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Jamie Lynn Advised by "Zoey" Co-Star, 15

12/21/2007 1:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Knocked up Nickelodeon darling Jamie Lynn Spears is bound to get advice from anyone within earshot -- and TMZ caught JL's former "Zoey 101" co-star Alexa Nikolas giving her two cents worth -- and then another nickel's worth!

It's unusual hearing life advice from a worldly 15-year-old -- who also chats about why she left the show and whether the two young stars talk anymore. Juicy!

In 2005, Page Six reported that Britney stormed the set of "Zoey 101," and "screamed at a 13-year-old co-star who had been feuding with Jamie Lynn -- leaving the traumatized tweenster in tears."

After Britz chewed out Alexa, calling her "evil little girl," the source added, "Alexa was in tears. She was sobbing and totally upset." Now Miss Alexa has some advice for Jamie!

Alexa is moving on up from "Zoey 101," we hear she's got a new reality show with Lionsgate.


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just wondering    

...Like...ohhhhhhhhh my god..she's so cute ! hahahaha

2466 days ago


Sorry but "normal" teenagers don't get knocked up! That would be something that's planned and arranged and it doesn't "just happen" unless you're ignorant or illiterate. Everyone knows that there is protection. She's just another SPEAR'S SLUT. KICK HER TO THE CURB NICK, or I'll NEVER LET MY KIDS WATCH IT AGAIN.
Join me on this, is this the kind of

2466 days ago


I'm a parent of kids who watch Zoey 101 and I can tell you, THEY ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED TO WATCH IT. YOU ARE NOT A GOOD ROLE MODEL Jamie Lynn. I realize teenagers do have sex even though they shouldn't but didn't Lynne Spears discuss BIRTH CONTROL with her daughter???? Sex without birth control = unwanted baby! Jamie Lynn, no one believes you that you "are shocked". If you had sex without birth control, then YOU KNOW A PREGNANCY IS POSSIBLE!!! You can't be THAT STUPID!!!

Nick needs to fire that girl and cancel her show!!!! Send a message to all these kids who watch this show that it is NOT OK TO BE PREGNANT AT 16!!!!

2466 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

I don't support teenage sex/pregnancy but I respect the fact that she's not having an abortion. Definately to young to have a baby she's a baby herself. Her mother has both her hands full with an out of control daughter and a pregnant teen daughter. Let them grow up and remember "Show Business" isn't what its cracked up to be.

2466 days ago



You would right only if she was a virgin...but I really doubt that was her first ride, nor that the father was the first to ride her.

She was probably thinking: "What is taking so long? I wonder if I would look fat if I taped this?" and the like

2466 days ago


Cute kid, I wish her good luck in a sleazy business.

2466 days ago


See jr, I told you FIBiker wasn't all bad. Nice FIBiker.

2466 days ago


shes so cute! why isn't she super famous?! TMZ... get on that! Stalk this girl and make her big!



2466 days ago


This kid sounds like she has her head on straight and why should she keep her mouth shut and say "No comment"??? No one else is and I hope JLS watches this interview and feels like the piece of ignorant trash she is. Shameful. My children will NOT watch Zoey again

2466 days ago


Okay people, quit acting like you werent bumping uglies at 16. Why do you people have to be so judgemental? So what, she was having sex...oohhh...the world is gonna end. A teenager having sex. The only mistake she made was not using proper birth control.

2466 days ago


i dont need to hear anything a 15 year old has to say about life.

2466 days ago


That poor girl...she's been dragged through so much mud. even if the boy is old enough to be a day
they're still gonna break up and she'll be alone.

And if all her ex friends hate her...she'll be really alone.

2466 days ago


If Nickelodeon does not stop airing Zoey 101 right now, they are sending a message to young kids that everything will be manageable and ok even if they do get pregnant. They need to send a message to kids that IT IS NOT OK!!!! YES, a little baby will be born and that is a beautiful miracle, but lives have been changed drastically here! At the age of 16, the path of Jamie Lynne’s life and her baby’s life have been defined, where before she could have done almost anything. Children are a great joy, they are, but it is tough to manage life and bring them up appropriately with good values so they can contribute to society. A 16 year old is not equipped to do this. I know her mother will help, BUT even in the best-case scenario, when the mother herself is not ready to be emotionally invested in their own child, it affects the child negatively. It’s just a sad, sad situation for the entire family and everyone involved. Nickelodeon needs to cancel her show AND stop airing it immediately and also address this publicly. They should go above and beyond the call of duty and point parents in the right direction in terms of what they should say to their young kids when they ask about this. They should tell their kids she made a mistake that will change the rest of her life. A mistake that can not be fixed with money. A mistake that will prohibit her from planning a family when she is ready. A mistake that will place a burden on her parents for the rest of their lives. A mistake that affects all of the other actors, staff and personnel of the show. The list goes on. PEOPLE! PUT THE PRESSURE ON NICKELODEON! WRITE TO THEM PLEASE!!!!!

2466 days ago


I thought I was the only one who noticed her hickey.

So Jamie Lynn is the devil for having sex and getting pregnant at 16, but this girl is adorable for having sex, and only having a hickey on her neck at 15?? But because she's not pregnant (yet), that's why it's okay for her! That seems unfair to me. I'm pretty sure when she got that hickey she was doing the same thing that Jamie Lynn was doing when she got pregnant. I don't like this girl. :/

Also, have you guys forgotten that protection doesn't work ALL the time? You guys are ASSUMING that Jamie Lynn didn't use protection. You guys don't know that. Condoms DO break. Jamie Lynn isn't the first teenager to get pregnant. And she's not going to be the last. Seriously, get over it.

I'm pretty sure if she wasn't Britney's sister, you guys wouldn't be so judgemental of Jamie Lynn. Didn't Beyonce's younger sister get pregnant at a young age also? But since Beyonce isn't a total disaster like Britney, no one cared.

2466 days ago


Alice, that's not the reason they weren't friends. This girl sounds like she was raised with values and to have more going on in her life than spreading them for some boy. Jamie Lynn probably thought she was square and uncool.

2466 days ago
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