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Pint-Sized Pap Grounded by Cop

12/22/2007 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If there ever was concern about the pint-sized paparazzi being up past their bedtime -- worry no more!

Tiny photog Austin suited up to get some celebrity shots Thursday night outside of Goa, but was sent home to his Superman bedsheets by a cop who wouldn't budge on child labor laws.

Thank goodness they never sent Doogie Howser home mid-procedure!


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Ben from Baltimore    

I think that it is cool that this kid is doing this. Celebrities have posed for him when they would not pose for the nerve-wrecking adult paparazzi. This cop should be going after real criminals, like the rapists, pedophiles, and spousal abusers. I can't stand cops that are riding around going after the smallest of the small time issues when they could be chasing real criminals and they wonder why crime is up all over the US. This kid isn't hurting anbyody or anything this cop needs an attitude adjustment.

2459 days ago


#19 - FOffBeyotch! Last time I checked, I am allowed Freedom Of Speech too. And I didn't use vulgarities to use it, either.
So glad I have class, intelligence, honesty, and respect. Get some! It couldn't hurt!

Thank goodness I know more about this subject matter than you do! Next time you're around this kid, let me now. In the meantime. dont interfer with those of us WHO ARE!

2459 days ago


he should of slipped the cop a benjamin...

2460 days ago

Lenn K.    

Has it gotten this bad? What's next Gary Coleman starking celebs, oh yeah, he was once a celeb. Do you ever wonder if God just say, these people that I made are more fun than I thought they'd be or pretty much what I expected!!

2460 days ago

Rick Da Ruler    

Get your ass to bed right now ya young bastard..

2460 days ago



.......GET TO BED!

2460 days ago


Where are these kids "so-called" parents?

2460 days ago

Femme ally    

Who cares??

2460 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Look! A little PRICK training to be a Heartless, privacy invading BIG PRICK! Greedy lil bastard needs a good parental flogging!!!

2460 days ago

two cents    

Finally. Thank goodness someone has some common sense.

Why would parents allow their children to be out so late. No parenting today, they're all too busy being thier friends.

2460 days ago


If I remember correctly, His dad is the one Driving him around.

2460 days ago


thats austin..not blaine

2460 days ago


Kudos to the police officer with the balls to send that kid home. There was nothing cute about that kid being out with his camera past curfew. Nor, that his parents/guardians violate California child labor laws by letting him hang out on the mean streets of celebrityland. Those paparazzi pepper their language with profane adult-language. That kid should not be exposed to that talk; adult paparazzi should not have to watch their mouth because a kid is amongst them. It isn't decent for a kid to photograph, for example, anything like the time Britney exposed her $&#+ for the paparazzi. It isn't decent for the kid to be exposed to drunk and drugged entertainers, pimps and prostitutes. This is a positive kick in the azz to people who lack parenting skills. Your kids need to be safely at home.

2460 days ago


Give me a break! His parents are aware of what their son is doing because they drive him to the hotspots of LA. Child Labor Laws? Why can't he say it is a hobby? If he enjoys taking pictures then leave him alone! I think it is great that his parents support their child's interests. What is the big deal? Would you all rather have him working the late shift at McDonald's?

2460 days ago


How interesting that TMZ doesn't say how old this child really is. Does he work for you, TMZ? Are you worried that you'll be hit with violations of child labor laws if his age becomes common knowledge?

2460 days ago
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