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Britney Makes Midnight Run with Trunk Open

12/22/2007 2:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A TMZ photog was at Hyde last night when he spotted an unusual car -- a white convertible cruising down Sunset Blvd. using its spare tire on the right rear -- and with its trunk ajar. Get out the way! It's Britney!
The single momwreck and future auntie headed over to Rite-Aid drugstore to buy some "stuff for my babies" -- where she parked her car in a handicapped spot. Perhaps she can't read them funny blue picture signs.

After buying a stuffed horse, Britney went to make an exit, but had to deal with a starstruck drugstore diva before she could continue her late night errands ... or whatever the hell it is she does driving around at all hours.


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Leave her alone. TMZ exists only to harass people!

2475 days ago

rockin' johnny    

Is there no limit to Britney's idiocy?

She is driving around high on drugs. The police have got to stop her before she hurts or kills somebody.

Britney is a skank and a whore.

2475 days ago


Hey look another idiot. She's almost as dumb as Britney is. Worthless people.

2475 days ago


I think Britney needs to lay off the 'bull butter' sandwhiches.

2475 days ago


You guys are ignorant. She is human. If you think that her new video is one of the best of all time. She has way too much paprazzi around, therefore we are gonna see her everyday.

2475 days ago


She is mega income still - but a lost soul at this point - hope she makes it through Christmas safely.

2475 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

This retard update has been brought to you by TMZ!

2475 days ago

Hidden bedroom cam 4FREE    

Maybe if you people in the media would stop chasing her everywhere, she wouldn't tend to make such mistakes. The poor girl just wants to go out and party and get some late night snacks for crying out loud.

2475 days ago



How can someone be doped up on anti-depressants? Explain that one, please.

2475 days ago


Junkies do the darndest things.

2475 days ago

just me    

Just goes to show that even the finest automobiles are not 100% stupid-proof.

2475 days ago


ima dumbass y'll.

2475 days ago


Wow. For Jaimie Lynn's new mommy present, a probably $300 t-shirt from Le Petit Tresor ... for her OWN CHILDREN, $30 worth of crap from a drug store.

Yep priorities, y'all!

2475 days ago


Thank you TMZ for giving me my Britney fix each and every day. Harvey, you should give her a Starbucks gift card since she is the biggest source of entertainment on the site and show. I just love her...she is cool even though many people say mean things about her. They love her as well for they wouldn't be tuning it and commenting on her. Britney, if you read this....KEEP IT UP! You rock...

2475 days ago


"IT'S BRITNEY B-TCH!'' I love that part of her song "Gimme More" LMFAO!!! To be honest we all have been guilty of this. But usually we look in the rearview mirror or hear those annoying bells that remind us that we left the trunk open. Brit probably realized it but didn't want to stop at the time. AT LEAST SHE DIDN'T LEAVE ONE OF THE BABIES ON THE ROOF! Oh, I forgot they're with "FED-EX' this week!

2475 days ago
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