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Suri's Mom -- Beverly Hills Bot

12/22/2007 5:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suri's mother, whom you may remember from "Dawson's Creek," did some holiday shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday, where a TMZ camera caught her mechanically correct Scientolobot trot. Can you hear the gears grinding?

The third Mrs. Cruise opted to be chauffeured to upscale shops -- instead of clicking her ruby red heels together to be transported. And yes, that is a purse, not luggage -- which no doubt contains all of the instruction manuals.


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To # 7's comment. Tom Cruise is doing a movie in the times of Hitler dumbell !!!!!! It's an honor to say he looks like Hitler cause thats THE IDEA !!!!! More power to Cruise whom actually plays the role to look REAL.I think he looks gorgeous. To each their own. The world NEVER agrees on the same. Thank God. can you imagine all of us thinking the SAME way????? Hell NO !!!!!!!

2474 days ago


$cientology would NEVER engage in illegal activities. They're the most (ahem) "ethical group on the planet." How nice of Hubbard to let his wife go to a federal prison while he hid from authorities. Such a classy guy. And what are your thoughts on the pending charges in Belgium, which accuse $cientology of being a "criminal organization which practices medicine without a license"? Can you address anything or is ha ha ha the best ya got?

BTW, did your $1000 "communication" course teach you to type ha ha ha LOL over and over? I think I'd be asking for my money back.

2474 days ago


Who is that 50 yr old lady. Someone said its Katie Holmes, but Katie is a lot younger and cuter that that. Is it possible that it's really her?!

2474 days ago


I always liked Katie and in earlier interviews she seemed like a sweet girl. Now it seems her focus is limited to shopping 24/7 and repeating "he's so amazing" over and over in interviews, like some weird shell of her former self. If this is what believing in space aliens and body thetans does for a person NO THANKS!

2474 days ago

Biased information    

I'm not a spokesperson from the church, just someone who has read several books and has used some technology with great success. I'm raised Catholic so I'm not sure if I'd consider myself a Scientologist but I do use it and wouldn't mind if someone did label me a Scientologist. I've been called worse. I also have a good amount of Scientologist friends. All of which are brilliant, happy, kind and ethical individuals. I think my friends and the religion need to be defended because I hear a ton of lies out there almost daily.

First off I'd like to say that any government which works in a completely fascist way to protect the profits of several unethical industries such as the psychiatric and psychiatric drugging industries should probably not be trusted much. Just look at the history of any given country including our own and you'll see more corruption than you can shake a stick at. Oh, and about Belgium, a true bastion of religious freedom. You may want to know that it has labeled 189 churches, and other religious groups as "cults". A country which has not yet taken any responsibility for what has happened in Rwanda also. Yes, I wouldn't doubt that there is an official or two, or three or more who may not respect the rights of some religions. Especially religions that affect the survival of the psychiatric and psycho-pharmaceutical industry. Just a side note, in the U.S. and in Belgium obviously, you're considered to be practicing medicine without a license if you tell people the health benefits of a kiwi fruit. No joke. I'd say it's the fascist, psychiatric industries and corrupt governments who you should be worried about more than the Church. And lastly, I've never taken a communication course, but I've heard it's closer to $150 rather than $1000 as you stated incorrectly. Any other misinformation you want to know the truth about?

Oh, and don't forget. Keep watching out for the boogeyman Scientologists.

They're everywhere. OMG, there's Juliet Lewis,.... RUN!!!!

2473 days ago


Tom has Katie totally controlled from what she wears, what she says, and how her career will work. This little girl woman looks pathetically plastic. No personality anymore. Even my 4 teenaged nephews, who's bedroom walls and school lockers were plastered with her pictures for years, tore them down because now they think she looks stupid.

2457 days ago


why do you give her such a hard time? I think the woman is beautiful. Love her new haircut.

2476 days ago

Bradblowsgeorge definitely got it going gal...........more power to you and Xenu

2476 days ago


Do NOT bash a religion you do not understand!!! Katie and Tom are awesome Americans.

2476 days ago


Why isn’t mommy with her step kids? This bitc* needs to be put back in her place. She’s so jealous of Nicole. She’ll never have Nicole’s career.

2476 days ago


You will become one with the Borg. Resistance is futile.


2476 days ago


She needs to learn how to walk in heels. This is not the first video I've seen her walking horribly in high heeled shoes. And don't blame the bag. If she can't walk properly while holding a heavy bag or her child in 3 inch heels, she should wear flats.

2476 days ago


Katie shops too much. She should be worshiping Xenu. Tom ought to be worried about her soul.

2476 days ago


She used to be so sweet and pretty. Now she looks like she's in her 40's instead of her 20's.
And Cruise looks like Hitler with that haircut and huge nose. All he needs is a mustache. Yuck.
Scientology was made up by an author/whack job named Ron Hubbard. Celebrities are stupid.

2476 days ago


Umm scientology is a cult, not a religion.

2476 days ago
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