

2495 days ago


I know it's Ike Turner, and I know you guys are in the business of humiliation and making fun of everyone, but COME ON!!!! Have a little respect for the dead- no matter what kind of superd**k they were in life!!!

2494 days ago


To the person disgusted
You have to PAY to be a customer and the last time I checked this was a free site.

2491 days ago


Isn't this the guy who told Tina Turner she would never amount to anything? Oh yes! Didn't he slap her around? Yes, that is the guy. I noticed one of the comments on Tina being ungrateful. When you are abused like she was - how could you be?

2491 days ago


First, RIP to one of greatest musicians ever!! Now I have to clear my mind and get this off my chest. Thank you TMZ for posting this photo (even if it wasnt the best angle). Ike's life was public so his death should equally be open to the public. He touched the lives of millions of people.Should we as fans not see his final state and pay our respects as well. Seriously people grow up its death, which is the only guarantee that we all have in this life, we all have to die, accept it and move on. (His family made it public for us to share with them so respect that and be greatful for that privalege). Now as for Tina's absence, would you want someone at your homegoing service that was not there to show respect? It would have been more disrepectful for her to show up there with spiteful intentions, at risk of not controlling her emotions and possiby saying something inappropriate in front of his family, friends and fans. I found it admirable for her to look beyond whatever differences they may have had and allow him to rest in peace and keep any negativity on her part away from his legacy celebration service. We dont know what terms they were on when he pasted as long as she can sleep at night thats between God, her and Ike...not us...soo lets mind our business.

2488 days ago

Everyone's been heard    

We've all been heard. Now it's time to let it go. Let the family mourn. It's not about Ike anymore, it's about his survivors; they deserve rest. It's time for peace.

2486 days ago


okay people, first of all let me say that i totally had no respect for ike because he was an abuser, but thats just it he WAS an abuser. The man is dead and gone so why make disrespectful comments now that he is in the ground? Let's be for real, if you died today would you want people to talk bad about you? it's one thing if you are able to defend yourself, but if you are dead, you can't. Secondly, if you didn't want to see a picture of ike in his casket, WHY DID YOU CLICK ONTHE LINK?????? let's be serious now. some people may think it's morbid, but so what? when you die, people will look at your body, so why is it so bad for people to look at his that were unable to attend the service???

2477 days ago


Hell has a new member

2497 days ago


tastless to put that picture up. first!

2497 days ago

Dawn Day    

Yikes! I didn't think you could post pictures like this!! How morbid and disrespectful.

2497 days ago


YES! TMZ got we wanted! An Ike cam!

2497 days ago


That's just tacky. Goes to show you the kind of person he was and the company he kept to have that pic up.

2497 days ago


Why would you show this photo? This is very tacky.

2497 days ago


His face looks like wax!

2497 days ago
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