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Ike Laid Out

12/21/2007 12:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ike Turner made a final appearance yesterday in a spectacular gold-studded lilac suit, with a golden Fender Stratocaster by the side of his coffin.

The elaborate silver coffin was topped with a massive spray of white flowers at the Angelus Funeral Home on Crenshaw Blvd., where hundreds filed past to pay their final respects. TMZ spotted accused murderer Phil Spector in the queue.


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What is the big deal about a dead body?
this is not the first time a dead celebrity's body has been on the internet...
Stop being so sensitive, you p*ss*es!

2469 days ago


Hey Redneck,

If white people want to show respect to Elvis, who also beat his wife...then respect can be showed to Ike, who was one of the founders of Rock-n-Roll. He didnt copy or steal from anyone. He was there!

2469 days ago

Shocked and Awed    

All the people that are complaining are the same people that have the 2Girls 1Cup video saved to their favorites!
TMZ=tasteless....isn't that a bit redundant??
Go hug a tree!

2469 days ago


By showing the photo, Ike is being shown the respect in death that he deserved in life. Way to go TMZ!

2469 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

TMZ.......I hope you plan on streaming at the cemetery today..............That was such a hoot at the funeral home!!!!

2469 days ago



Who said we have 2 girls and 1 cup saved? I don't think so. I'm sure you are a lovely person, but please understand that a lot of us read this site for general, entertaining clebs news. Not to see some departed soul in his casket for the world display. That is fundamentally wrong, tacky, and just not right. Period.

2469 days ago


The people who work for TMZ have NO MORALS!!! Sickening!

2469 days ago


Hey TMZ, do you have any respect?????? I can't believe you posted this picture on here!!!! Wow...

2469 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

#35 Justin P, good riddance! No one will miss you here! I just love it when people stomp their feet like little children! I'll keep an eye out for your name so I can R.I.P. on you when you come back! And another wife beater bites the dust! More Cheers!!!!

2469 days ago


The people saying this should be taken down, and that it's disrespectful, should consider that he had a public viewing of his body, probably per his wishes, and that maybe not everyone who wanted to go could do so. I personally could have gone without seeing it, but I'm a big boy. TMZ isn't known for its respect of stars, private citizens, or even the deceased. If you're offended that easily don't come to this site.

2469 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

#42 SheBeBack, your name says it all! Liar! Please be honest and just go away!

2469 days ago


I do agree, this is a tad distasteful...YO! Is that a Caddy symbol on that casket?! DAAAYYUM, Suhweet.

2469 days ago


It's pretty funny that you guys are totally okay with TMZ disrespecting living stars all the time. It's okay to stalk people, photograph their children, and so on, but posting a distant picture of a dead body, that was on public display, is just too much for you to handle? My oh my, lol. At least the person you say they're disrespecting doesn't have to live through it!

It's just another negative way some people have come up with to make themselves feel moral. Come on, guys, feed a hungry kid, plant a tree, help an old lady across the street, give charity - whatever. There are so many more positive ways you can lift yourselves up.

2469 days ago



I think there should be a new catagory heading: Corpse Cams

Well done TMZ, I wasn't sure if y'all had the onions for this. Happy Holidays

2469 days ago

Grace E.    

Really the truely distasteful moment here is the mentioning of Phil Specter, the ancient music man who murdered Lana Clarkson by firing a gun in her mouth rather than showing greats like Little Richard and all the other famous music persons who attended the funeral. Why TMZ?

2469 days ago
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